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This unit discusses the importance of lesson planning. Planning the lesson will ensure the teacher focuses on the goals and objectives of a lesson, both for the class and on a personal level. Once the
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The unit made an overview of what is important to consider when preparing lessons in regards to teaching speaking and writing skills. I particularly appreciated the paragraph on creative writing and w
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I was able to learn from this lesson about the four basic skills in any language. In this particular unit I learned in depth about the importance of reading and listening. I learned the reasons for re
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This unit provided a good overview of the role of a teacher, including what makes a good teacher. I also learned about learners, such as their motivation and why and how it may be difficult to learn d
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As far as I know, if you study English in the university the first semester you spend learning how to pronounce the sounds of the new language. Students also learn the IPA to be able to understand pro
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Golden Valley
This final unit sums up all the problems or rather difficulties a teacher may encounter in his/her classroom: facing a new class, first lesson(s),different levels, large class, the use of native langu
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This unit provided oversight into the materials to be used when teaching ESL and to not blindly follow course books and that you have to be open to using other materials and incorporate that into the
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Good Thunder
In this unit, I learnt about the various parts of speech in the English language. The ones discussed in this unit are the noun, verb, adjective, adverb, preposition, pronoun, infinitive, gerund, artic
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This unit takes a further look at grammar. It analyses conditional statements by looking at all its forms and how they are used and as well looks at the best ways to teach them to the students. It als
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In Unit 7 I learned about teaching a new language. First I learned about teaching vocabulary: selecting it, what students need to know about a particular item, and techniques for teaching vocabulary
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Some tenses are in the future, whereby an action will be completed by a certain time, or an action that is in progress at a specific future time. some future tenses are structured in such a way that t
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I must start by saying that, I really do appreciate that this unit begins with admitting and understanding that most natural English speakers have a hard time understanding the dynamics of this unit.
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First of all thank you for all the links to some great useful websites. The unit talked about the resources usually available that are quite useful in the classroom. There are many types of resources
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Grand Marais
The last unit is very useful. I think all the teachers meet some problems at the very first lesson whether it is a new group or existing. An experienced teacher knows how it is important to establish
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Grand Meadow
I believe the most important part of this lesson was establishing rapport. How you arrange the seating will definitely affect your class if students don’t get along with each other and you have them
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Grand Rapids
This unit looks at the use of authentic and created materials, the benefits and detriments of each type of material, and considerations for maximizing their effectiveness in the classroom. This is a r
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Granite Falls
There are four main present tense forms to consider when teaching. These are present simple, present continuous, present perfect and present perfect continuous. Each have their own usages. Confusion c
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I have always been good at grammar, especially as I wanted to study English at university, but this was a very useful refresher and good summary of some of the key pitfalls. I find the English languag
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This is a guide to the different forms of the present tense. This should be the first type that the students learn, at least the present simple form. This provides the most general form of a complete
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Green Isle
Teachers should never walk into their classroom ill-prepared for the lesson of the day. A written lesson plan is important to conceptualize what the learning objectives are and how the teacher should
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It is very difficult to think about how we use the past tense with the labels that are given for the tenses. As a native speaker, it’s easy to just say a sentence and know it is correct because it s
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For a native speaker of English, the usage of the present tenses comes naturally. However, learning the basic forms of the various present tenses and how they are set in basic order enables me as a te
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I can see where this would be more of a challenge if you have a class of different levels. In Spain I had a class of highschoolers, different ages and really different language levels. I had one who w
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Unit 12 is focused on the teaching of productive skills, which are writing and speaking. The activities to improve these skills can be divided into accuracy activities, more appropriate during the stu
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Grey Eagle
This unit was very effective because as a visual learner I found it very useful to actually see some of the techniques that I have read about in previous units being used both correctly and incorrectl
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Grove City
The videos were a fascinating experience in terms of viewing what to do and what not to do when teaching and, having lived in Thailand for several years, were especially meaningful for me. Having pr
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This Unit had 2 very useful video lessons: one showing the sample lesson with teaching mistakes and the second as a right example how a teacher should do the lesson. If to compare these two sample les
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from this unit i learnt how to make good use of the board, for example making things clear, using colours and being able to use it too good effect. looking at the visual aids and comupter systems to m
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This unit is about teaching receptive skills to students. Receptive skills,reading and listening comprehension, are key factors in a student’s progress in a new language; since they are the key to g
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In this unit, the past tense was explored and dissected. The four past tenses of the twelve total tenses are as follows: past simple, past continuous, past perfect, and past perfect continuous. When b
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This unit introduces the aspect of lesson planning and its importance to the teacher as it aids in planning, acts as a working document and as a record. The unit also gives light on how a lesson plan
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I particularly took note of the methodology and the techniques for teaching beginners. Most importantly is no to try to do too much too quickly, and also to give homework. Teaching individual students
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In this unit I learned about speaking and writing in the English language and why they are so important as productive skills. I also learned about why some students ay struggle with speaking and writi
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Ham Lake
The unit first discussed teaching methodologies and techniques including but not limited to Task Based Learning, Audio-Lingualism, The Lexical approach,Communicative language training, etc. Next the u
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The ESA method has been very effective for me when training in other scenarios. I didnt know the term ESA then, but the principles are there. The distinction between mistakes and errors is important.
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The content of this unit is that it provides information of the role, responsibilities and qualities of the good teacher & good learner. What i learned from this unit are: - role, responsibilities and
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In this unit, the parts of speech and how they are used was discussed. Grammar is far more complicated than simply identifying nouns, verbs, adjectives, and so on and then putting them into the correc
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In this unit I learned the different types of students I may work with. I would like to teach children so I am going to focus my reflection mostly over them. Children will take a lot of repetition, th
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Hanley Falls
The classroom management is a lesson who gives various of different arrangements depending from the type of the room, furniture , type of the students and their count. It also provides how the teacher
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Conditionals are usually sentence of a form which includes “if/when”. There are 5 main conditionals to consider when teaching: zero, first, second, third and mixed conditional. Most speech is dire
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I learned a lot of important points to keep in mind with the equipment and teaching aids we use for teaching. I have had an occasion where a PDF file I prepared for a lesson won't open on a newer vers
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This unit provides a guide as to how to structure a class with regard to the students; arranging seating based on the intended activities, maintaining high student participation without losing focus o
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This unit I knew the usage for past tense; For past simple can be used for some action happened in the past; For past continuous should be together with special time; For past perfect is the past in
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This unit was very helpful to show what makes for an effective lesson or not. It is clear from the videos that the teacher's attitude, as well as preparedness (in having elicitation materials, a well-
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It is valuable to understand these receptive skills - everyone has different learning styles and different interests so it is important to select material that will interest and motivate, and to mix i
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this unit was mostly like a conclusion of the previous lessons. we summarized techniques how to deal with students in this or that situation. we proved that all skills are important and we can not pus
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I have learned that there are many contributing factors involved to maintaining class room control. They can range from your rapport with students, class room activities, the class room set up, person
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Having a natural interest in psychology and how cultures shape the way we think, this unit was interesting for me, particularly the part around how we interrupt certain information. The example in the
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Whether you’re an experienced teacher or new teacher, lesson planning serves as a guide for educators in how to conduct their lessons. Lesson planning is a great way for inexperienced teachers to be
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i have learned that lesson plans have several functional aspects. Ranging from learner and personal objectives, to class size, topic point and structuring the lesson to help develop students skills. A
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