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This unit was on parts of speech. It spoke about the basic parts of speech and also how to use them to make sentences to convey your idea. It explained the different types of nouns, verbs, adjectives
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This unit was very helpful of understanding the variations of materials a teacher could need for a classroom and how many of them depend on the student, country and the goals of the lecture. It is ver
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in this unit i found that considering the level and also the needs of the students is very important. for example, business english with adults will need consideration of lifestyles and keeping the st
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This unit presents the two productive skills which are speaking and writing. Here, we see a few reasons people communicate and also get to know the difference between fluency and accuracy which offcou
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Unit 2 covered topics, that make up the parts of speech. The parts of speech consist of the components that make up a sentence, such as nouns, verbs, adjectives, and averbs. As parts of speech these b
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The modal auxiliary verbs are used to express obligation, possibility, probability, permission, prohibition, ability and advice. They can show different degrees of strength and formality. The passive
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This unit begins explaining about conditionals where we can find that there are different types of them like zero conditional, mixed conditional, first, second and third conditional. There are ways to
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When learning language it is important to know both vocabulary and grammar. One without the other is not very useful. When choosing what vocabulary to teach one must consider how appropriate it is to
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Cold Spring
Pronunciation is something I am very good at, so having these techniques and ideas are very good for me. I was frequently asked by the teachers to confirm pronunciation during classes. The non-native
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Unit 5 deals with the subject of managing classes. There are various strategies both with pros and cons that a teacher can utilize to manage a classroom. The teacher can manage a class by determining
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Grammar is a subject that brings fear to both students and teachers. However, if it's broken down into parts it will be easier for learners. Grammar is consisted in the proper use of nouns, adjectives
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Columbia Heights
I think I mentioned earlier that the students in Argentina and most in Spain used the Cambridge KETA books. They were alright, they had exercises you could do after eliciting vocabulary etc. But I was
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The last Unit of the course is centered around troubleshooting any problems a teacher can be confronted with on the first day. Firstly, the type of group, (I.e. Existing or Newcomer). Existing studen
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The unit first covered how to write a lesson plan down (keep it simple, do not try to script everything, keep consistent structure, determine proper time for lesson activities, ensure flexibility). Th
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This unit gave me clear overview on how to divide tenses and how to remember it easily. There best way is to divide it into time (past, present and future). We need to remember that each 'time' has 4
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I think there’s a lot of different English exams out there and I’m sure they might be helpful in testing a student‘s level, but as far as speaking ability I don’t think any of these tests are
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In this unit I learned the different roles of a good teacher and how to act, respond, motivate and participate in the classroom. I believe the main key is to constantly motivate, encourage and share k
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Coon Rapids
Unit 8 covered the components of the future tense. The future tense can be confusing to learn, because here are several forms that can vary based on the usage. There are even present tense forms that
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I have learned that i am using grammar all the time while i speak and that various words from the different grammatical categories have an effect on how a sentence is structured. I understand how to a
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This unit combines most of the previous lessons in one and emphasizes how the teacher’s attitude and prepared structure lead the class. The first lesson showed the teacher being aggressive, and he d
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Modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice are also important in English Grammar. Unit 18 , not only elaborate on how the above are used in English Grammar but also gives some ideas and aids on how to
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Cottage Grove
Well, well, well...So many technical new words.. receptive skills, gist, scanning, skimming, however once I managed to master the définitions and digest everything, once again it was very useful. But
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Establishing rapport in the classroom is difficult when you just came to the class you do not know your students yet. But this is one of the most important things for a good teacher. All this informat
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There is 2 tenses past and present witch will be stated in 12 tenses. The 3 different times in English is the past,present,future. Each of these times has 4 as perfect simple, perfect continuous (some
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Firstly, I have learned that a good teacher is one who motivates his or her students to achieve good academic performance and socially accepted behaviour. This is strategically observing the type of
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This unit covered the different future tenses. One thing that is important to remember is that some of the present tenses can be used to express future events. Common errors made by students using
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Unit 15 speaks about testing - testing for evaluating your students. These evaluations can be to find out where a new student should be placed by checking their levels using a placement or diagnostic
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Lesson plans are very important in effective teaching. A lesson plan helps teachers present the material to the students in an orderly manner. It also helps teachers stay on target with the learning g
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Another good unit pertaining to the grammar theories that is greatly needed in order to properly teach these grammar principles. This unit taught me the correct uses of the phrasal verbs and passive v
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Unit 2 covered the parts of speech in the English language. The unit did not go into detailed explanations of each part of speech as it is complex and riddled with many exceptions. Rather the unit gav
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This unit describes two productive skills such as writing and speaking. It is said that very often in the TEFL world the writing skill is neglected as very often the lessons become too quite while pra
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This unit gives a clear outline of the future tenses but also shows that it is a very complex area of grammar. The tenses that have been explained show the importance and the extent to which the futur
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Good unit on the Conditionals and reported speech. This knowledge is major to any educator to properly teach his or her students the correct form with confidence. This unit taught me the correct form
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This unit brings to the course the importance of good management and balance in the classroom with regard to the teaching of vocabulary, grammar and functions of the target language. whatever the leve
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In this unit, I was shown two separate videos of classes conducted by the same teacher and students. In the first video, the lesson was unfocused, and the teacher didn't seem to have a good report wit
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UNIT 4 - THE PRESENT TENSES This unit explained all four aspects of present tense; simple, continuous, perfect, perfect continuous along with its form and usages. Additionally, the typical student er
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UNIT 3 THEORIES, METHODS AND TECHNIQUES OVERVIEW Unit 3 covered the right EFL teaching methodology, correcting student mistakes effectively and giving feedback efficiently. Common Teaching Method
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This unit analyses different theories and methods teachers use in teaching English as a foreign language. The unit analyses several methods and their techniques used giving their pros and cons but t
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The first lesson clearly demonstrates poor instruction skills. He's very rude and intimidating and he doesn't even give proper demonstration of the language point and he has a very poor rapport with t
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This unit deals with different methodologies of teaching foreign language and spends a great deal of time looking at the ESA lesson plan model, which has teachers begin with a hook that brings student
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Establishing rapport is one of the most important things to do before starting a course, this will help the students fill more comfortable with the teacher and improve their English skills. Never star
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De Graff
This unit presents the different kinds of conditionals and how they change from direct to reported speech. This is a quite complex concept that language students should learn slowly and carefully. Eve
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This unit is very helpful especially for new teachers because it gives you an understanding of what the job is for teachers you have to be a manager, observer, participant, organizer, and assessor. (T
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Deer Creek
UNIT 19 TEACHING SPECIAL GROUPS I. Teaching Beginners - since there are different implications with the term 'beginner' students of the English language are divided into five: a. The absolute beginn
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Deer River
The unit lays out the different functions and roles of both teachers and students, thus helping in the understanding of where each stands in a classroom. I was able to properly put words on concepts t
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This unit isn’t much different than the previous one about present tenses. The only difference is it clearly relates to past time periods. For lower level English learners it could be a little confu
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This unit focuses on pronunciation and phonology. It talks more about intonation and stress in a sentence and techniques for indicating and teaching them. It also explains the phonetic alphabet and ph
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Language has four basic skills, namely: receptive skills (listening and reading) and productive (speaking and writing). The main focus of this unit was receptive skills. There are two main purposes fo
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This Unit 10 is based on the two Engage Study Activate demonstration Videos that was available by the video tab on the online training system.The first video there was no understanding between the tea
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Unit #11 is focused on teaching the receptive skills which are listening and reading. It is mentioned that all the skills are very necessary to be equally developed with every student. In this unit yo
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