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This unit looks at teaching special groups of English Language Learners, specifically looking at young learners and business English learners. I liked this unit because of how practical it was; it tal
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Hazel Run
Body language can say a lot about yourself. Teachers need to be able to communicate not only with language but also with their bodies. Eye contact is good to establish good rapport with the students.
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This chapter is dedicated to teaching the formulation and usage of modal auxiliary verbs and passive voice. Modal auxiliary verbs are used to give more meaning to the main verb. Some examples of modal
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Well this unit has made it clear that the teacher's role can dramatically affect the classroom atmosphere. The second lesson was clear and interactive. The teacher was positive, prepared, organized
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Wonderful insight into what students responds best to when being taught a second language. The unit has best described methods in engaging students and how to best use activities to teach students. th
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This unit was centralized over the different material I can use to teach my students. The foundation should be formulated by my course material, yet not ruled by the material. One should not center hi
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In this unit was a demonstration of an ESA lesson taught in two different ways. one lesson was taught in an effective way following a good guide lines mentioned in this course. The other lesson taught
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Extremely valuable insight into classroom dynamics. This section helped me immensely in the sense of how to behave on a day to day basis that will ultimately result in better classroom participation a
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This unit's content is about teaching new language: vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure and language functioning. It teaches you how to select which new vocabulary to teach students (considering
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This Unit contains very useful information regarding equipment and teaching aids, such as using the white or interactive boards, overhead projector, different visual aids, worksheets and work cards, c
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This part might be tricky to Asian students specially because they only have one tense for verbs. There are different types of present tense verbs which differ a little bit from one another like prese
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Heron Lake
In my opinion, I think it is very important to know the structure of the grammatical rules, how does it work and why it is important when you express and share your ideas. As a foreigner language ever
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This unit logically wraps up the tense lessons. All tense types have similar features, and their patterns are much more obvious to me now. The teaching ideas were especially helpful in this section si
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The four basic skills are equally important and therefore should incorporate all of them into our lessons, however, some lessons will have more focus on one skill so the students can practice it. Ther
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Hill City
This Unit was quite remarkable in detailing the differences between receptive skills vs the productive skills which I struggled at first as an ESL teacher. This unit helped me better understand how to
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This unit looks at the past tense and differentiates between the different forms that the past tense can take. I have learned more about the cases in which each tense form is used. The unit task sheet
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The productive skill of writing is usually really easy for ESL students because in their countries they usually practice reading and writing. speaking and listening is harder because they don’t have
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First and foremost, I have learnt about the importance of the relationship between being a good teacher to good learners. Being interactive and engaging as well as sensitive to each students needs. I
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This unit consisted of watching to class videos. The first video was frankly hard to watch because the teach conducted himself very poorly. He did not build a rapport with his students (not even bothe
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This unit discusses different teaching methodologies for teaching ESL. The different approaches have various merits and drawbacks, and one should be cautious not to over-rely on one methodology. Th
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This unit continued the previous tense chapter points but in the past form. Present, past, and future all have four tenses, which parallel each other while describing uniquely different parts of our t
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Wow! This is definitely the peak. Phonetics has always been and will always be a nightmare to me. Surprisingly, Unit 13 brings it out in a very simple and understandable way. I really appreciate the v
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The unit served as an overview of all the tools that can be used during classes and that may have been hinted at in previous units. For each of the tools, advantages as well disadvantages that teacher
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In this unit, I have learned the importance of coursebooks and lesson materials in teaching. I am now going to use more created materials in my classroom than ever before, because as mentioned, they c
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Unit 12 focused on the productive skills, speaking and writing. Under the skill of speaking, both fluency and accuracy should be focused on. Activities focused on accuracy are used to make the student
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engage, study and activate is a 3part process whereby a teacher and students starta lesson and end up engaging in different ways to the point whereby the students are able to demonstrate or practicali
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I have no other way to put this but I was simply able to identify the different tenses for the past tense verbs. This was quite useful since I often misuse past tenses. The best part was that I learne
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In my opinion, the bibliographical resources, the materials that are used to make a more dynamic classes so that students are interested in learning the language in a fun way and based on everyday sit
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In this unit we learned about conditional phrases. Among these, are zero conditional, first conditional, second conditional, third conditional, and mixed conditional. Afterwards, we were given teachin
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Howard Lake
This unit showed me the functions of how to notice the different mistakes my future students will make in forming sentences involving the present and the past. The focus will be involved on showing th
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Hoyt Lakes
Wonderful opportunity to observe first hand what a bad lesson and a good lesson looks like when compared to each other. This unit showed in a very good taste what a bad teacher would be like and you c
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This unit covered a variety of topics. Modals, being one the them, are verbs you use to give further meaning to the main verb of the sentence. Students need to select the right modal to give the
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Having spent many years living abroad, I’ve often been very aware of foreigners struggling with pronouncing English. I have always loved the Bernard Shaw poem included in the unit and it was fun to
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I think the writing of lesson plans is important insofar as it gives the teacher an idea of how the lesson is progressing. The unit points out that it could be easy for an inexperienced teacher to bec
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in this unit I learned about the receptive skills of reading and listening. I learned about different types of reading and for what purpose a specific type of reading may be used for. For example, sca
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Mutual respect is always important as well as to keep calm and smile. Is also important to establish rapport and doing pairwork or team work activities is a good way. Never point fingers to a student,
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International Falls
It was great to visualize the power of the teacher's attitude on the entire learning process of the students. I did keep asking myself, however, where are his shoes? I relented, assuming it must be cu
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Inver Grove Heights
In this chapter I learned that course materials are divided into two categories, authentic materials and created material. Authentic materials are reading or listening to language a local person would
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The modals are used before other verbs to add meaning to the main verb and can be used to express a number of different ideas such as obligation, possibility/probability, permission/prohibition, abili
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Iron Junction
This unit allowed me the opportunity to find the many ways in which to teach a new language and its grammar. My Students must first be introduced with an engagement of the new language by means of pic
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Lesson planning is an incredibly important part of teaching, as it serves as an aid to planning, is a working document and a record for the teacher. There are a number of elements to consider such as:
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This has been a very fruitful unit so far. Though I am able to converse well in English, I have never been able to distinguish the names of the different tenses. I hope I will be able to learn more an
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This unit is meant to teach the student the basics of grammar. I had never realized how much grammar I use correctly without knowing why. When you are a native speaker you tend to take the grammar of
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In the first lesson the teacher was looking bored and uninteresting, he just taught the class without making sure his students understood what he was teaching, his study phase was without examples an
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Unit 5 covered the basic set up and managing of classrooms, along with their pros and cons. It discussed the purpose and appropriateness for gestures, eye contact, and voice levels, as well as how the
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The final unit focused on troubleshooting problems that may be encountered in class. One of the common problems that may be encountered is the first lesson of the class. This first lesson must be used
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Future simple: Future facts and certainties (She will travel on April 14th), promises (I will try to make him change his mind), predictions (based on no present evidence) (it will be a good day), spec
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In this unit we went over the past tenses of the English language and the usage of each. The past simple is used to talk about pas actions with a given time, meaning, that actions have a definite endi
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This unit is about coursebooks and lesson materials. There are two main kinds of teaching materials; authentic and inauthentic materials. Authentic materials are those that were designed for native
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This is a very helpful unit. I can see myself going back to this unit many times. It has so much information for equipment and teaching aids. There are some really great ideas on how to use the teachi
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