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This lesson taught me the various roles a teacher plays in the classroom, the important qualities to bring to the table, and the different stages and motivators adult and young learners have. This les
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This has to be the most difficult of the tenses. I really can't believe that I have been speaking English like this for so long. I'm even convinced now that at times, I've probably spoken incorrectly
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To be an effective English language teacher it is imperative that vocabulary, grammar and functions are taught thoroughly. During my reading of Unit 7, I have learned that vocabulary can be taught usi
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Belle Plaine
In this particular unit, I like the techniques that were introduced. I particularly think the engage, study and activate technique is great. when you’re engaging with students, you are getting to k
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As an extrovert, managing classes or, as in my most recent experience, workshops, is what I enjoy the most about teaching and guiding others. Constantly thinking about whether all students are partici
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This unit included the different approaches to teaching English over the years. In the end, the Engage-Study-Activate strategy was discussed in depth. This was very helpful, as I have encountered
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A good teacher needs to have certain characteristics as well as build good rapport with students. Characteristics which a teacher should have include being caring, patient, knowing the material and
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This chapter covered what I think is a very essential technical part of teaching that is lesson planning. Having given lessons before, I know how important it is to plan and to know how to estimate ti
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This was a great unit summarising the most complex of the English tenses with some simple examples and useful ideas for teaching. Whilst using future tenses comes naturally to English natives, it was
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In general I believe that productive skills are harder to master in a foreign language than receptive skills. A lot of it has to do with lack of self confidence and simply not being aware of what is c
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i felt from this unit i certainly learnt that a teachers attitude can really make a massive difference. looking at the first class it was intimidating for some of the students, therefor he wasn't brin
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I think lesson planning is very important for teachers of all experience levels. In the past when I have planned lessons I have tried to make sure they were cohesive yet flexible. Lesson planning is a
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In The Unit 20 the most common problem situation are given to help a teacher to avoid certain problems that can happen if he / she uses unsuitable approach of teaching. The are some recommendations ab
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Unit #1 is about relationship between teachers and leaners. There are special points about what qualities a good teacher and a good learner should have so studying process will be successful and enjoy
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Big Falls
The reality to having a career as an educator, I understand that one has to play many different roles. These roles all depend on the level of the students, age, cultural background, location and style
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Big Lake
Conditionals are sentences that contain the word ‘if’. There are five types of conditionals - zero, first, second, third and mixed conditionals. Each conditionals is formed by different tenses dep
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This unit touches the different categories of classes an EFL teacher can have. This includes beginners, multilinguals, children, among others. The unit suggests a vareity of techniques and activities
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As I saw in a lot of schools they usually focus on grammar and vocabulary only. This is enough for students to pass exams but not enough to use the language in a real life. You can see a lot of people
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Bingham Lake
UNIT 5 MANAGING CLASSES CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT Classroom management skills is one of the most important factor a teacher must possess as it sets the right ambiance conducive to learning. This unit emph
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Birchwood Village
in my opinion it is important that the teacher has to share confidence with their students, the ability and the skill to organice the class to hold the attention of the students,it has to following so
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Bird Island
This unit turned out to be extremally helpful to my day-to-day teaching practice. The Unit presents and gives solutions to the most important and frequent issues with class rapport and monitoring stud
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I understand that in order to provide students with a well rounded classroom experience, i should utilise my own skills to create non-authentic material, but also balance it out by providing Authentic
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As an introduction to the course material this was highly effective. The subject matter clearly outlines the general roles of a teacher while also allowing for ambiguity as every situation is differen
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i have learnt through this unit that one is able to master and navigate through everyday speech if one is well versed in the do's and dont's of parts of speech. one is able to differentiate between si
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In this particular unit, talks about Present Tenses and we have four Present Tenses namely: the present simple, present continuous or present progressive, present perfect and present perfect continuou
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This unit is very helpful and informative. Teaching is an art and science and could follow several pathways. Different methodologies were briefly introduced like Grammar-Translation, Audio lingualisim
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Blooming Prairie
I feel that the content of this unit is a very good and clear introduction to the use of grammar in the English language. Although I have been taught grammar at school, i had forgotten quite a lot apa
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This unit provided a breakdown between the relationship between teachers and learners in the classroom setting. Furthermore, the unit discussed the different roles a teacher may be required to play in
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Blue Earth
Your answer: Many different teaching aids can be used to make lessons more interesting, effectible and less dependent on the textbooks. Unit 17 elaborate on the aspects of teaching aids and equipments
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This unit covered over the different forms of auxiliary verbs. The forms can be used to create an obligation, possibility, permission, or ability. Each auxiliary verb possess its own process and depen
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with this unit it it was informative and very well understood. it was interesting to see how the lesson plan can be used using audio at the begining to attract interest and curiosity. the task materia
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From Unit 3 I first learned about nine methodologies for teaching EFL (for example, Audio-lingualism). Then I learned about the ESA method (Engage, Study, Activate) and then methods for eliciting eng
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The future tense is one of the most complex areas of English language and Unit 8 provides the various future tenses, forms and usage. The future simple ( I shall/will ,you will ,he/she/it will, we sh
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This unit focused on teaching stress, intonation and pronunciation. Teaching these is very important as having people understand exactly what you mean usually depends on how clearly one says the words
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Boy River
In my opinion the future tenses is the easiest tenses for learn because the grammatical form is basically using the auxiliar verb. It depends of conditions, too. In this unit has been describe all the
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This unit is about teaching productive skills (i.e. speaking and writing). To strengthen student fluency, creative speaking skills must be honed. In contrast writing activities rely on acquired accura
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Having a friendly, relaxed manner and maintaining discipline in the classroom. Thus in this unit I have learnt the different ways to make a lesson to be more effective through classroom management. F
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UNIT 13 TEACHING PRONUNCIATION AND PHONOLOGY Unit 13 emphasizes on the importance of teaching the right pronunciation as well as familiarizing ourselves to the phonetic chart that could serve as a ca
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In this unit, I learned of the various forms of future tenses in the English language. This includes the more straightforward tenses in the future simple, future continuous, future perfect, and future
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This unit was very helpful in explaining the usa of the coursebook and any other props that we can use to help in the learning process. It was very useful in understanding the difference between authe
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Breezy Point
When you study a new language you need to learn equivalently three major language fundamental parts of it, such as vocabulary, grammatical structures and functions. In this unit there are very useful
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This unit was about all the tenses in the PAST. It was structured the same way as for the present tenses unit. It is a trickier unit because of all the small détails regarding the past tenses: the us
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This unit showed me the ways of high-quality interactions with the students. Also I figured out how I should work with problem behavior, especially to prevent it. Moreover, I discovered the advantages
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Brook Park
For many English learners living in their native countries, most are not fortunate enough to be exposed to the language to have the opportunity to practice. The only exposure these students have are o
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Brooklyn Center
Most ESL classrooms are equipped with at least a whiteboard and marker pens. This can be used effectively by the teacher but attention must be paid to using the space well, writing clearly and emphasi
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Brooklyn Park
This unit has firstly highlighted the importance of being informed about your practice as a teacher. In other words, evaluating what you do in class to determine if your practice (and you as a person)
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I learnt the importance of having a simple lesson plan drafted, and especially for inexperienced teachers, how important it is to have back up activities in case there is lots of time left over, or ho
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This unit addresses special types of students, including adult company workers and one-on-one sessions. All of these environments require personalized teaching styles and lesson plans, especially when
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Unit 6 focuses on past tenses. However, this unit has taught me the different ways of imparting knowledge on past tenses and to teach student when and how to use the past tenses properly. Often times
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Having mostly tutored 1-on-1 english classes until now, this unit was for me a good introduction to the various kinds of testing methods and existing proficiency tests. That said, it is a shame that t
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