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In this unit we look at the different tests and evaluation used for English and sometimes other foreign languages. It is indispensable to be able to test each student at the beginning of a course usin
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I started learning English as a second language when I was in elementary school. I remember learning English grammar from scratch, just as it was taught in this class material. However, as speaking an
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To asses and gauge our students is a key process in order to turn to certain aspects of the language our students might ot might have not understood well. It is important prior to our course to have t
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In Unit 11 I learned the following: 4 basic skills - receptive - Reading and Listening, Productive - Speaking and writing Reasons and Motives for ready and listening have several categories - Purpose,
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This unit covered both pronunciation and an overview of phonology. I thought the insight into phonology in particular was very helpful especially when thinking of teaching the English language because
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In this unit, I have down that there are many various teaching methodologies, such as grammar- translation, audio-lingualism, presentation, practice and production etc. Different methodologies have th
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This unit focuses on the importance of receptive skills, reading and listening. Both are essential to communicating in English and usually come more naturally than speaking and writing; so, it is very
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The final unit focused on trouble shooting potential issues that may arise for a teacher. Creating a positive classroom environment by developing rapport with students, discovering their motivation f
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Uni t 19 is all about Teaching special groups.This group varies from Beginner,Individuals,Young learners,Business English and Monolingual vs. Multilingual.I have learnt that many teachers consider tea
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Albert City
What I think I have learned in unit19 about teaching special groups is there are different types og classes, and that will require slightly different skills. Teaching beginners can be one of the most
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This unit has helped me realized how important is that teachers have a good attitude, because is going to be reflected in class. It is important to be on time ready and be prepared for students to com
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There are four past tenses in English. Use them to talk about things that started and ended in the past or things that started in the past and continue to the present. Simple Past: for actions starti
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This lesson covered conditional statements and reported speech. I was gratified to see that, at least in these instances, there are rules - and they are more or less followed, although of course ther
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in this unit, i have learnt that past tense includes past simple tense, past continuous tense, past perfect tense and past perfect continuous tense. All of these four tenses have their own meanings to
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.The future tense is one of the most complex areas of English language and Unit 8 provides the various future tenses, forms and usage. The future simple ( I shall/will ,you will ,he/she/it will, we s
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This unit focuses more on techniques that the teacher can use inside the classroom in order to teach the language efficiently. In teaching, it is important to follow a series of the pattern so that yo
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This unit is about course books and lesson materials. It starts with pointing out the pros and cons of authentic vs created materials once again. Following some sample materials, the main point of the
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In this unit, I learned about the several different methodologies used for teaching English as a second language. I learned that some methods have been proven to be more effective than others. Further
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Having a professional insight and explanation of the most popular techniques that can be taught in class, especially in the lower levels of the learning process is of immense importance to every pote
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In this Unit I learnt about troubleshooting. I learnt about common problems situations which may occur in the classroom and different ways/solutions to deal with them. I learnt about first lessons, ne
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Alta Vista
In this unit, teaching techniques were explained and discussed throughly. Different teaching styles were presented to show how to enable students on a variety of skill levels. Besides techniques, theo
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A teacher should be a person that is able to tell when to have active or passive attitude in a class. This is important because is very necessary for him to know when to teach, guide and correct error
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In this unit, it talks about some equipemts and aids can be used in the classroom during teaching, like interactive board, DVDs and Videos,etc. All of them are very useful and can make classes more at
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This unit was beneficial because as a teacher there will always be difficulties or hurdles that the students and the teachers have to overcome, and this unit gives ideas on how to do that. Additionall
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This unit is good as it shows you that of course books are to be used you can also omit and replace pieces for your students . I have found when learns language that course books are good but can
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Unit 15 is about the proper way of evaluating and testing students of the English language.There are 3 ways that a teacher can assess their students by means of tutorials,evaluation by the students an
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This unit dealt with the various tools and equipment that teachers can use in the classroom. Thanks to advances in technology, the number and types of tools available for use by teachers has prolifera
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This has been a fairly exhaustive listing of technology in the classroom. From teaching math for many years I am very familiar with most forms listed here as well as many of the pitfalls listed. I nev
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Teaching Special Groups. In experienced teachers will always have butterflies in their stomachs as this is the real thing happening now. But have no fears as there is always a first time
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Unit 1 examines the qualities , role and responsibilities of both teachers and students in a classroom .I learnt that a good teacher should be kind and patients, really love teaching , lively and ente
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This overview of potential problems and some suggested solutions was particularly helpful as I know these challenges are likely to come up. As a teacher I think dealing with students at varying levels
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This unit focuses on the productive skills of speaking and writing and their differences from each other. For instance, how writing skills aren't usually focused on in the classroom but in homework so
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This unit is a review if the basic components of English parts of speech. Nouns, adjectives, articles, verbs, adverbs, gerunds, pronouns, prepositions, and conjunctions are discussed along with types
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Unit 13 examines course materials. There are two types of course materials, authentic materials and created materials. Authentic materials are materials that can be found in the every day: pamphlets,
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I was really struck how much influence the teacher's attitude had on the class. The actual lesson plan was not that much different between video 1 and 2 but the participation and enjoyment of the stud
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This unit covered the differences and strategies in teaching beginners, younger learners, and business learners. I appreciated the insight into the motivations for business learners. If someone's job
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This unit covered modal auxiliary verbs which are used before other verbs to add meaning to the main verb. These verbs can be used to express obligation, possibility/probability, permission/prohibitio
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This unit has been is extremely important, the troubleshooting needed when teaching is vital for maintaining control and order. I like that the initial phase is dedicated to building rapport with stud
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This unit is talking about the theories, methods and techniques which a good teacher should be using, engaging, studying, activating stage which teacher uses in his or her lesson, by using grammar tra
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Arnolds Park
Unit 10 showed two videos giving examples of teaching a class of adult students. The first video showed a class where the teacher ignored the level of his students. Therefore the students felt confuse
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This unit gave us an overall understanding on grammar, specifically the parts of the speech. The main aspects of this matter were covered in a comprehensive way which gives a general idea of what the
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This unit dealt with reading and listening and the importance of both in language acquisition. Language acquisition requires both skills, but it is important to first know why we are reading or liste
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In English, a tense is how your listener knows what time you’re talking about. A tense tells you when an action occurred. We use different forms of verbs—or action words—whether we’re talki
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Unit 12 talks about productive skills which are speaking and writing. Accuracy is very important in speaking. Accuracy activities are concentrated on producing correct language. Fluency activities are
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This unit covered the various different types of classes from small children to business students. This unit is especially important, because not all classes are created equal. Different issues are pr
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This lesson was a very specific exploration of different types of classes a teacher may be asked to teach. Different scenarios ranging from teaching adults to teaching kids are discussed. Different te
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Nowadays I believe teachers have lots of teaching aids to work with in order to make any lesson more appealing to the students. This unit was really helpful by providing with great tools and ideas of
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This unit contained useful reminders about what it means to be a good teacher. Finding ways to keep students engaged and motivated is the challenge for the teacher. A sensitive, creative teacher who l
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In this Unit,I have learnt about the productive skills of any language,compose of speaking and writing skill.As mentioned in this lesson the writing skill is known to be the most neglected skill in a
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The unit generally looks at the productive skills which involves reading and writing. It shows that writing is also as important as speaking although we tend to overlook this aspect of language learni
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