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This unit covered the different methodologies of teaching languages. Parts of each of these methodologies can be found in the current teaching method, ESA. For example, audio-linguism is based on the
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I believe that speaking and writing are so important in communication based on my experience from childhood to the present. Actually, writing is my most obvious skill since my younger days. I can thin
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Teaching special groups is the main focus of this unit. There are different kinds of students or groups; the beginners, the type that can vary by age and level of their English. Teaching Business Engl
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Unit 7 dove more in-depth about how vocabulary, grammar and functions can be taught in an effective way to ESL students. I learned that different ESA methods are often used when teaching different par
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Unit 4 focuses on tenses, specifically the past, present, and future tenses, as well as their four aspects; simple, continuous, perfect, and perfect continuous. As with previous units, unit 4 goes int
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In this unit, I feel it is so important that teachers can get a very clear structure to make a lesson plan. A good lesson plan had better be simple and not try to script the lesson,structure it and ma
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This very first unit has given me a basic but general and important knowledge of teachers and learners. I have a better idea about what role am I acting as in front of the students and thus feel clear
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overview Evaluating students is a very important factor ,as to where they have to placed and at which level , further to this we need know whether the teacher to also know on
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Lesson 11 teaches the four basic skills in any language. Receptive skills include reading and litening. Productive skills are speaking and writing. They are different specialist skills for reading an
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Grundy Center
This unit brings me the overall experiences in planning a listening and/or reading lesson. I've learnt some valuable activities using in teaching a receptive skills through the samples. I think I woul
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New language tools have been provided in this unit. Modal verbs are used on a regular daily basis by English speakers used to express different ideas from obligation to ability also they will express
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This topic is talking about troubleshooting.The students already know and are comfortable with each other is an advantage of teaching an existing group.Teacher shouldn't use the course book in the fir
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The grammar that has been covered in this course is only the basic requirement. It is only a fraction of the whole grammatical system and further studying would require years to master. As most teache
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Guthrie Center
This unit content discussed appropriate teacher and learner characteristics. As well as teacher requirements and types of student leaners. The unit described what makes a good teacher. A good teacher
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Reading and listening are receptive skills that are essential to learning and teaching English. They are of equal importance to each other as well as to the productive skills of speaking and writing.
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Teaching beginners, individuals, multi and monoculture groups, young learners and business groups is a challenging, specific, but rewarded part of our job. There are many technicalities and tips how t
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Reading and listening is highly important for students learning English. this unit helps me understand how students give different understanding or reaction or pick up different meaning from a senten
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This lesson broke down the different types of materials a teacher might use in a class. The lesson broke it into two main types: authentic materials and created materials. Personally, I prefer the u
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Unit 19 presented techniques and activities that can be used when teaching specific groups such as beginners, young and adult learners and business students. It also mentioned the pros and cons of tea
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I am finally on the last part of the course. I have learned an immense amount about my own language structure and how to effectively communicate proper instruction in English. The final unit of troubl
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This was a very grammar centered unit, where we learned about modal verbs and relative clauses. There are many modal verbs that help move sentences along in every day language. Clauses are useful as w
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While the tense units so far have covered the four categories of past and present tense, unit eight introduces one more category to the future tense. It is is the "going to" tense (subject + to be [pr
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As a teacher I found a lot of helpful material as far as different teaching approaches are concerned and the amazing part for me is the exactness ensured about every method. It has been an interesting
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In this unit, I learned a lot about modals, phrasal verbs, and passive voice. While these different aspects, are now understood by me. I am still a bit confused by phrasal verbs and passive voice. I w
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This unit discussed the use of course material. There are advantages to both created material and course book material. It is important that a teacher understands the importance of both. A good teache
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In this unit, it talks about how to teach special groups who are young learners, children and business people. For teaching young learners, teachers have to require special skills and psychology, be a
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Harpers Ferry
From this unit, I have learnt the different types of beginners, as well as how to teach them in an effective way. Also, the types of classes, including teaching individuals and different kinds of grou
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Direct and indirect speech can be very confusing for English learners. In this unit, although it was explained clearly I think it is better to give more examples of direct and indirect speech. What I
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The content of the unit is about future tenses and their usage according to how we can express a future event based on the continuation, given time, function, etc. of the action. This tenses equally t
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This unit provides information on different groups of students and how to properly teach them. In order to be an effective teacher it is important that you are sensitive to your student needs. There a
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I found these lessons on teaching vocabulary and grammatical structure very practical and useful. I appreciate that you also provided various ESA methods for teaching new language. I had not considere
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The unit is about receptive skills which are: reading and listening, it contains the techniques on how to teach to improve your students' receptive skills; focuses mostly on young learners who has lim
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Receptive Skills: Reading and Listening are often contrasted with productive skills (speaking and writing). When learning a new language learners tend to develop their receptive skills first and then
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I found this unit useful as it gave greater detail to a topic that I am a little less familiar with in regards to teaching. While I may use these concepts every day, it is different to try and convey
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Overview Here we look Productive skills: speaking and writing. Both speaking and writing are needed in communication Speaking requires : requires a greater degree of fluen
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This unit is talking about Teaching Special Groups.The students have no common language other than English could be a major advantage when teaching a multilingual class.Elicit presentation vocabulary
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This unit as reminded me of been a creative thinker or been creative like making lesson materials it’s not a must to be directed do this or that you just have to be creative so that your lesson can
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This unit was about the receptive skills of reading and listening. In order to foster success in comprehension there are suggestions such as introducing new vocabulary before exposure to new text thro
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This unit dealt with the four different types of tests and testing when teaching a foreign language. Those discussed include diagnostic and placement tests, progress testing, and practice tests. Each
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In this unit, I learned a lot about teaching various kinds of groups. While I knew a lot, from experience, about teaching children; I din't know much about teachinh business English. I am really inter
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This unit not only gave me a good understanding of focusing my lessons towards specific skills in language understanding, but it also gave me an understanding of techniques and lesson planning ideas I
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After reading Unit 5, I have a much better understanding on the strategies that should be used to manage a classroom. I also learned some actions that should be avoided. I learned that the smallest ge
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This Unit reflects some specific aspects of English grammar, which are bringing more colors in expressing ability, permission, certainty (modal verbs). The right usage of modal verbs can help us sound
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As an English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher, you must learn to constantly adapt to your students' needs. Many times, this means dealing with a variety of problems in the classroom, many of which
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This unit introduces us to four basic skills, that can be found in every language, and they are: reading and listening (receptive skills) and speaking and writing (productive skills), and further focu
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In this Unit I learned that I have to combine student-centered and teacher-centered lessons. During a typical lesson, as a teacher, I will have to use many from the roles of the teacher. The choice de
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I have learnt that it is important to continuously pay attention to your class progress. There are also different kinds of tests and evaluations to be used through out the whole year, and at different
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In this unit I learnt a lot about formulating sentences with the correct tenses i.e. talking about the past, present and future. For example past progressive may be used when actions were in progress
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Holy Cross
I have leant 3 things in this unint: 1. To be a good teacher means you have to have good knowledge and love. Moreover, a good teach should spend time for the students, care about teaching and know ho
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This unit was very similar to the last unit. I learned how to teach speaking and writing. These skills require students to build confidence in themselves to produce and practice the language. With spe
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