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Unit 12 talks about productive skills which are speaking and writing. Accuracy is very important in speaking. Accuracy activities are concentrated on producing correct language. Fluency activities are concentrated on allowing students to experiment and to be creative with the language as well. In this lesson it shows that accuracy and fluency are both equally important. Speaking activities in the classroom includes controlled activities and guided activities that helps with accuracy, and creative communication aids with fluency. Is very important that the teacher encourage students to speak and use techniques to encourage interaction like pairwork or group work activities. Writing can be very diffucult to students since there are differences in grammar, vocabulary, handwriting,layout and puntuaction in languages. Handwriting is difficult for students whose native language uses different alphabetical system from English letters. Spelling is difficult also, because using incorrect spelling can not only create misunderstanding but can often be perceived by the reader lack of education. Spelling is made difficult by the fact that many words that are pronounce the same are written different and some words that are written the same are pronounce different. The layout and puntuaction in writing usage cand lead to rather akward and difficult and looking pieces of writing. Teachers can use many of the games that were played as children or play as adults to incorporate into their classrooms to make writing and speaking activities.