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Reading and listening are indeed 2 important skills. I find it assuring that you list 2 reasons for listening and reading. One being for a purpose the other for entertainment. I really never connecte
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The initial interactions with students is very important to build confidence and participation through out the course or class. Having a pleasant disposition is essential for learning. A teacher that
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This lesson covered reporting speech and conditionals. These are very easy to mess up when speaking, but often times the speaker knows what is meant. However, when learning a language for the first
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In Unit 20 I learned about trouble shooting during class First lessons should be a time for rapport building with students. If students do know each other it would be a good idea to allow students to
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This unit was dedicated to advice and suggestions on how to deal with problems and challenges, that might come up in class. It covered a few different categories, such as first lessons, different leve
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This unit has given me a very logical, comprehensive and detailed picture of the parts of speech. Each part has its own function and rules to follow. I must say this is A LOT OF information! I am sure
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This Unit is a real help for teachers who are beginners. The resource books and links to dictionaries, learning, teaching, literature and to further online resources are a major support for me. Nowada
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In this Unit I learnt about teaching special groups and the different types of classes. I learnt about teaching beginners, methodology, techniques and possible problems which may occur. I learnt about
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Translating the conversation between Yogi Bear and his friend BooBoo is the most fun I've had so far in this course. As I read through this lesson, what becomes very obvious to me for a question is wh
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Barnes City
This unit offers a throrogh and detailed information on teaching equipments, which include overhead projector, worksheets, visuals,computer, white board, CDs and DVDs, cassettes, videos, video camara,
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I found this unit to be quite short and a little repetitive. However, I did get a few things out of it. One thing is that it reminded me the necessity of teaching language functions to students. It al
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When teaching a language one of the key components is pronunciation and phonology. I found this unit extremely helpful as I have never really experienced teaching with phonetics, I have taught basic p
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This unit continued to teach me about the 4 basic integrated skills, focusing on speaking and writing. I learnt about why we as teachers, must create the need and desire to communicate and should enco
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Battle Creek
This unit is talking about lesson plans which is very important and useful for unexperienced teachers. A good lesson plan can help the teacher to clear the aim of this lesson and make the procedure mo
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This unit was the last of the grammar units. It covered modals, phrasal verbs, and passive voice. Phrasal verbs definitely gave me the most trouble. Transitive and intransitive verbs alone are not s
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Unit 14 covers different types of materials that can be used in class and provide examples of types of materials used in class. Course book section provides advantage and disadvantage of using a cours
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All kinds of Teaching Equipment has much help when teaching. They can be used to make lessons more insteresting,effective and less depend on the textbook. But You must learn how to use this equipment
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English might be very confusing at times such as this unit, not only for students but also for teachers as well. Expressing the future time in english is particularly fraught with problems not only b
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As this Unit points out, I truly believe that the key to speak fluently another lenguage is to master the four skills addressed here. This Unit, specifically regarding reading and listening skills, wa
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As children we all learnt our native language(commonly referred to as L1, or first language)weithout the aid of language teachers and course books. we simply absorbed the language around us,processde
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Overview Conditionals & Reported Speech Unit 16 We talk about the word If or a similar word when. And how they are used in the present past and future possibilities. When using these s
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Belle Plaine
This unit is talking about teaching books and materials. Normally, teachers do not have a chance to choose the course book for their students, so there are several useful ideas about how to use the co
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This unit was really helpful to know how and when is correct to use the coursebooks. In my personal experience I have been provided with coursebooks to develop my classes. However, it is good to know
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From this unit I have learned that a present sentence can be said in many ways, and each one of them would be saying something different, even though they have similar structures and sometimes equal m
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Learning about the proper use of course books has allowed me to look at possible teaching techniques from a new angle. Knowing about the right way to use a course book versus the wrong way to use one
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In this unit we look at modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice. It is very important to teach these three grammar points in a different way. By this I mean that modal verbs and semi-modal verbs need
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This lesson gave some insight into the details that need to be considered when managing a classroom such as classroom arrangement, giving instructions, communication techniques, establishing rapport,
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This unit dealt with future grammar tense. There are seven tenses including the future simple, the future continuous, the future perfect, the future perfect continuous, the be going and infinitive, th
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Modals, phrasal verbs and passive and active voice reinforced how nuanced English is to learn and why it is potentially so difficult. I l know many native, fluent speakers who would have no idea what
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This unit clearly shows the various types of evaluation that we can provide students throughout their learning journey. It also clearly shows the various types of Cambridge exams that are available fo
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This unit was extremely eye opening to the many different parts of speech. The unit did a thorough job describing each part of speech and the many components that make up each one. The many examples w
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Unit 3 provided information about theories, methods, and techniques of teaching. The lesson gave an excellent review of methodologies common to teaching language to students. These included the gramma
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Black Hawk
I've learnt that the teacher's professional and inter-personal skills have a far reaching affect on the motivation and learning outcomes of each and every student. Furthermore, a caring and engaging t
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This unit focused on different methodologies and a particular method, ESA-Engage, Study and Activate. It was important to find out that students need to be motivated, be exposed tot he language and ha
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I have felt that this unit has provided me with a new insight into a very crucial aspect of the teaching/learning experience. The role that the teacher plays as the leader of the classroom, and theref
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This module is harder than the previous few, it takes me back to speech forms we discussed in earlier topics. I again think it is very helpful the way we are given examples of usages as this helps it
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This lesson emphasized the need to tailor teaching to students. The outlined advantages of a textbook - uniform mix, proven method, confidence-building for beginner students - are effective only inso
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There was a good break down in this study unit of all the different types of beginners. It was good to learn about how business people seek out English lessons, and that despite the need to learn ther
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This was an unit I was really looking forward to. In this case the main focus is not in the content of the lesson but in the way the lesson should be conducted. Although there is no straight forward r
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I don't have much experience in the classroom, so I really appreciate all the information that this chapter provided. I'm sure I'll want to review the many tips and tricks in this unit as I get closer
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Blue Grass
This unit focused on the qualities and roles of a teacher. It also discussed the various levels and motivations of students who would be attending a given language course. Additional detail was provid
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This unit is about teaching receptive skills that are reading and listening. In this unit i learnt reasons and motives for teaching reading and listening can be for purpose or for entertainment. Furt
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Methods and techniques are very important in teaching a language especially when your students are learning the language as L2. Thus , this unit elaborates on the the teaching theories , methods and t
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As a teacher I can assume, that the main reason why students attend English classes is to improve their productive skills i.e. speaking and a bit rarely writing (mostly this skill is of demand in a bu
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From this unit I learned that there are some advantages when we using a course book in the class,like they provide a tried and tested syllabus. It provides a balance of skills.Course books are written
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Very useful information from this course as well as from previous. But I have another point of view about using kids` native language when teach them. I agree that it shouldn`t be used often, but Engl
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Unit 6 (NB. I had a gap between watching Video 1 (Bad) and Video 2 (Good). The Video 1 I watched was a different one to what there is now... but I think the principles are roughly the same.) Things I
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This unit was helpful because it gave me a basis on the types of assessments used in language classes. Although I have previous teaching experience and am familiar with how to assess students as well
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This is a kind of a wrap up lesson for 20 lessons I have learnt. it talks about what to teach accordingly, normally we play lots of games in class, including some individual games as well as group gam
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This unit introduces us to the different types of evaluations students can take in the different stages of their courses. Apart from describing what each test is about, it states the advantages and im
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