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It is very important to understand the different intonations and stresses that are in words and sentences .Reading the words first is an error because it is necessary to learn how words are pronounced
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The content of this Unit explained the different tenses used in English, how to use them and a review of the most common mistakes students tend to make around this. These are the subjects that fluent
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This unit was helpful in thinking through when and how to use text books and work books n the classroom. They certainly serve an important place, but should not be used exclusively. It is valuable to
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This unit is about the use of coursebooks and lesson materials in a classroom. There's two types of materials: authentic materials which are readily made. Although, this is not suitable for EFL studen
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The difference between Authentic materials and Created materials is very detailed. During my teaching, I have also found that there are many irrelevant contents in the coursebooks. I always try to rep
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I have learned in this unit on how to teach the target language to the students specially when English is not their main language. Students need to used the target language to concept the meaning and
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Unit 10 is a video lesson that requires us to view two video, back to back, instead of the typical reading. I enjoy this unit because it showed an actual classroom with students involved. I got to see
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This lesson focused on the receptive skills, listening and reading. Neither skill is any more or less important than the other, nor less or more important than the productive skills, but all are cruci
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Pronunciation is probably the most neglected aspect of English language teaching. Confidence is often lacking in foreign teachers to teach it methodically, and English teachers sometimes also lack
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Pronunciation is often neglected when teaching English. Most pronunciation concentrates on individual sounds. For a teacher to be effective, they should consider teaching pronunciation in the classroo
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Ida Grove
This unit has a lot of things I agree with. With students that can comprehend multiple languages its best to use the language of what they are learning which is English. In my classes no matter what a
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Thank you for the material of this Unit. Everything was very informative and useful for me. I appreciate the recommendation about content for the first lesson. I agree that sometimes it is difficult t
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In this unit we study teaching special groups. The important first steps for a teacher with new students is to clearly understand which category of student they come under: beginners, adult or young l
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This unit helped me to learn how to organize and how to create new easy and funny examples. These examples are helpful to explain students in a very effective way these kind of contents, that are not
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Studying this unit was a great way to top off my education of the basics of English grammar for this course. Although it contained only some of the more subtle aspects of the basics of grammar, this u
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This unit is all about future tenses which are: future simple tense, future perfect tense, future continuous tense, future perfect continuous tense, and going to future. This also includes present ten
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Iowa City
In this unit, techniques for teaching productive skills were discussed, such as speaking and writing. When it comes to learning any language fluency and accuracy or needed to get a basic understandin
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Iowa Falls
In this unit I have learnt that speaking and writing are equally important to students learning English although the writing of English is possible more difficult than learning to speak it. This is du
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This unit is about how to become a good teacher, the roles of a teacher, knowing the basics in teaching: how to manage a class, being aware what a good learner is or should be, being informed about th
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This lesson taught me, how the mood of a class is steered by the teacher. That it is important, to provide, professional leadership, that is at a reasonable pace for the students at that level. Also,
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In this lesson, it is clear that the attitude of the teacher can affect his/her classroom's atmosphere. If the teacher is not easy to approach, the tendency of the students to learn is very minimal, b
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Jackson Junction
In this unit we got to see a good sample of a class with both positive and negative aspects. When i first started out i would make some of these errors such as confirming the ease of the content befor
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This like the previous module is very important, I liked how the module made a point on the emphasis of writing being important as it cannot be corrected on the spot like speaking so it is good to wor
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Modals can be used to express a number of different ideas, such as: ?Obligation – I really must go now, my friend's expecting me. ?Possibility/probability – I might go
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This unit guides teachers on how to properly introduce a new language to the students. Learning a new language can be overwhelming for some students that is why it is important to know how to do it pr
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Unit 5 The unit went through many important topics of how to manage classes. What is expected of a teacher and how we can arrange the environment to suit the class. It mentioned different technique
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Unit 12 presented the productive skills, speaking and writing, and explained the differences between accuracy and fluency. This unit walked us through the different stages of a speaking lesson and poi
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Jewell Junction
Just like the previous unit, Unit Twelve covered the ideals of teaching the language skills, only in this unit, the focus was on the productive, rather than the receptive. Also, just like the previou
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This unit covers all the different media and teaching aids that can be used in a classroom. Whiteboards (chalkboards), overhead projectors, cassette players, videos, and visual aids are a few of the
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Phonology was found out as a way more complex study as one can presuppose. It deals with such areas as stress, rhythm, intonation, pronunciation of sounds and specific manner how to produce them. Engl
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I believe that this unit is a natural continuation of unit 3 in which the structure and the varied possibilities of lessons creation were taught to us. Once the structure of a lesson is finalized, the
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This was the hardest unit I've done so far. It is quite amazing how as a native speaker, I take for granted phonetics and phonology. It was quite interesting learning about the phonetic alphabet, arti
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This has been the most difficult unit so far. It has refreshed my memory of all the tenses that I normally don't name any more. This unit shows you how and when to use the different tenses including
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Phonology, also known as phonemics, is the study of the particular sound units (phonemes) in languages. It can be compared to phonetics, which is the study of human speech in general, and includes the
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This unit dealt explicitly with test taking, namely the four main types of tests a student can take. Diagnostic tests are often given in order to see what a student knows, and placement tests help a
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Phonology is the study of the particular sound units in languages or so as called "phonemes". It includes the articulation and perception of sounds. Being aware of phonetics is important to where the
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In my country, most teachers are used to use just coursebooks. I can see (as former student and current teacher) the disadvantages using this material only. The practice into the classrooms does not e
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There are two aspects to learning a language, the teacher and the learner. This lesson gives traits of good teaching and gives traits of good learning. In addition, it shows the different levels of la
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In this unit, the four past tenses were discussed. The first is the past simple which indicates a past action ending at a definite time, for example, 'John watched TV until 8pm.' The second tense cove
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In this lesson I learned which 4 are the basic skills of any language, as well as their categorization on receptive skills (reading and listening) and productive skills (speaking and writing). I learn
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The difficulties with the two productive skills and how to deal with them is something that I very much needed to know. Understanding the difference between fluency and accuracy activities and where t
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Keomah Village
This unit is about conditionals, an area of English grammar that usually poses problems for students. Conditionals generally refer to situations that can be realized if a certain occurrence is given.
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This unit provided an overview of the tools of the trade and what might be expected and useful in an English learning environment. Teaching and learning aids include hard goods such as white/black o
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This was the last unit on grammar, covering modal auxiliary verbs, passive voice, relative clauses, and phrasal verbs. The unit gave charts showing the different ways to modify auxiliary verbs to thei
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This unit has proved very helpful for revising my lesson planning skills, which have proved to be a weak area for me in previous tests. Recognizing the importance of productive skills has enabled me t
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Unit 11 covers receptive skills. These skills are reading and listening to obtain different types of information. There are two broad categories of receptive skill, those used for a purpose and those
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This unit focuses on trouble shooting in the classroom, as there are common problems teachers may run into. Some of these problems stem from the type of group entering the classroom for the first time
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This module makes me see how much more there is to teaching and how aware one needs to be of the level one is working at. I found the different tests interesting, whether placement, practice, diagnost
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Most of our students say they do not have problems reading or listening, they say they have problems when speaking, especially with pronunciation. This unit helped me to remember some definitions and
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Unit twelve is written to guide TEFL teachers in how to create and administer lessons in which the purpose is to develop the productive skills of English. These productive skills are speaking and wri
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