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Unit 11 explained the methods of teaching the receptive skills - reading and listening, detailing the reasons why people read and listen and how we achieve these skills. I have learned about the dif
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In-order to become a well-rounded communicator one needs to be proficient in each of the four language skills. These four skills give learners opportunities to create contexts in which to use the lang
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The unit began by detailing what productive skills are (speaking and writing) as well as factors to take into consideration when deciding to to perform communicative games with the class. The unit con
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Unit 13 tackled about the Phonetics and Phonology in the English language.Phonemes represents sounds in English language.Many teacher are also quite unsure with the proper teaching when it comes to pr
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In this unit I have learned about the use of conditionals including: zero conditional, first conditional, second conditional, third conditional and mixed conditionals. I also have learned differences
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Forest City
I have learnt that the many rules that give structure to English grammar can change sentence meaning dramatically. By learning the grammatical rules students will be able to speak with increased fluid
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Fort Atkinson
Help in dealing with problems that can arise in the classroom is always welcomed. There are certain situations that can always be expected when teaching: first class when starting a new course, workin
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Fort Dodge
I have watched two videos about teaching the same content with two different methods. One lesson has been taught effectively while the other one which the teacher made some errors on purpose,showed a
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Fort Madison
When we think that helping people to learn how to speak a language that is not their own is the way we earn our bread we stop for a while and think that we are facing a daunting task. Fortunately, we
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This chapter focuses on dealing with potential problems that may occur in a new teaching environment. For example, they type of group of students a teacher has in the classroom can affect the type of
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There are multiple ways to have an effective lesson in the classroom. A teacher's initial attitude is crucial to how a lesson will unfold. Teachers need to be prepared and ready to teach. A great atti
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In this unit on lesson planning I became aware of the importance of finding a balance between organization and flexibility. It is important to have relevant and organized lessons planned with engage,
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This unit contained a vast amount of useful knowledge that I found very interesting. Overall, the unit provided a great amount of insight into the many different types of classrooms and settings that
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This unit covered the importance of teaching pronunciation and methods to do so. It also covered phonetics and how to use IPA to help teach pronunciation. Personally, I believe in using face diagrams
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. Having knowledge of type of class you are going to have lesson helps a lot in the preparation of the lessons. Unit 19 elaborates on that.Teaching special groups consist of the following types of cla
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Strong teachers produce strong students. When starting out as a teacher, building that rapport from the beginning is imperative. Showing your students that you are here to help them, care for them, an
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Unit 18 covered modal auxiliary verbs, phrasal verbs, relative and non-relative clauses, and passive and active voice. Modal auxiliary verbs are verbs that express the speaker's feelings toward a st
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This unit had me watch two classes, by the same teacher, in two different styles. I would categorize the first as an abject failure, and the second lesson a success. In the first lesson, he showed u
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Unit sixteen about conditionals and reported speech is not a very detailed and lengthy chapter, but it requires a fair amount of study because it also requires the reader to use material from other ch
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The most important thing I have learnt is having a good relationship between teachers and learners,if a teacher is kind enough and patient the students will enjoy the class and will be motivated to th
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Garden Grove
I've learnt in this unit that the phonetic alphabet is an important tool in teaching pronunciation and even though most teachers rarely spend a lot of time on phonology, students may be aware of this
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Unit 19 is about teaching specialized groups of students. There are 5 types of beginners groups discussed in this unit: the absolute beginner, the false beginner, the adult beginner, the young beginne
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This lesson covered the two production skills of speaking and writing. Whole going through this unit I was reminded of how I was as a student learning Spanish. This biggest reason for me not to speak
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This unit covers how to form conditionals and how direct speech is changed when it is later quoted or reported. Before starting this lesson I had a basic understanding of conditionals, but i didn't re
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Unit 5 explained how the mannerism of the teacher, the formation of the class and the response of the teacher to the student’s behaviour during the lesson are all vital parts on classroom management
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Students who are assessed on a regular basis in language schools are reassured of their progress. Monitoring progress keeps teachers abreast of any difficulties and lets us see if we can continue on t
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It is amazing how many resources there are available for teachers and students of English. It would be a hard job to familiarize oneself with all of them, and choose the best one. From this lesson,
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My experience in teaching math over the years has incorporated a much different approach than language. At first the idea of which vocabulary to introduce, the grammar that goes with it, and the struc
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The unit is about Class Management; one of the important things to do within the classroom is keeping eye contact, gestures, and varying the voice; considering the class size and the level and ability
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Unit 5 talks about classroom management. Wich includes Eye contact,gestures and the voice. Grouping students, classroom management, writing on the board, giving individual attention, Teacher talking
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Gillett Grove
This unit covered concepts to know in order to teach a new language. Specifically, incorporating vocabulary, grammar and functions in order for students to comprehend the language. I learned that when
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This unit was pretty difficult because of lurge number of specific terminology. But at the same time very interesting because i never wondered how are working my speech organs and their physical locat
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Gilmore City
In this unit I've learned once again how important it is in establishing rapport with students. Not only so that they trust you and enjoy classes more, but so that students become more active and moti
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This unit explored with more depth the Past Tense, with a special attention on students typical errors and activate stage ideas. This was particularly interesting to me considering that the past tense
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This unit described the five main conditionals. We learned about forms and usages of zero conditional, first, second and third conditionals as well as mixed conditionals. The examples used are very he
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In this unit I gained knowledge about many different teaching aids, such as board, interactive whiteboard, projector, visual aids, worksheet, videos and DVDs, dictionaries, books, computers, etc. I le
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In this unit, the different problems teachers can face in a class were analysed, and solutions to prevent or solve them were provided. It started with the cases of first lessons, for which activities
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Unit 13 covers teaching pronunciation and phonology. Areas of stress, rhythm and intonation in speaking are dealt with as well as concentrating on the International Phonetic Alphabet. As a native Engl
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Goose Lake
In this unit, I learned the basic formatting on how to create my own lesson plan(s). The benefits of writing a lesson plan aids a teacher to explain what they want the class to understand from the les
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Classroom management is the skill of organizing and managing the the class, having a friendly, relaxed manner and maintaining discipline in the classroom. Thus in this unit i have learnt the differen
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From this unit,I learnt pronunciation teaching is important ,but often neglected by teacher.Applied phonetics is rarely taught at school or even university and it seems an alien,abstract subject to th
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After watching two different lesson structures, it appeared it had profound effect on the effectiveness of teaching. The first video simply demonstrated students were often confused and did not comple
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Unit 5 addresses the issue of class management. I’ve learned through years of teaching that class management is vital to the overall quality of life for teachers and students. This unit gave a great
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Grand Junction
In this unit I've learnt that student language books can be very helpful in many ways but also have their drawbacks. Teachers should try to achieve a balance between using authentic material, created
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Grand Mound
What I think I have learned in unit18 about models, phrasal verbs and passive voice in detail is that model auxiliary verbs basic rules is they are used before other verbs to add meaning to the main v
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Grand River
One would think that teaching reading or writing is not as important as teaching listening and speaking to beginners. Since we learn our native language by listening and producing speech in our early
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In this unit I have learnt to understand and explain the structure of a sentence which is indispensable in order to teach the structure of the target language be it to beginner, elementary or pre-inte
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This unit dealt with activities and strategies for teaching a new language. The focus was partly on finding ways to encourage the student to learn. The chapter also covered necessary knowledge for stu
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Unit 11 focused on the receptive skills, reading and listening, and reminded us the problems that can arise when teaching reading and listening and how to avoid them. What I learned from this unit was
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This unit is all about Past tenses which includes: past simple tense that we use for actions completed at a definite time in the past, past continuous tense which we use for interrupted past actions,
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