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Teaching Special Groups. In experienced teachers will always have butterflies in their stomachs as this is the real thing happening now. But have no fears as there is always a first time for everything and you are not the only who has passed down this line. Teaching and learning is a process which can be very full feeling and as the saying goes practice always makes perfect. Categories of students ? The absolute beginner – students who have no English at all. ?The false beginner – students may have studied or been exposed to English previously but have not retained much language. They will probably be able to produce a few simple structures. ?The adult beginner – adult beginners will often have made their own decision to learn English and as a result will usually be highly motivated. ?The young beginner – younger beginners often lack motivation as they haven't usually made the choice to study and cannot see the benefit of learning the language. Younger beginners do tend to pick language up far more easily than their adult equivalents. ?The beginner without Roman alphabet – such students will need a lot of initial work on basic literacy skills. A lot of reading and writing practice is necessary. Tips for teaching beginners Methodology and techniques, Possible problems Motivation Teaching Individual Students. This is a large market in today’s world and should you decide to go down this way these route then here are some points to be very aware of. Individual lessons also have a number of advantages for the teacher; no mixed levels, usually highly motivated students,needs can be clearly defined, developing a close relationship with the students, etc. Teaching individuals can have drawbacks, however, and almost all teachers comment upon the loss of classroom dynamics and tiredness. Obviously, as there is only one student, some activities become impossible to do. 1 -1 lessons are usually less formal and the teacher will often be the partner of the student, helping/prompting/working with him/her. Teaching children When you see a smile on the face of a young learner this is a wonderful feeling that you have done something worth while. It is perhaps fair to say that teaching children can be one of the most rewarding of all student classes to teach. Children possess an innate curiosity, which is in itself a motivating factor. Business English/ English for Specific Purposes (ESP) English is a global language thus takes number 1 place in the International Trade thus it has specific uses in different types of trade and uses the world over. Bankers Doctors Industry and many more fields of employment will always need English as a means of communication . This medium of communication will not go away but will only increase so we must gear up for it in a way which is beneficent to all the parties . Teaching can take place in a number of ways: ?One-to-one. Teaching one-to-one requires a different approach to working with a group ?In-company group. An in-company group may study before work starts, during the day or after work. ?In-school group. A group of business people from the same company or from different companies may come to a language school to study. For all of the above, “clients” (a common term when referring to learners from a company) may study intensively or over a longer period of time. When doing the Needs analysis pay special attention to specific needs and general needs as these two can overlap, further to this you need to put up a roaster ti see which people will be available as some companies need certain on the field and they then need to catch up or have special classes to bring them up to speed with the rest of the class. Planning the program Mid-course evaluation Materials Things to consider Before you begin Your expertise On arrival During the course After the course The monolingual and the multilingual class In a multilingual class the students are from various different nationalities. Such classes are normally found in countries where English is the native language and the students are either residing there, or are there specifically for the purpose of learning English. As students in multilingual classes are from different countries, they have no common language except English. This can be an advantage for teachers as the students are forced to communicate with each other in English and not their native language. It can also be an advantage that students from different countries bring a greater variety of culture and ideas to the classroom. As students are usually studying in an English speaking country, they also get more exposure to, and opportunity to use, the language. Monolingual classes usually take place in the students' home country and cannot offer the same advantages as multilingual classes. However as the students all have the same language, it is likely that they will all have the same kind of difficulties with English, whereas students from different countries are likely to have very different language problems and difficulties. Also as their cultural background is the same or similar, the teacher is able to identify certain topics that would be of interest to the group.