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In this Unit,I have learnt about the productive skills of any language,compose of speaking and writing skill.As mentioned in this lesson the writing skill is known to be the most neglected skill in a language because a lot of teachers don't want to use a quiet time while in a classroom tho writing lesson.When two or more people are talking.there are reasons why they are doing it and these must have one of the following reasons:they have communicative purpose,they want to say or listen to something or they are interested to what is being said,so if any of these reasons doesn't exist then it far less likely student want to participate.I got cleared that accuracy is use in the study phase while the fluency is on the activate phase and both are equally important.The accuracy activity will check the student understanding of the language before they try to use it creatively in fluency activity.Three speaking activities in the classroom are being used and these are the controlled activities,it is the accuracy based activities wherein the language is controlled by the teacher,Drilling and Prompting are used in here.The guided activities is also an accuracy based but a little more creative and productive wherein the output is still controlled by the teacher but the exact language isn't and lastly is the creative communication,it is a fluency based activities where the scenario is created by the teacher but the content of the language is not.There are reasons that make student be reluctant to speak,so a teacher must be a aware of these reasons and use some techniques for students to overcome this,like a group work,making speaking activities a purposeful,careful planning etc.When it comes to the writing skills,vocabulary is usually written in formal as well as spelling,handwriting,layout and punctuation.Handwriting is a major problem to some learners as they use a different alphabetical system and so teacher must encourage students to improve it.Spelling is also a crucial thing in English language because some words may be same to pronounce but the spelling is different,in this scenario extensive reading may help students.The layout and punctuation plays a big role in any writing but problem occur because some language use a different punctuation or none at all.So a proper practice for layout and punctuation should be done with the help of the teacher also to check if the written work is too formal/informal.A creative writing can be done in stories,emails or poetry but it is also vital that a student must have the desire to write.Some conventional and unconventional games can be done in the classroom.