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Theories, methods and technique is similar and different in may ways. Some groups and/or individual student may learn easier from certain method approach such as elicitation where they want direction
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In unit 9 , I have learned how to write a lesson plan and the importance of it . After the learning of this unit, I realize how important to write a lesson plan. As I think myself as an experienced t
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Casa Adobes
In this unit, I have learnt about 15 types of teaching equipment & aids which can be used to make lessons more interesting in classrooms and study centres as well as their principles, advantages, disa
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Casa Blanca
This unit was very helpful. I think teaching writing will be the most difficult, because it is a very independent activity. I think what this lesson highlighted is that the difficulty in teaching writ
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Casa Grande
This unit well describes all the useful equipments and aids that can be used in a classroom.Instead of putting manual efforts all the time,teachers too can take benefit of modern technologies in teach
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this unit gives a very brief introduction of future tenses its clear the future tenses are very complected, but in this unit the important forms and usages are introduced that provided a very helpful
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Catalina Foothills
In this unit I have learnt how these tenses are formed grammatically using the positive and negative question forms In this unit, I learnt that the system and structure of past tenses is not too diff
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Cave Creek
I also found this unit helpful because of how an example straight arrows ESA lesson was given. I liked the example they gave, and can definitely see myself using a lesson like this in my teaching. I a
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Cedar Creek
In this unit I have learnt about pronunciation and phonology. I have also learnt Pronunciation is probably the most neglected aspect of English language and confidence is lacking in foreign teachers
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Centennial Park
I have learned that classes should provide a combination of authentic material, created materials that the teacher designs to supplement the course book, and the course book itself. When teaching from
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I thought the comparison of two teaching lesson plans by the same teacher and class was effective in demonstrating the different experiences and classroom environment created for the students and teac
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Central Heights-Midland City
Like the grammar lesson, I found myself discovering terminology for concepts that were already innate to me. This helped me put into perspective which techniques I use most heavily as well as which I'
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The pedagogical lessons are interesting as a contrast to the more technical grammar lessons. I've been thinking about how to apply this in Brussels, the city I'll be teaching in, and how that will wor
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This unit introduces how to teach listening and reading as receptive skills. They are equally important. How much and how accurately can students understand the content, depend on not only their langu
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Chiawuli Tak
The unit discussed the essential basic grammar of modal verbs, passive voice and phrasal verbs. For modal verbs like can, could, may,might, shall, should, must, have to, have got to, need to, will, w
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this lesson helped me to learn the correct way that student and teachers should behave, I also learn the different way a classroom should be set up and the way we can set up students and the different
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I found this unit extremely interesting as I had not studied these lesson styles before. I especially like that many of these techniques are quite intuitive and I have been using them without knowing!
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Chino Valley
This unit covers evaluation and testing. This was interesting to me as I have not extensively covered this topic in my previous classes in college. From this unit, I have gained a more in depth unders
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This content have outlined almost all the old commonly and the modern audio-visual aids that are used or are supposed to be used in teaching and learning situations, for the efficient realization of i
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Christopher Creek
From this unit, i have learnt that receptive skills are as equally important as the productive skills. In teaching students about receptive skills, we have to equip them with new or unknown words and
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I've learnt that there are quite a few different methods of teaching a student depending on the stage he/she is at with a specific language, ex. English. Probably the most important factor throughout
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course book and material are the most important part for a language because it will guide u through a framework. as well as its not compulsory to keep the students in the few material ,today the inter
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This was a very interesting section, and it makes it clear how important the different aspects of managing the classroom are to the overall success and enjoyment of the students. Teacher flexibility i
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Cienega Springs
In this unit l have learnt about the methodologies in English language and the advantage of English learners who live in English speaking countries. I have also learnt about the different types of met
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Citrus Park
This lesson was a great unit to teach us about certain games we can use to teach speaking and writing. It was interesting to learn that writing is the most neglected skill in the TEFL world. It is i
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Clacks Canyon
Unit 16 explains conditionals and reported speech. This was elaborate and detailed to the point. In my previous college classes, we only covered a general idea of conditional statements; we did not go
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This unit helped me a lot in understanding the classroom management. It gives me an opportunity to widen my knowledge about the different ways on how to discipline, catch the students attention, give
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Clay Springs
As an English teacher we are going to have many different types of students. This unit was a good way to learn about some types of students we will have. This unit was very helpful in giving us tips
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Unit 5 talks about what can make a good teacher and and that you will find your own style of practice after teaching.As a teacher you need to inspire students and to be firm, flexible,in activities a
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Firstly, for most new teachers knowing the grammar is one of the most fear inspiring parts of the job. With all tenses you have to know what it looks like. The past simple tense is the tense you use w
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Colorado City
This unit is extremely useful as I have different type of student as well as class. We served from age 10 - 60, levels from zero to advance (sometimes CEFR C1 student) and individual class to group cl
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in this unit it contains some points of future tenses.i got more ideas about future tense in English minded way.i remember when i learnt English grammar in middle school. we just know that future tens
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This unit provided interesting information about how a teacher may conduct effective teaching in the classroom so as to create an atmosphere that encourages and supports better learning. I thought the
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in this unit provide a general taught about different English learner levels and business English class including the children. a among all these levels ,teaching for very young peoples especially kid
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In my opinion, when it comes to teaching vocabulary, the Presentation stage can include a combination of any of these things; Meaning, spelling, pronunciation, word grammar. When you explain grammar o
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Copper Hill
This unit is very helpful as our institute is using both CD & DVD for student's daily English learning now.The traditional way we are using: we company with students while they are learning the video
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Cordes Lakes
The unit has been brief yet concise. It contained information the teacher needs to have in order plan his lesson very well.I have found it very important as I have learnt that a teacher has to teach v
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After the exhaustion of this unit, i have come to the realization of the fact that i have been introduced to a new field of the English language which had indeed been neglected through the academic in
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A modal verb is a kind of auxiliary verb because its purpose is to help the main verb. You can't just use a modal verb by itself because it doesn't have a great deal of meaning on its own. Modal verb
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Corona de Tucson
This unit was mainly about testing. It had a few ideas for how one could keep track of students' progress without an actual test, but most of the information referred to different types of tests. It
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In unit 15, I’ve learned the three ways to evaluate students: tutorials, evaluation by the students and tests. And the six kinds of tests and the usage of them. The test that our institute conducts
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Unit 13 is about teaching pronunciation, which seems to be the most neglected aspect of English. Many native English speakers find it hard to understand the fall and rise, especially at the end of a s
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This unit it based around theories and techniques of teaching.The approach, method and technique in which they are applied.The unit starts of with previous used methods and techniques and how they wer
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Crystal Beach
English is my second language, and it was good to learn the typical mistakes and errors that I can make since english is my second language. Knowing that will help me to correct myself to be a better
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This unit teaches all teachers not only teachers of English, the most suitable method of planning lessons for learners. The lesson plan format and its diverse components as taught by this unit, when c
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This unit discussed books and material : types, disadvantages, advantages both for the teacher and the student. types include 1. Authentic Materials(real, more interesting, students can gain more conf
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Deer Creek
This unit was useful because it provided more ideas for equipment use than I previously knew. I mostly prefer to use the whiteboard, so after reading about all these other types of equipment we can us
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Del Muerto
The unit is about two ESA demonstration videos. The same lesson was taught twice to the same group of students. The teacher in the first video has made some basic mistakes while the second one is bein
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So you get the job and the students enrol on your course, ready to get started? When you select information to teach in your lesson, you need to think about what level the students are at and how we
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Desert Hills
The content is helpful because it provides basic but important information for effective teaching and learning. I learnt that a teacher should focus more on helping students to learn. She can do this
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