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Golden Valley
After completing this unit I have a knowledge of the receptive skills - reading and listening. I can identify the difference between reading and listening for purpose and reading and listening for ent
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The content of this unit covers teaching special groups, whether multilingual, individually or for business. The same methods apply, just like if it we a normal class except that with business English
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Goodyear Village
This unit is very important because it gives the very important about reading and writing and it help the teacher and the student to be able to identify the different between reading and writing
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Grand Canyon Village
This unit discussed modals, the passive voice, and phrasal verbs. As with deep grammar, some of it is much easier to understand than other parts. Most of this grammar will not be taught in a direct
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Grand Canyon West
There are three different tenses in English: the past, the present and the future. Each of these tenses has four aspects: simple, continuous, perfect and perfect continuous. This gives us tenses such
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This unit introduces the equipment and resources teachers can use in classes. Among the equipment mentioned, I am using whiteboard, OHP, computer, video camera (actually in my smartphone), worksheets,
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Green Valley
Lesson plans are an important part of preparing for your students. It gives the teacher a way to plan for the class, it provides a document for reference, and it helps to record your teachings. As w
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This unit was very helpful in describing methods of managing your class, establishing rapport within said class and ways in which you can prevent problematic behavior and discipline any students causi
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Gu Oidak
I have to say this is another the most important course for Chinese English teacher, as we know Chinese student get use to the exam-oriented student, and the only way to evaluate their learning result
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This is perhaps the most useful lesson so far for me as I have little experienc ein organized lesson planning. The material in the Unit was useful especially the example lesson plan. I have never used
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Speaking and writing skills are the same important skills as reading and listening. It is always a challenge to start speaking, a lot students are shy and they are afraid of making mistakes. Teachers
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Haigler Creek
In this unit, I have learnt about vocabulary, grammar and function. I have learnt that there are four things that students need to do with new language; be exposed to it, understand it's meaning, und
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Haivana Nakya
This unit discusses teaching English to special groups, such as beginners, individuals, children, and people of business. This lesson offered helpful advice that I will most likely read over in the fu
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Hard Rock
In this unit I have learnt the different types of class. This includes teaching beginners. Beginners students will fall into two or even three categories. We have the absolute beginner, false students
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This unit covers on lesson planning, including purpose, principles and components of a lesson plan, plus a quick checklist before lesson starts. This unit shows us in preparing for a lesson in terms o
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Similarly to the previous unit on receptive skills, the material on productive skills was succinctly discussed. I thought the analysis of speaking and writing skills using accuracy and fluency as the
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In unit 4 , I’ve learnt the four tenses: present simple, present continuous, present perfect , present perfect continuous. And the forms ,usages, teaching ideas of each tense. After the learning , f
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this unit was great lesson for writhing and speaking skills, i learned,those necessary techniques for both principles (writing and speaking) , its clear the speaking is very important than the writing
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I learnt that in this unit there are diffences between learners. we have prepare our lesson well. ?t shouldn't too long our activities. because they get bored very easily.for that reason we should man
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What is a Lesson Plan? A lesson plan is a teachers detailed and semi-detailed description of the course of instruction for a lesson. It is a teacher's guide for running a particular leson and include
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Huachuca City
This unit examines the productive skills, which are speaking and writing. From this lesson, I have learned the difference between accuracy and fluency and when is the most appropriate time to use both
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Hunter Creek
I learned about techniques for dealing with many potentially difficult situations. Some of these include very large classes, students using a lot of their native language, students who are reluctant t
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Icehouse Canyon
In this unit I have learnt that writing of lesson plans has a number of important functions. This includes an aid to planning which says that write down what you expect the students to achieve by the
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Indian Wells
I thought this unit gave a very clear idea of how to create and implement a lesson plan. I learned about different types of lesson planning and the need for flexibility. It also gave clear examples of
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Jakes Corner
The unit was very helpful. I liked the section about conditionals. They are tricky but having watched the lesson I got a better understanding. I also loved the teaching ideas for teaching the conditio
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i learnt in this unit, the value of eye contact and gestures while in the classroom, this helps me to realize that there is a lot more ways to communicate with the students in a subtle and calm way. A
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I found the unit very interesting and I especially found the part about discipline useful as I had an experience this year with a class that was very rowdy and it definitely gave me some pointers on h
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Joseph City
From this unit, it suggested me about how to deliver new vocabulary, grammar and the other language aspects effectively to the students. It also suggested few suitable activities for the lesson and h
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Kachina Village
I learnt detailed analysis of pronunciation which are really useful for becoming a successful teacher here in USA as many employers prefer native speakers to teach English.By practising the taught asp
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The content of this unit basically talks about how we perceive information in light of receptive, productive and even predictive skills and how each is different when reading and listening vs speaking
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This unit 16, is about conditionals, referred to "if" sentences. If this happens, then that happen there are conditionals. Zero conditionals used to talk about situations that are generally or always
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This unit discusses the use of course books and materials and also provides some useful resources. This is a very realistic issue in China, because the available authentic English course books are ver
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In this unit I learned a lot about how to use lesson materials and course books. I also learned about the disadvantages and advantages especially on authentic and created materials. As a teacher, wh
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This unit covers on past tense, and do require more time to digest, to understand its usage correctly. We’ve been using various tenses in our lifetime without full understanding of these, and to tea
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Keams Canyon
This unit discusses the equipment and teaching aids used in the classroom. Although seemingly a bit outdated, this was helpful because a lot of classroom still have these equipments. However, technolo
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It teaches that an English should be able to distinguish between mistakes and errors so to be able to professionally correct them without demotivating or demoralizing the student in question. It again
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This was a very difficult section; as a native speaker I had really taken for granted how complicated the tenses are! Having to learn four different ways of speaking just for the present tense, and un
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Kino Springs
In this unit, I have learnt about receptive skills which are reading and listening. This unit focus on reason for reading & listening, the number of specialist skills when reading or listening, proble
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This unit is about Evaluation and Testing for people learning to communicate in English. There are 3 ways to assess a students language level. These are by tutorials, evaluation by students and tests.
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Ko Vaya
This unit gives me some new information about first lessons. The warmers are good ideas to make a lesson more attractive for the students to participate. Also in the first lesson it's important to mak
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This unit covers on how to teach productive skills of speaking and writing. It is similar with the previous unit, where it presents the problems that one can face, and how it is overcome with lesson o
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Kohls Ranch
This unit have greatly teach me about methodologies in English language and the advantage of English learners who live in English speaking countries. I have learn about the different types of metho
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This unit covers present tense, which has categories such as present simple , present continuous, present progressive, present perfect and other grammar points. Using forms such as affirmative, negati
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Kykotsmovi Village
future tense is not a very difficult grammar point compare with past tense, however student will easily confuse with future continuous and I think it's very difficult to explain the meaning or the usa
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La Paz Valley
This unit teaches conditional sentences and reported sentences. These are both categories in English that are unique and difficult for non-native speakers. Though, arguably, even native speakers wou
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Lake Havasu City
This unit gave a helpful bird's eye view of the use of a course book while teaching English. They have several advantages, especially if you are a new teacher, and IF the teacher is able to adapt the
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Lake Montezuma
This unit has specified the teaching methods and techniques clearly, especially about the teaching plan. The ESA (Engage, Study, Active) lesson plan is clear and there are varieties of lesson plans t
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Lazy Y U
This unit went over the basics of speaking and writing. They are the productive skills of a language. They have different challenges than reading and listening from the previous section mainly becau
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This unit number 14, is about course books and lesson materials. Some teachers seem to find them useful and others don't. Teachers generally create their own material to add or supplement the course b
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In this unit I learnt the 3 ways to evaluate students; 1. tutorials 2. Evaluation by students (this promotes genuine interaction, and develops great awareness) 3. Test (placement test, diagnostics tes
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