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Sacate Village
This unit explains the multiple types of equipment that is available to teachers. I understand that these equipments are used to make lessons more interesting, effective and less reliance on text book
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This unit covered the various parts of speech, including some that I, as a native English speaker, hadn’t been taught before. For example, my classrooms never discussed gerunds or countable vs uncou
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Sacaton Flats Village
When I first started this unit, I was a bit overwhelmed. Like many of the other units, I already knew how to use each part of speech/tense but didn't have the terminology to describe it. It seemed lik
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This unit introduced plenty of EFL theories, methods and techniques. I found the ESA method very useful. During my previous teaching, I actually have used some elements of ESA, but I wasn't aware of s
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I personally think that receptive skills which are listening and reading are very important. Very often students face problems when they listen to native speakers, because it is very difficult to unde
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This unit discusses teaching special groups, such a beginners, young learners, business clients, and multilingual/monolingual groups. This unit is highly relevant to my teaching experience, since I ha
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In this lesson I learned the key factors / components to apply when managing classes. We looked at how a teacher should first arrange the classroom so that it best suits his/her teaching tactics as we
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San Carlos
This unit has an outlined description of the ways to evaluate students. I understand the different types of tests to be done and when. These tests include placement tests, progress tests and practice
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San Jose
The unit demonstrated the importance of lesson planning which are: an aid to planning, a working document, a record. Basic principle of lesson planning are; keep it simple, structure it, write an anti
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San Luis
It was a good course, though I feel like more information should have been given as this could help teachers who are inexperienced. I personally haven't gained a much from this course except realizing
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San Manuel
In this unit, I have learnt about pronunciation, phonology, intonation, techniques for indicating and teaching intonation, how to identify the stressed words or syllable, techniques for indicating and
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San Miguel
In this unite I have learned that grammar is an important area in English .It also teaches me the various parts of speech such as nouns and the different types of nouns , for example, common, prope
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San Simon
n this unit, I have learnt about the common problem situations that teaches can encounter in the classroom and ways of dealing with them. This includes the first lesson were a teacher will be faced w
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San Tan Valley
As someone who works with all age groups, I was able to form a more organized mental image of my students' ability levels after learning about the breakdown of each stage of learning. I was also able
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For this section I felt I learned about the emotional climate of a productive of a classroom. When given examples of ESA and the importance of starting out warm, keeping the fun, or monitoring without
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Santa Cruz
In this unit I've learned a lot about all the present tenses and how they should be used. There is also a lot of examples in this unit that show how to handle with errors that students might have. E.g
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Santa Rosa
Tense system is really important in learning English language and it is probably easy to make errors for the non native speakers. There are four present tenses such as present simple, present continuo
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This unit covers on classroom management, allowing me to pinpoint the improvements I need to make in a teaching environment, and hopefully my English teaching career. This is a very extensive unit tha
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Reading and listening are equally important and it's important to remember because some students may prefer one or the other. The most important thing I have learned is that as a teacher I should sele
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It was completely new piece of knowledge for me, I was very excited to learn about how to manage a class. starting with how to manage and positively use my gestures, down to how to arrange the class.
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Seba Dalkai
This unit is full of grammatical points that are use most in productive skill i.e.Speaking.It explains really minutely the subtle difference among uses of commonly used modals like may,could, must, mi
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Second Mesa
From this unit I learnt that though covered in teching a language,there are intensive aspects like receptive skills and productive skills to be taught separately and that too with segments of speaking
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This unit discusses teaching speaking and writing as productive skills. Some teachers believe that students will do what the teacher asks them to do when practicing speaking, as this is a class requir
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Lesson planning and the use of ESA techniques are fundamentally a vital part of the initial process of teaching a new language. To include: Grammar, various vocabulary lessons, and role playing with w
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I believe that a teacher play a very important role for students who want to learn a foreign language. Teachers have a very important mission and it is not really easy to teach languages, because we h
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This is a fun unit. The content is as simple as it appears and no one should have any trouble, as there are keywords to follow. There is nothing intimidating about this present tenses at all. I haven'
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Seven Mile
In this unit, I have learnt about books and materials, and that these materials are divided into two groups. Authentic materials is about anything a native speaker read can be described as authenti
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In unit 18, I’ve learned the modal auxiliary verbs and the passive voice , as well as the phrasal verbs and relative clauses. After the learning of this unit, I have a farther understand on the mod
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We learned about a students ability to register certain vocabulary based on similarities to ones own language, to english words already known, spelling and pronunciation, appropriacy. Also different t
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Show Low
This unit is so very important to both the teacher and the student studding the English language in the English speaking country and learning the language for order use in the future. This unit i
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Sierra Vista
After reading through and completing this unit I feel I have an understanding of lesson planning. I know why lesson planning is important but so is being flexible and to keep it simple. I feel I now h
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Sierra Vista Southeast
Every teacher has his own teaching style with different personality. In order to manage the class effectively, a teacher should be flexible to the changes of the activities and situations. The unit di
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Six Shooter Canyon
The system and structure of the past tenses are similar to the present tenses. Except the past tenses are related with past times. The unit discussed about past simple, past continuous, past perfect a
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In this unit i learnt the value of being organised when preparing a lesson plan. This includes checking your lesson plan, the materials if needed and equipment(keep them in reachable place), arrange t
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This unit introduces the skills for lesson planning, and also shows examples of activities that can be used in an ESA lesson. I like to be organized and well-planned with my classes, so I have done so
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The content of this unit talks about advantages and disadvantages of materials used, for learning English such as authentic and course material. Material which proves useful and isn't necessarily usef
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I want to start the unit reflection by stating that the two classes have been very different regarding their atmosphere, the speed/complexity/clarity of the teacher and the teaching style. Watching th
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This unit, covers English grammar, speech and commonly needed areas of it. It covers structures of basic sentence, speech, grammar and the position of them. Using noun, verbs articles vowels, preposit
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South Komelik
in this unit,l have learnt about the conditionals and reported speech. I have learnt that conditionals are sentences containing "if" or similar expressions such as when which refers to past past prese
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South Tucson
I learned that there are different skills for understanding context, and as a teacher, it is important to promote those skills among students. Listening and understanding can be especially difficult f
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Spring Valley
In unit one I've learned that a teacher has many ways of teaching like: monitoring, managing, participating and modelling. If I refer back to when I was in school, I see the different techniques that
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this unit was a good guideline for direct and indirect speech which are the most important of English language ,but its a little difficult to figure out the all sequences with few knowledge ,but it ne
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St. David
In this unit, I've learnt some traditional methodologies such as Grammar-translation, Audio-lingualism, PPP, Task-Based Learning and also the very important meth "ESA", I think teaching method is very
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St. Johns
The unit discussed future tenses. There are seven common future tenses which are the future simple, the future continuous, the future perfect, the future perfect continuous,the present simple,the pre
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St. Michaels
Equipment is more and more important in nowadays ESL teaching, especially we can use lots of electronic products such as video player, Ipad to play video or games with student, I think if we use this
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The unit material was clearly outlined in the introductory paragraphs with the categorisation of authentic and created materials. I thought the bullet points used to briefly describe the advantages an
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Star Valley
This unit touches on the topic of future tenses. These tenses are considerably the most complex ones of the english tense system as many different and ideas can be used with future meanings. As i was
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This unit covers on teaching various groups other than general adults and its methodologies. We were introduced to teaching beginners, individuals (one-to-one), children and business English, plus a s
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Stotonic Village
This unit is very important and helpful to any teacher or a student studying the English language especially in any English language speaking country. This unit help the understanding of the part
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In unit 8, I have learned the several tenses for expressing the future tenses. Of course the forms, the usages, and teaching ideas are very useful for teaching. However, for me, after the learning, I
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