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This unit continues on with tenses, covering seven types of future tenses, including two types of present tense that can be applied in future sense. Once again, it requires a very clear mind to differ
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This unit gave useful ideas and tips on how to deal with difficult situations in the class. Establishing rapport is the focus of the very first class. Working in pairs and using role-play can help shy
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Sun City
In this unit, I learnt how and under what circumstances the tense or grammar point is used. I have gone through activities which encourage communicative use of the tense or grammar point during the ac
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Sun City West
I found this unit simple, yet at the same time difficult. It was easy in the sense that many things come naturally to me in the classroom and I thought they were common sense. For example, the uses of
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Sun Lakes
In this unit, I have learned that there's a way to be a good teacher. That as a good teacher, you need to kind,really love teaching,lively and entertaining,be able to motivate his or her learners,has
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Sun Valley
I learned that lesson planning is not a good idea as it creates a more fixed, teacher centered lesson. It is true at some point because classroom is full of un expected moments however it is very diff
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In this unit the topics are managing the classroom. The importance of eye contact, gestures and voice control and volume. I find using names of the students can build rapport with them and that you ha
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When students are able to listen, speak, read and write in English, they feel a real sense of achievement. When you teach listening skills, it pays to remember that it takes most students a little ti
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As I go through the units, I realised how much I'm better in practice than in theory. As I was reading, I was thinking of activities that I could do with beginner students and even professionnals that
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The second lesson has been more effective and the student confidently participated due to high level of rapport the teacher established before the actual lesson began. in the first lesson, the teache
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Apart from the fact that most teachers like to put their own stamp on a lesson, other reasons may make it necessary for you to tinker with the material the course book presents. One is that course b
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Sweet Water Village
Is question 5 supposed to be "presenting new language -structures-?" I found this to be another more relaxed unit for me. It provided a great opportunity to review the different types of ESA lesson p
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Swift Trail Junction
This unit was all about the different equipment that can be used in class. It ranged from cassettes to overhead projectors to online resources. All of these items can be helpful, depending on the ag
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In unit 11, I have learned the skills of reading and listening. And the ways of solving the language difficulty of teaching. The most impressive part for me is that when we are listening or reading, w
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Tanque Verde
This unit is very important to an English teacher and anyone studying the English language for better understanding of the language. This unit explain very well all the parts of the future tense li
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Tat Momoli
This is a very important unit because it bring out the different type of speech and they are use in different part of speech in the English language. This unit also help the English language te
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I have been teaching English for few years and I noticed that students find conditionals and reported speech the most difficult topics in English grammar. Talking about conditionals, it is very import
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Teec Nos Pos
Teaching grammar to a non-native language user has always been a challenge for the teacher but this unit teaches really unique way of teaching tenses. Most used tenses are kinds of present tenses.I le
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Tees Toh
I learnt about two phases,receptive skills and productive skills that a student has to acquire to learn a language well. Good analysis of receptive skills, reading's purpose and that for entertainment
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Unit one covers the topics of different student levels and age groups for these levels, with different reasons as to what focus,ability and motivation that drives the students to study. It also has di
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Nowadays, communication between humans become extremely complex and an ever-changing situation, but there are some generalizations that we can do about the majority of communicative events and these
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I found the material in this unit approachable because the material covered similar information to that presented in unit 3 on ESA teaching methodology. I thought the categorisation of the English lan
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Three Points
This unit for me is extremely important as I used to have structure-less class. I have to say at the first beginning students really loved my class and I was proud of myself as well, however, students
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Tolani Lake
The unit discussed the materials used in the classroom which are divided into two groups: authentic materials and created materials. Authentic materials are up-to-date and from the real world. They ar
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This Unit was extremely useful to me. It let me see all the teaching techniques in action and class organization methods in a real class. It has also helped to see which errors I have to avoid during
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This lesson included a comparison between a rushed, unorganized, poorly prepared and maybe inexperienced teacher in the first video and a calm, clear and collective, organized one in the second video.
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This unit covers on how to teach intonation, stress and pronunciation. This is particular a new unit as not all native English speakers would know these simply by speaking it daily, the knowledge seen
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in this unit I have learned the lesson plan writing and lesson plan procedures ,its quite important for an English teacher to summarize /his/her thinking in a special format, to create an interested l
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Tonto Basin
In this unit, I've learnt lots of very useful knowledge and kills with class management, especially when I have group class, details such and my own behaviors, gestures, interaction with students and
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Tonto Village
The unit has been helpful.It has taught me to revise my management skills and made me realised that there is no fixed way to manage a class therefore as a teacher you need to be pro-active, circumspec
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Some teachers like working with course books, some teachers don't. Some teachers are more artistically inclined and can easily create their own materials while other teachers may prefer to use what th
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It was really fruitful unit and full of new ways to teach English. The part with the biggest importance for me, was the part of how to teach new language structure. Starting with the engage phase, usi
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This unit lesson is understanding and usage of functions new introduction of Vocabulary, grammatical structures. They include techniques and methods of how to teach and incorporate student's expectati
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Some students have goals other than higher education and need a more general qualification which they can show to employers or use as a landmark for their progress in learning English. In this case th
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In unit 6, l have learned the four tenses : the past simple, the past continuous, the past perfect and the past perfect continuous. And the forms , usages, teaching ideas of each tense. When I watched
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This unit opened up a new perspective and involved a lot of creative, fun, and interesting ideas for teaching. ESA (engage, study, and Activate) is simple and creative approach to teaching and i belie
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Tuba City
Under past tense, we have: past simple, past continuous, past perfect and past perfect continuous. Past simple when taking about a completed past action. Past continuous is used when an action is in p
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This unit discussed the common problems teachers may encounter in classes. In fact, I was faced with most of the issues. A common issue with large classes of young learners is reluctant students, as t
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When students learn English they have to know about phrasal verbs. It is always difficult to understand native speakers because they like to use phrasal verbs. There are three groups of these verbs bu
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Tucson Estates
I liked the unit because it has reminded me of the important basics but also important practices of a teacher in a class. For example, the information about the board work got my attention because I h
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Teaching New Language Teaching new language could be fun and enjoyable. It won't matter if your class of beginners is composed of adults or kids, because there will be a world of new material that
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Turkey Creek
From this unit I understand the modal auxiliary verbs, passive voice and active voice and relative clauses however, had difficulty understanding the phrasal verbs to begin with. Being a native english
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Around the world there are thousands of languages, each with its own grammatical system. This means that students can easily get it wrong when they try to put words together to make a sentence in Engl
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Upper Santan Village
After dealing with terms like 'perfect' and 'continuous' for previous grammar units, I am beginning to become very comfortable using them. That is, bit by bit they have made more sense to me, and now
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This unit taught me a lot about how to build up a class efficiently. The various teaching methods are going to be very valuable for my future classes, as the importance of the concept of ESA has been
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There a lot of ways to express future in English, that`s why the future is one of the most complex areas of the English language. I think that it is very important to explain the differences between a
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Vaiva Vo
reading and writing are so important for Chinese student that we have spent thousands of hours to practice. Student always ask us how can they improve their input skills such as reading and writing, d
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Valencia West
First I did not know that reading and listening are a receptive skills and speaking and writing are productive skills. When I read or listen, I do not think about the there are five different speciali
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Although most teachers obtain some training in teaching general English in class, there's woefully little available in advice and support for teachers making the transition into one-to-one and busines
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This unit covers on various types of teaching materials and course books. It opens up to us that we can utilize a lot of things around us, and apply them in our lessons, as long as we are careful in o
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