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I learnt that in this un?t. there are many teaching equipments. I learnt that how to use board effectively. such as we should avoid unnecessary capitalisation.there are advantages and disadvantages of
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i learnt the importance of grammatical structures: meaning of the word, how to use, forms/ patters and spoken and written form of words. Also what students need to know about a vocabulary, which is 1.
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Ak Chin
In this unit I have learned a lot about how to use gestures, my voice and the importance of eye contact. e.g. that gestures can reduce the verbal explanation. I was quiet surprised about that! Also th
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Ak-Chin Village
Unit reflection: Write a brief overview of the content of this unit and what you feel that you have learnt from it. If stating an opinion you will need to give reasons. This section is not graded but
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Alamo Lake
The unit was very informative.I have learnt that not all material are good for my students. Even if they are from a reputable company because most books are written for a general group of students but
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Ali Chuk
This unit has provided me with a strong idea of the qualities a teacher must possess in order to have successful students. These qualities include confidence and sensitivity. As well as the important
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Ali Chukson
This unit teaches me about the productive skills: speaking and writing. It also teaches me that while speaking and writing are substantially different in many ways, they both are used for some purpose
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Ali Molina
I learned that the future has similarities to past and present tenses, but can also be mixed with them as well. There are more future tenses than present or past tenses with a variety of different mea
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This unit covers on modal auxiliary verbs, passive voice, relative clauses and phrasal verbs. Again, these are vital grammar components that native English speakers uses daily, and need to be taught i
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Unit 7 is about teaching new language, vocabulary, grammar and functions. To understand there meaning, construction, and to practice and produce it. You can apply the ESA method to teach new language,
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From this unit, I gained knowledge about the qualities that a ‘good’ teacher should have, the different roles of a teacher and the importance of each role, the qualities of a ‘good’ learner, t
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Unit 17 is about teaching aids, equipment. Generally found in classrooms are white boards/ Iwb's, over head projectors, which are often hard to use. Visual aids, work sheets and work cards, cassette r
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Sentences beginning with 'if' are conditional. They are always in two clauses, showing that one situation is dependent on another. A clause always contains a subject word and verb. We use zero conditi
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Apache Junction
This unit reviewed over classroom teacher/student etiquette. The most helpful part of this section for me was learning how a teacher should discipline and maintain order in a classroom. For instance r
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first of all in this lesson I learn that students that are living in an English speaking country have more opportunity that the ones that don't live in one, Second of all I learn the different techniq
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Arivaca Junction
My Anotation: 1,reasons for L&R: purposes and entertainment. 2,understanding: predictive skills, scanning, skimming, locating details, deduction. 3,maintain the balance between pre-teaching and unknow
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Arizona City
In this unit, I have learnt how to examine the modal auxiliary verbs and the passive voice as well as a brief overview of phrasal verbs and relative clauses. The modal's are can, could, might ,should
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Arizona Village
Teaching skills and methods were enhanced in unit 7, I've learnt the general teaching method in Unit 3, in this unit, ESA teaching method as well as other teaching method have been reviewed with the p
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Understanding the differences between adults and younger students are crucial to teaching because it will allow the teacher to better adapt to the class; - What level of English do the student have?
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Ash Fork
The ESA format makes a lot of sense. Getting students to be excited about learning through the Engage part of the class is great for any age group. Study is important but shouldn't be part of the enti
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Conditionals and Reported Speech are both relatively complex topics, which can be difficult for ESL students. Some students may confuse the First and Second or the Third and Mixed conditionals. A lot
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Avra Valley
In this unit, I have learnt about productive skills which are speaking and writing, difference between accuracy and fluency activities, types of speaking activities in the class, techniques to encoura
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I learnt that there are 2 important basic skills in learning a language 1.repetive skill (reading and listening) 2.productive skill (speaking and writing)and the various reasons for reading and listen
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I have never known the importance of planning a lesson. Knowing how to plan one was completely new to me. I think a good lesson plan will help me make the perfect use of time in the class. I agree wit
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Bear Flat
This unit has shown me how the teachers attitude towards the class can affect the students learning and understanding. I have been given clear examples of what shouldn't be done and can confidently id
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Beaver Dam
I learned that there are some special types of classes which will require their own special teaching styles. Beginners need a lot more visual learning and for everything to be clear and simple. One-on
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Beaver Valley
This unit reviewed over teaching pronunciation and phonology. I am unsure how many people in the world use phonology. However this will only be my second time to ever see it. While in France my profes
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Now I know which activities are best suitable for encouraging new vocabulary in every phase, as well as some techniques for encouraging new language structures in each phase. It will be useful to reme
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Unit is about evaluation and the testing of special groups. There are different ways of evaluating students levels and progress. some are common external exams that you might need to prepare your stud
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As I watched the video, it helped me to understand the importance of being a lively, nice teacher and knows how to use techniques in order to improve the lesson in the classroom. If a teacher is talki
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Bitter Springs
It has been very easy to study this unit as it's not that much different from the present tenses.However, the questions were very tricky. I have found that the questions are ( unintentionally) testin
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Black Canyon City
This unit was all about the different types of classes we may get as teachers. It ranges from the ideas of levels, such as beginners, to children to business employees. Each group of students will h
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In this chapter we've learned that there are four basic skills in any language that a professor needs to pay attention to when teaching. These are receptive skills such as reading and listening, and p
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In unit 12, I have learned the skills of speaking and writing and the techniques of teaching them. The most impressive part for me is about the creative speaking activity. I used to correct my studen
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I think that nowadays teachers have all possibilities to create interesting lessons. Teachers should be creative. There are a lot of different course books and teachers can use them but they should al
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The content of this course talks about the future tenses system. Something that can have so many different meanings in relation to the future, with and without predictions. Something that is used, eve
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This unit discussed four kinds of past tenses. I am familiar with the content, since I have been teaching grammar to my students. It is easy for them to confuse the past perfect and present perfect te
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This is a very important unit this exam because it bring about many things which is very important to the teacher and to the student who wish to study the English language in another country and
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This unit discussed four kinds of present tenses. I have taught them to my students. For elementary school kids, they only study present simple and present continuous. Middle school students will stud
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This is officially the last unit. I've made it :D I love the idea of the warmers. I can only remember when I was a toddler and went to school on a rainy day (exactly like it is written) and the first
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Bullhead City
This unit is very important to am English teacher and a student learning English because it gives light to all most all the departments of classroom management . like for example the Eye contact,gestu
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I love the fact that it is mentioned that we should make test to know how the students feel about the exercices done in the class. I am a strong believer in getting feedback from people because it sho
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In my opinion, Teaching languages should be regarded as a never-ending experiment for both teacher and students, with both parties intensely interested in the outcome. There is the simple fact that a
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Cactus Flats
The concepts in this lesson was very difficult for me to grasp. The most interesting part of this lesson was finding out which official names correlated with which verbage is used. Present simple uses
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Cactus Forest
The unit discussed conditionals and reported speech. It analyzed conditions in aspects of forms, usages and typical mistakes. There are zero conditional, first conditional, second conditional, third c
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The content of this unit gives an in-depth view of the productive skills, which started with speaking and writing, followed by classroom games necessary for the enhancement of the two mentioned produc
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Camp Verde
This unit deals with classroom management. I learned a basic understanding of how to organize and manage a classroom. This section has done well in guiding one to prepare for managing a classroom; how
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Campo Bonito
I learned that there are many different teaching aids that can be used in the classroom. Some are used for similar things, for example, an overhead projector, whiteboard, and interactive whiteboard ca
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Cane Beds
In this unit, I have learnt about different types of beginners’ classes, methodology & techniques of teaching beginners, possible problems which may arise from teaching beginners, how to create moti
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Canyon Day
Not only the students but also the teachers lack confidence in phonology study because there is no standard on it thus we find it very complicated and intimidating. However, the argument could also ap
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