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Valle Vista
It was one of the most difficult unit for me. Maybe it is English is my second language, and my professors did not teach pronunciation as well as they should it. Pronunciation is what make me feel unc
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This unit is very important in many ways because it bring out different part in the English language which can be used in the classroom and also help the teacher to be able to teach very with
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Verde Village
In this unit, I have learnt that there are four basic skills in any language; receptive skills-reading and listening and productive skills- speaking and writing. All of them are important and whereve
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This unit introduces grammar about conditionals and reported speech. These two can be very confusing to students, because students need to pay attention to verb tenses. In China, such grammar classes
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in this unit the most parts of classroom equipment described explicitly and gives a good description ,which was very effective for TEFL teachers to arm ,his/herself for new technology acknowledges, an
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Wagon Wheel
In this unit, I've learnt that twelve tenses exist and it is practical to consider that there are three different times in English (tense means time). We have, the past,the present and the future and
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Wahak Hotrontk
This unit focuses on the basic skills in a language, specifically the receptive skills: reading and listening. From this lesson, I am able to incorporate receptive skills in my lesson plan. Although t
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Wall Lane
In this unit, I watched two lesson videos. In the first lesson, -the students are confused. They are not given a clear explanation of the lesson point (modal auxiliary verbs) so find it hard to unders
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Walnut Creek
The unit discussed teaching special groups. For beginner students, we as teachers should adapt our approach to them and it also introduced some tips of teaching different kind of beginners. Teaching i
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Washington Park
I did not know that there are so many methods and techniques to teach. I liked the ESA method. I had learned English in USA using this method (I just recognized it after studying this unit), and it wo
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Planning a lesson is crucial for an unexperienced teacher. Evidently, it is not possible to plan every minute of a class, but it is good to be prepared and still be ok when plans change. I have learnt
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Wellton Hills
This unit is very important to am English language teacher to understand all the departments of the lesson plan and how to draw the lesson plan so that the student will understand very easy. THIS
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I learnt that why and when we have to use reported speech. and also I learnt when we are going to teach ?f clause sentences where students will make mistakes. I learnt that how many ?f clauses sentenc
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Wet Camp Village
This unit teaches two of four basic skills in language learning - reading and listening. The unit discusses the basic "how-to" skills of reading and listening, such as skimming, scanning, deduction,
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I learned a lot from unit 2. It gives me many ideas about my future learning methods and also corrects previous methods I have done to my students. I just heard about ESA method and I do want to apply
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The information of this unit helped me to understand that teachers need to be aware of many details about students and class management and make good use of them in the class. This unit will help me t
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Whispering Pines
In this unit I learn the importance of vocabulary. As a teacher we have to be able to choose the best vocabulary for the students. We also have to know the best way to teach them this vocabulary. W
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White Hills
In this unit, I have learnt that there are different ways of evaluating students levels, as well as some of the common external exams. This includes tutorial, evaluation by the students and test. I ha
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White Mountain Lake
This unit was about how to troubleshoot potential problems that may arise in the class. This whole unit presents preventative ideas, meaning that as a teacher we should do certain things to potential
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In unit 12, I have learned the importance of pronunciation, the techniques of being used to indicate intonation and stress, and the place ,manner and techniques of articulation. As pronunciation is al
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This unit introduces three ways of assessment for teachers to evaluate students' language level and progress, as well as different types of tests for English learners. I am familiar with these methods
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I have the impression that I understand better the past tenses than the present tenses because I find them easier. I would need to know my grade on this unit to be certain that I understood it better.
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Unit 6 covers past tense, which relates to past time periods,how verbs,auxiliary verbs, are changing verbs, changing sentencance structures, usage, and how they fit into form, also covers how regular,
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Wide Ruins
In this unit, I learned that the ESA, or engage, study, activate technique, is often considered the most effective way to teach English as a foreign language. In this technique, you first engage the s
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Even though some theorists question the need for the lesson planning because it can potentially make classes too teacher-oriented and not flexible enough, it can be very difficult for inexperienced te
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I happen to be a person of advanced English to non-native English speakers, according to friends within the Philippines. I have learned that despite the perception of my English, there are many differ
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This unit allows me to learn about how to make a better learning plan. This may be useful for a me as a TEFL teacher as this may increase my confidence in front the class. Lesson planning helps me to
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There are many differences between the first and the second video. In the first lesson, the teacher doesn't seem to care about the students' learning path. He doesn't adapt to the level of the student
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This unit introduces grammar about modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice. Many students find it difficult to distinguish so many different modal verbs, especially when they carry different meanings
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Willow Canyon
Aha...! Series of wonderful innovative units comes to an end with this overview writing.Like all other units,this one too equips a teacher well for teaching from the entry level like how to teach firs
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Willow Valley
This unit is very important that it bring out the different phonetic scripts and help both the teacher and the student to be able to be perfect in their pronunciation of worlds and how to have co
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Window Rock
As I mentioned in unit 4, grammar for Chinese student is not the most difficult part (especially in exam-oriented class and education), however most of Chinese student don't know the real meaning or u
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In this unit both lessons was good ,but in the first lesson the main concept of the lesson wasn't clear so the student got confused , and also we can call the engage stage was in advance ,but the stud
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This unit 19 covers the different types of language teaching used nationally. This approach that a teacher might use when teaching individual/ one on one student instead of groups of students, from yo
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Winslow West
I learnt from this unit how planning a lesson helps a lot of course to an unexperienced teacher rather. Though experienced teachers need not feel to plan a lesson,there are some advantages like having
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I enjoyed this unit because I finally felt I got to see the impact of the units leading up to this one; especially unit two. Understanding the flow of a lesson plan and how that looks in a classroom i
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First of all I want to thanks all of you who gave that opportunity and prepared a such perpect lesson course. I learnt a lot of things in your course. I can't explained how I am feeling now. I so happ
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Reading is one of the key skills in language learning. It reinforces skills students acquire in speaking, listening and writing. You can help students develop a host of sub-skills through activities a
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This unit covers on how we as teachers can assess students’ learnings through various methods, with a detailed introduction into different usages of various types of tests. This is not a long unit,
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Unit 7 focuses on the subject of teaching new languages to students and covers not only methods one may employ while teaching their students, but also factors that may affect how easily (or difficult)
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The two videos are distinctively different, the most important factor I learnt is the attitude of the teacher pays a major impact on the lesson and increases the students interest, focus and participa
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this unit was the most important and very difficult for language pronunciation,and pronunciation teaching skills . this part of linguistic need more deep study in language phonology,and more practices
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The first lesson was somewhat painful for me to watch because my empathy level is relatively high and you could feel its awkward atmosphere. However, looking more attentively you could see in the eyes
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As I learnt from unit 7, now I understand that both receptive and productive skills are important. Previously I thought receptive skills are important only for my passive English and productive skills
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