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Unit 13 is about teaching pronunciation, which seems to be the most neglected aspect of English. Many native English speakers find it hard to understand the fall and rise, especially at the end of a sentence. This covers the international phonemic alphabet, which aid in pronunciation practice. One phoneme represents one sound and then no interest in the spelling , were now the concern becomes with the sound to produce the word and one symbol. Then this unit talks about voiced and unvoiced phonemes vibration, vowels and consonants. Traditional spelling to phonemic spelling, then covers manor of articulation, plosives, affricates, fricatives and how they are applied in our vocal tract and how they sound voiced and unvoiced. This also relates to nasal as well as the glottis, palate, mouth, teeth, tongue, air flow, sounds are produced. Followed by intonation, stress used in sentence , statements also using, rise and fall / fall and rise, or a flat not interested pattern. Connective speech is another topic where it joins thing together, or changing sound and extra lettering. Giving you a better understanding on how they all work together.