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It was quite interesting to view them both. I had a good laugh at the first one. We can start at the beginning, video 1: no introduction either of him self or of the students, while in the second movie he told his name and made sure to greet them with their names, making them all feel included. Then for the first movie, he just went strait in an talked about necessary things, without them actually knowing this word, and they where quite confused. So for the second movie he had ahead of time written things on the board so he wouldn't spend any lesson time on that. He seemed more relaxed in the second movie and ready to teach and properly explain what needed to be done, as in the first he blamed them for not paing attention and he seemed agitated about it. He also laugh in the first one when they did a mistake, so they felt quite humiliated. You will not have students to answer if you humiliate them. The task he had for them was also given without any further explanation and with very short time limit, this is bad plaining from the teachers side, because we are more or less in charge to make sure there is enough time for everything. The game at then end, from the first movie, he made the statement that he liked better the other team. That's really bad, for a teacher to say. And the game for the second movie was better because it involved everyone at all times, because the all went around and talked to each other, whiles the first movie with the end game, they had to wait in turn. In the end of first movie he also just said goodbye and left, in quite a rude way, while in the second he said good bye but stayed there, perhaps until they left.