How To Pronounce 'BIOCOASTAL' | Ask Linda! | Pronunciation


In this episode, Linda takes on the pronunciation of the word "bicoastal". Enjoy the episode!

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As I stated as a previous unit, I was allowing students to speak a lot of their own language. I must stop now. Overall, I was very happy to take this unit because what I was doing and how I was doing was very close to this course materials. I am extremely happy that I could have a chance to know about it. This definitely helped me to have more confidence in teaching.The future tense surprised me. I was not aware of going to future or present simple/present continuous. Both of these were a real surprise. It inspired some curiosity as to whether tenses allow for greater complexity of thought or not. If some languages have a greater amount of tenses than they may have a greater ability to describe their relationship with the world.