Ask Linda How To Pronounce "Jinni"


In this episode, Linda takes on the pronunciation of the word "jinni". Enjoy the episode! Linda is a German/American ITTT alumna, teaching English in South Korea. Be sure to like and share this video if you find it helpful.

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This unit was about lesson planning. It discusses the importance if teachers planning their lessons but also keeping an open mind and allowing for flexibility in their lessons. It is good to keep a record of what the students learn each class but it is also good to go with the flow. The lesson plan should include objectives, materials, timing, phases, and procedures.This unit gives terse information about present tense, including present simple, present continuous, present perfect and present perfect continuous. Each of them is described througt 5 aspects: form, usage, typical students errors and describes some teaching ideas for activate stage. In my opinion typical students errors item need to be more complete and explicit.