English Lesson - Present Perfect Continuous


In this video lesson the teacher covers the present perfect continuous tense. Iban starts the lesson with a memory game to help get the students engage in the lesson and thinking and speaking in English. He then goes on to present his lesson on the present prefect continuous tense before finishing the lesson with activities to get the students to use the language they have learned.

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This unit taught me different ways to assess a student's language level and progress. Specifically, practice test should be given in the format and structure of the external examination that the students seeks to take. Additionally, progress test can be in the form of informal group activities and games. I also leaned the differences between each external examination.This unit explains parts of speech which is important to structure a good sentences.such as nouns,verbs,adjectives , adverbs ,pronouns as well as comparative and superlative, gerunds , infinitives ..I would like to see, want to be, time to leave, told me not to clean, to eat Adjoins or extends sentences.e.g. ‘They were running(gerund) to make the bus on time’