Me vs I | English Grammar | Ask Linda!


We usually understand the difference of these two words but when they're used in one sentence, things can get tricky and errors are made. Take this sentence: When you are in Hawaii, can you send a postcard to Anna and I? But that's wrong. If we take ?Anna? out of the sentence, it sounds weird, doesn't it? No one would say ?send something to I'. 'I' is the pronoun for subjects and is not used for objects. That?s why 'me' is correct. When you are in Hawaii, can you send a postcard to Anna and me? Next time make sure whether you are talking about a subject or an object. That's it for today! See you next time!

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This unit has opened my eyes for things I've been doing subconsciously in my class. But I've learned some things that needed to be done during a class as well like using the name at the end of a question and not intruding the groups activities and only monitoring them and make sure that everyone is following the instructions and participating and make notes upon thatThis unite has helped me in understanding of what the teachers need to learn. This will help in preventing repeating in the future. This unite also helped in determination of where the students are and where they want to be so as to close the gap. This unite also will prevent random style of, because the teacher is going to be unsure about the content of the subject