Less vs Fewer | English Grammar | Ask Linda!


Have you ever been to the supermarket and checked out at the "10 Items or Less" register? Probably but grammatically speaking the word less is used incorrectly here. You see, less is used to refer to uncountable things, while fewer describes countable things. Since you are buying several items, they are countable, so you should actually be standing in line at the "10 Items or Fewer" checkout aisle. Other examples of the correct usage include: I have fewer coins than you. You have been to fewer countries than I have. There?s less water in my cup. I have less money in my wallet than he does. Things that are uncountable include for example: music, art, love, happiness, advice, information, news furniture, luggage, rice, sugar, butter, water, electricity, gas, power, money, currency and so on. Now next time you are at the supermarket, tell the store manager to change his signs and see what he says. That?s it for today! See you next time!

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Arguably the most challenging unit yet. Tenses can be very difficult to comprehend. It has none the less been very clear. I have realised that it will take me some time to fully master the tenses that exist in the English language. As a soon to be EFL I am confident that with time and practice I definitely will become better. After all we all have to start somewhere.Watching these two classes has given me a better understanding to the importance of having a positive attitude and how it can effectively create a more comfortable learning environment for the students. By making it more comfortable the students will be more inclined to participate. I've learned that creating a comfortable class is a great way to teach effectively.