Its vs It's | English Grammar | Ask Linda!


These two words often get confused in the English language. Let?s break it down. 'Its' is a possessive pronoun or adjective indicating ownership. 'It's' is the contraction of 'it is'. Let's take a look at this example sentence: It's great to see the puppy play with its toys. 'It's' at the beginning of the sentence is a contraction, while 'its' at the end is used as a possessive adjective. Next time you?re not quite sure, think about if you are talking about an ownership or the contraction for 'it is'. That?s it for today! See you next time!

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I learnt a lot in this unit especially how to follow the different phases in the ESA lesson. My reflection is mostly the format of the lesson plan. I didn't know it was important to show the procedure, pupils objectives and the anticipated problems.It was a learning time to learn that a teacher should always get the evaluation part which helps you monitor yourself.The content of this unit covers the Past tenses and the difference between all continuous forms, perfect forms and perfect continuous forms. It provides regular and irregular verb forms,the correct usages in a sentense. The unit also gives some information about common student mistakes and errors and provides some teaching ideas how to teach the irregular verb forms.