Borrow vs Lend | Ask Linda! | English Grammar


This pair is often confused in the English language. Let's break it down: Borrow is a verb and means to take or accept something for a short time with the intention of returning it to its rightful owner May I borrow an eraser, please? Now lend is quite similar but is used to express the situation from the other perspective indicating that something is given to somebody for a short time with the intention of getting it back instead of receiving Would you please lend me a pencil? So you need to think about whose perspective you are talking about. Who has the item in possession? If you have the item and you are giving it to somebody, you lend it to them. If they have the item in possession and you want to reiceive it, you borrow it from them. Makes sense? I?m sure you'll always get it right from now on! That?s it for today. See you next time!

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After reading Unit 1, I realized that a teacher plays different roles inside the classroom and they depend on the type of activity and what he or she wishes the students to achieve. And as a teacher, myself, I realized that I should also know the different types of students and what they're capable of doing at certain stages of life so that I can provide their needs.Unit one gives an introduction as to what maybe expected in the following units. It lays out the objectives for the training and gives a good example of Business English. In that it is not necessary for the instructor to know the area which they are teaching Business English. That will be known from the learners however some knowledge of ESP area would be beneficial.