Between vs Among | Ask Linda! | English Grammar


The difference between the two words between and among is often unclear to many. So let's break it down: Between is used to refer to usually two (sometimes more) things that are clearly separated. Choose between the red or green socks. The word 'among', however, is used for things that are not separated but instead are part of a mass or a group. So you would choose among all your socks and not between. One more example to make it clear: I am walking between Baker Street and 5th Avenue. (here we're talking about two things, two streets) and use between. I am walking among my friends. (here, we're talking about more than two people) and use among. Next time you're unsure about which word to use, simply ask yourself if you are referring to something that is clearly separated or something that is part of a mass or a group. That?s it for today. See you next time.

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This unit showed that both, teachers and learners, have important roles when learning a new language. It's important know what is the activity to prepare for classes, according to what learners wish and want to achieve. From this unit I could see some differences between adults and youngers, and can be helpful for me to know which group of learners I can work better.In this unit on Lesson Planning, the principles previously discussed were analyzed in a more formal manner, applying the ESA methods to understand how to plan a lesson and format a lesson plan. I learned about effective methods of formatting lesson plans to address different types of lessons, and I learned about integrating creative activities into the ESA framework.

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