Assure vs Insure vs Ensure | Ask Linda! | English Grammar


These three terms are often confused because not only do they sound quite similar, but they also all make an outcome sure. They are by no means interchangeable. So let's break it down: I assure you that he is a great lawyer. We use assure in this sentence to speak out a promise or say something with confidence. Please ensure that you will be home at 5 today. In this case, we use ensure to make something certain. I insure my camera because it was expensive. In this last example, we use insure because we protect something against risk by obtaining insurance for an object. I?m sure you are a pro at using the right word in the right situation now! That?s it for today! See you next time!

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This unit 14 talks about books and materials . Course books is helpful for the teacher in teaching the students in easy way and to make them understand the lessons. Always depending of course book is not also good, especially those students has different levels and needs. The teacher must to apply different materials so the students can easily understand the lessons.This unit explains much troubleshooting that a teacher will encounter in the future. The content covers many possibilities of each scenario from the first lesson to the existing groups, more, exploring several ways to approach them. In conclusion, I have learned how to approach different classes, as well as finding the right solution for any educational difficulties.

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