Aisle vs Isle | Ask Linda! | English Grammar


This set of words is often confused in English. Let?s take a closer look: An "aisle" is a passage between rows of seats in a church, in a theater, an airplane or between shelves in a supermarket . The aisle was crowded with people looking for seats. The word "isle" describes an island, usually a small one The pirates were in search of the lost isle for buried treasure. I'm sure the difference is clear now. That?s it for today. See you next time!

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I have learned about the role of the teacher and the learner. The enthusiastic, motivated and the caring teacher will score the students with their performance. And It can affect the motivation and the success of the students. The way of approach, the way of switching the roles, the way of using gestures and the voice are very important for being a very good teacher.Reflecting upon this unit, I have learned important information on course development. I have learned information such as the importance of first meetings, needs analysis, syllabus design, end of course assessments, examinations, and course evaluations. There are many helpful points in this unit teaching me the basic necessities of a course and how it should develop.