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Managing well the class is an important element to guarantee the effectiveness of the lesson. The teacher should change his/her role depending on the situation, being flexible and not being too dominant. One element is eye contact: never looking in the eyes is a sign of lack of confidence, while staring makes the students unease. Eye contact should be used to show every student is involved, to encourage contribution or to maintain discipline. Gesture is also important to reinforce instructions and to add visual interest as long as the gestures are clear to everybody. The tone, clarity and volume of the voice are important in order to be understood and to give variety to the lesson. The greater the variation, the greater the effectiveness. When relating with the students it is also important to use their names. The type of grouping of students depends on the size of the class and the type of activity. Typical examples of grouping are: whole class, students on their own, pairwork, groupwork. Each of these, has pros and cons and it is good to mix them up depending on the activity. The classroom arrangement depends on the size of the class, the age, the nationality and personality of the students. The choice of the arrangement may affect the atmosphere of the class, the student-teacher and the student-student relationship as well as the communication. The most common ones are: orderly rows, circle and horseshoes, separate tables. Other important factors are the teacher's position during the lesson and the teacher talking time that should be well balanced by the student talking time. Lastly establishing rapport with the students is fundamental as it helps maintain discipline and keeps the atmosphere cheerful and relaxed, necessary conditions for an effective teaching.