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Unit 3 is about teaching methodologies. The natural language acquisition is the way we learn our native language and it is the bast way, but it is impossible to replicate when teaching. Nowadays a number of teaching techniques exist, trying to get close to the effectiveness of the natural acquisition, starting with the Grammar/Translation method. They all agree on giving the students as much exposure to the language as possible, starting from some input from the teacher and encouraging them to discover the language by themselves in a friendly and relaxed way. The methodology used for this course is called Engage, Study, Activate (ESA) and consists in involving the students through elicitation reducing teacher speaking time. The Engage phase is a warmer to get them speaking in English. The Study stage is about a new language concept and how it is constructed. The Activate phase is when the students use the old and new elements learned in a free and communicative way. The lesson should be made of these three parts even if repeated (patchwork or boomerang lesson). It is also important to create numerous activities for each stage and diversify them. When correcting, the teacher should use a positive language and give the opportunity for self correction and intervene only at the end of a student's speech, not to interrupt the flow. When correcting writing, the teacher should use codes in the margin of the page in order to be less threatening and encourage self correction.