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This unit was very informative and enjoyable to study. I am very interested in the practical applications, like desk arrangements, that optimize student engagement in the classroom. When I was a stude
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Unit 4 gave me introduction to the present tenses. I have learned how to form and use the four present tenses: the present simple, present continuous, present perfect and present perfect continuous. L
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Unit 18 completes our coverage of English grammar by looking at a range of other commonly taught subjects. The unit looks closely at the importance of modal verbs in English communication and also cov
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This unit explored the conditionals, which are sentences containing "if and when". The main conditionals are zero, first, second, third and mixes, which were examined in this unit. I learned its form
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Unit 20 showcases the ways in which we can build a fun and engaging class atmosphere, adjust games to accommodate both strong and weak students, manage large classes, encourage students to use English
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This unit discusses the classroom needs of several special groups of students, including various levels of beginners, individual students, children and professionals. Methodology, techniques and possi
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This unit discusses equipment and teaching aids typically used in ESL classrooms. Advantages and disadvantages of using various tools are discussed including, whiteboards, chalkboards, interactive whi
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This unit briefly covers some of the main methodologies of teaching language, before covering in detail the methodology of Engage, Study, Activate. The Engage phase is meant to get the students intere
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The productive skills of speaking and writing are just as important to teach as the receptive skills. A new language is best exercised when the student is taught accurate vocabulary and sentence struc
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For many people the productive skills of speaking and writing can be a very daunting topic. Even native speakers of English have trouble with speaking and writing and public speaking is considered to
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Ashland City
Receptive skills are: Reading and Listening Accurancy is the correct use of grammar. (study phase) Fluency is the ability to speak without stopping to think. (Activate phase) Controlled: used in the
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The past tenses were much easier to understand after having reviewed the structures of the present tenses. The usages of each tense are a bit trickier, however, because the present tense does not have
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This unit allowed me to start thinking more in-depth about possible lesson plans based on the ESA method of teaching. In order to learn English, students must practice vocabulary, grammar, and the fun
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This unit examined the two productive skills: speaking and writing. I realized that writing is the most difficult thing to learn a language as it requires accuracy. On the other hand, speaking a langu
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This unit was an excellent overview of the different parts of speech in English grammar, and also touched on some of their idiosyncrasies that often prove challenging to the non-native speaker. Althou
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The future tense of verbs expresses events or have not yet happened. There are several different ways in English that we can talk about the future. For me, future tense was complicated. Especially be
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I have learned the many past tense forms that go into the english language. It was a bit complicated and I especially had difficulty with the term "Perfect". I have learned that "perfect" refers to an
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I have learned in this lesson that engaging a student and helping the student to understand the lesson in different activities is the best way. However to engage the student in the lesson is just as
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In this unit, I learned the past tense system which is almost similar to the present tense system. However, the only difference is that the past tense focuses in the past. Some of them are, the past s
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Bean Station
While some of the unit was common knowledge, it brought to light many aspects of daily grammar that we (as Native Speakers) don't take much time to think about, such as Gerunds, and went in to detail
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Beersheba Springs
This unit discussed the different types of present tenses which included: present simple, present continuous, present perfect, and present perfect continuous. It then described how to use each tense t
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Bell Buckle
This unit covered teaching new language and vocabulary and the considerations that a teacher should take when selecting vocabulary and sentence structures to introduce in a lesson. There were also ex
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Belle Meade
This unit covered teaching methods using two contrasting videos of the same lesson. The first video was used to show the ways in which a teacher can negatively affect a class by having a negative att
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This unit explored the problem situations you encounter in a class. In the first lessons, some activities can be applied to students by the teacher in order to establish rapport. Different levels, lar
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This unit was packed with new and interesting information for me and I am sure that I will refer back to it again and again. I found it to be very interactive as I spoke sentences out loud to discover
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Berry Hill
This unit was a great review of my basic understanding of the English language. There were things that I don't remember ever learning like the difference between a countable noun and an uncountable no
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Bethel Springs
Teaching special Groups: 1. Beginners: We have absolute beginners, False beginners, Adult beginners, Young Beginners and beginners without the Roman alphabet. What we should do with beginners level:
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Big Sandy
This unit was about conditionals which included zero conditionals, first conditionals, second conditionals, third conditionals, and mixed conditionals. It was also about reported speech and directed s
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Reading and listening are the two important receptive skills. Choice of topic is very important because it would be the counter-productive to teach a topic that the students are not interested in or c
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Bluff City
This unit provided a lot of helpful content. I wasn't expecting to learn a bit of anatomy, but I'm glad that was included because it made me realize how much I don't really pay attention to the way my
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In this unit I learnt, the passive voice is used when we want to emphasize the verb and the object of a sentence rather than subject. The subject is less important than the verb or we don't know who o
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In the final unit of the course we cover some of the most common problems that teachers encounter in the classroom. We look at how to start a new course effectively, as well as how to deal with large
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Pronunciation is the way in which a word or a language is spoken. This may refer to generally agreed-upon sequences of sounds used in speaking a given word or language in a specific dialect ("correct
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This unit has given me some much needed refreshment with the present tense. I was unaware, before this unit's introduction, that English has so many tenses compared to other languages. It is a wonder
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This unit gave an information about accuracy activities and fluency activities. Accuracy activities are usually integrated in the study phase. Accuracy activities to ensure accurate reproduction of
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In this chapter I learned the different types of modal auxiliary verbs, types of tones (passive and active) and phrasal verbs used in English. Modal auxiliary verbs are used to change the meaning and
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This grammar part was quite hard for me. I realized that this tenses are not always used, still, I think It's necessary to express us correctly. As I said before knowing grammar is essential for us as
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This unit teaches the clauses that help students form a conditional sentence. The five main conditionals are zero, first, second, third, and mixed. This unit has helped me to review the past, present,
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Bulls Gap
This unit covered different teaching methods building from the original concept of grammar-translation to the current ESA method. The ESA method was then covered in detail including the different typ
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From this unit I know that there different structures in a sencence.What's more, in order to complete the structure, different types of the characteristic or property of a certain word consummate
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This unit describes the parts of speech and how they fit together to form sentences. It gives the general rules for transforming adjectives, adverbs, and verbs into other forms and tenses. It also not
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In each of our respective culture we have ways to process information known as the receptive skills. The way we are able to distinguish information rather than taking it literally is also affected by
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As I read through the unit I could picture myself in the classroom engaged with the students and providing them with quality instruction and building the necessary rapport to enable success on both th
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Using course books has its share of benefits and advantages such as having a well organized content with a consistency in the topics and genres for the four skill area (listening, speaking, reading, a
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Campbell County
This unit really emphasized "elicitation" and how its different techniques can be successfully implemented into a lesson plan to harvest the best results from students. Although the techniques for eli
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Carter County
I found this unit to be very useful in knowing how to cater more to the students. Choosing topics that the students are interested in will greatly improve the chances of the students being interested
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I found this unit very useful. Tenses in general are something terrible for some students to learn. That's why it's important to know how to deal with it. In general, tenses are quite similar and the
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In this unit I learned what makes a good teacher and what makes a good learner. I was able to gain a basic understanding of how to help students learn English and motivate them in the classroom. Howev
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Cedar Hill
This unit was about types of teaching equipment and teaching aids. I have seen or used every type explained in this unit. I personally like white boards the best for "study" because I feel it emphasiz
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The best part of this unit was realizing that now that the different present tenses are understood (from two units ago), understanding the past tenses is a much easier task. Of course, there are still
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