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Henry County
In this unit, I learned more in depth the usefulness of various examinations and their application in the real world. Tests are a great way to gauge the students language level, however, I agree that
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Hickory Valley
I found the information pertaining to the development of language teaching very interesting. It is also fascinating to find out that although grammar translations has proven ineffective as a means of
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In this Unit, I learned the specific "parts of speech" of the English language, their sub-categories, how to properly use them, classify them and apply them in various situations and sentences dependi
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Hollow Rock
I sit very important for the students to understand the new language, it's meaning, it's usage and how it is constructed and be able to use it. This unit gives information on how t present the new lan
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Before this unit I was completely ignorant of the many varieties of teaching techniques. However, in my high school and college years I was a student of French and I can vividly recall my teachers usi
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This unit explores the wide variety of resources that a teacher can use in the classroom. We look at the materials and technologies that are available and how to use them to improve your lessons. The
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This unit has taught me about linguistic functions and how to articulate them to students when teaching phonetics. Patterns of intonation in English are important for communicating a particular point,
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This unit was very interesting as well as useful. Sometimes we do not take the time to analyze how are we doing in our lessons. There's a clear difference between the first and the second video, and t
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This unit covers receptive skills which are reading and listening. When learning a new language both of these skills are important and it is good to understand the differences and challenges of each
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In this unit we learnt how to teach the productive skills of writing and speaking to the students. Learnt about the different factors to be kept in mind, the techniques to encourage interaction betwe
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Iron City
The first lesson was an example of how not to teach. The students look intimidated, confused and puzzled. The teacher is using difficult language and they don't understand him. The teacher keeps sayin
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This unit helped me to see what a good lesson plan might look like, but also reinforced the need for balance, flexibility, and paying attention to the needs of your particular class. A more detailed l
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The history of textbooks dates back to civilizations of ancient history. For example, Ancient Greeks wrote texts intended for education. The modern textbook has its roots in the standardization made p
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This unit was very interesting and useful for putting it into practice. It's important for us as teachers to know how to deal with different skills and with different students. We must be aware that
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This unit gave me new and useful information about different teaching methods..Especially suggestopedia and the silent way teaching methods caught my attention. A teaching method suggestopedia based o
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Jefferson City
In Unit 9, I learnt a lot of useful methods to make my lessons unique to my teaching style. I found the section on what to include in a lesson plan quite adaptable. As long as all of those items are i
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It was very, very difficult unit for me. Too much new information for one unit. But I found out a lot of helpful information for me. Before I didn't think about teachers position, I have been thinking
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Johnson City
The management is very important because the teacher needs to get control of your classroom. There are many technics that you can improve yourself and it will help you to success at your job. we ca
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Similarly to the past tense unit, future tenses are nuanced and very difficult to grasp beyond the fundamental level. What I learned from previous units played similarly to this one. By looking more a
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This unit guides us through properly and successfully teaching productive skills - speaking and writing. Speaking often takes priority over writing in class, but writing is often the more difficult of
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Do students know any of his other songs? Elicit. Play anyother Elvissongoftheirchoiceanddiscuss. Students read the text, then answer comprehension tasks based upon the text, e.g. true/false questions.
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This unit overviewed the two receptive skills, listening and reading, along with how to incorporate them into lessons. While native speakers have years to acquire the sub-skills that are related to b
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In Unit 11 I learned about the receptive skills – reading and listening – and the way we use them to understand the content of what we are reading and listening. I understood that students learn e
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Kingston Springs
Equipment that we can use in the classroom: Video camera, OHP, DVD/CD player Write on board what is necessary for your class. With clearly and neatly handwritten. Using different colors to highlig
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This unit takes a lot of the guesswork out of establishing friendly, productive relationships between teacher and students. In previous units we've looked at different types of activities in terms of
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La Follette
This unit explained past tenses including past simple, past continuous, past perfect, and past perfect continuous. It also described how to use them with affirmative, negative, and question type sente
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La Vergne
This unit was about model auxiliary verbs including their uses and present, past, and future tenses. It also covered passive voice and relative clauses including independent clauses, dependent clauses
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A lesson plan is a teacher's detailed description of the course of instruction or "learning trajectory" for a lesson. A daily lesson plan is developed by a teacher to guide class learning. Details wil
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This unit describes gives a general classification og special groups in which TESOL is often taught. The unit discusses each type of group in detail and gives tips and suggestions about teaching each
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This unit talks about the ESA process and it's different stages (engage, study and activate) and the different ways in which we can correct our students without making them lose interest in what they
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In this unit we learnt about Active and Passive voice, where in both cases the tense of the sentence remains the same. Relative clauses can be either Independent clauses, Dependent clause or Relative
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This unit examined part of the grammar system which are modal verbs, passive and active voice, as well as phrasal verbs and relative clauses. I re-learned the rules to form an modal verb as well as so
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This unit covers the past tenses: past simple, past continuous, past perfect, and past perfect continuous. It covers the usage cases for these tenses. Past simple is used for completed past actions. P
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Lenoir City
This unit covered phonetics and teaching techniques, specifically describing the different intonation patterns in English and the ways intonation can be used to convey meaning in a sentence or to ind
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This grammar unit was quite challenging. The concepts covered were modals, phrasal verbs, and passive voice vs. active voice. I had never learned many of these things and I relied heavily on the vid
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This lesson shows two video grammar lessons. One where the students appear to have trouble with the lesson content, and another one with the same teacher presenting the same lesson subject to the same
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This unit introduces us to future tenses: future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous, be going and an infinitive, present simple, and present continuous. We are given
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This unit covers the typical teaching aids that are used in an EFL classroom, from dictionaries to Interactive White Boards. Electronic devices allow the teacher many options for visual aids and activ
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As a native English speaker, we don't mindfully think about the rules of the tense system when having conversations. Although, as future teachers of ESL, it is important that we carefully review and d
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This lesson introduces the best methods for teaching beginners, teaching individual students, teaching children, teaching business English, and teaching in multi-lingual and mono-lingual classrooms. D
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Lookout Mountain
Conditionals: Zero: It's used to talk about situations that are generally or always true. Ex: If you heat ice, it melts. (if/when) + Present simple + present simple. First: Usages: Likely results of
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In this lesson I learned ways to incorporate vocabulary and grammar in a practical and pragmatic way. For many ESL students vocabulary might seem very difficult. I learned that although it may be alie
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I think this unit is very useful since learning how to make a lesson plan is essential for teachers. It helps us to organize the activities, the ideas, and also to see the progress of our students by
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It has been very useful to check the importance of teaching productive skills appropriately. Both receptive and productive skills are a complement and an important part of learning a language. Therefo
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Productive skills are speaking and writing. Learners use the language that they have acquired and produce a message through speech and written text that they want others to understand. The teacher nee
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After watching two video lessons I had found out that it's good examples of two different atmospheres in the class. To my mind, the lesson in general mostly depends on the teacher's character, charism
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I learned that I am using the Lexical and ESA approach with my students. I find that they learn best this way. I can now see the importance of not using the grammar-translation method as the students
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There are four past tenses in English. Use them to talk about things that started and ended in the past or things that started in the past and continue to the present. The simple past tense is used to
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In this unit I have learnt how to deal with the different needs students might have e.g. Business English. I often find it challenging finding teaching materials for and separating beginners from fal
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Marion County
New group: students don’t know each other and some work will be needed to establish rapport between them. Existing group: they already know each other. So it’s much easier for the teacher to work
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