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I was able to learn the terms and the usage of Grammar. Being a Native speaker it is hard to explain something that comes naturally to you. I was able to learn when you use a verb, gerund as well as
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I have finally reached the final unit on basic grammar for EFL, and am surprised to be disappointed that it's over. Throughout the course of the grammar units I have gained a kind of confidence that d
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The unit discussed the importance of understanding your role as the teacher both to be knowledgeable about the material but also about the students being taught. It discussed the range of learners we
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Unit 18 introduces modals - which are used for possibility, obligation, permission, ability, or advice - along with relative clauses and phrasal verbs. Modals includes transitive verbs, which can be u
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Signal Mountain
This unit covered grammar both the conditional tense and reported speech. The unit covered the formation and usage of the zero, first, second, third and mixed conditionals. It also covered reported
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The past tense is used principally to describe event in the past. The previous lesson if you already learn how to use the Present Tense, then the Past Tense is easy. First we have to know regular and
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Expressing the future time in English is particularly fraught with problems not only because there are so many different forms to choose from, but also because the distinction between them is not alwa
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This unit covers the evaluation and testing of students. It discusses the importance of giving continual feedback to students, in particular so they can asses their own progress. Three ways to asses a
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This unit was about how the teacher can adapt the lesson plan on the course books and create more materials for the students to practice and improve their skills. The teacher should not blindly follo
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In this unit I learned the ways a teacher can implement a lesson plan to run a class smoothly and effectively. A lesson plan is the framework for how a teacher would like their class to go. Using a le
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This is an excellent Unit One because of the basic nature of the descriptions of "good" and "bad" teaching. It is helpful to also understand that different countries/cultures will view things differe
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Examination, evaluation, observation, or trial used (under actual or simulated environmental or operating conditions) to determine and document (1) capabilities, characteristics, effectiveness, reliab
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South Carthage
This unit discussed how to teach a new language which included testing vocabulary, introducing grammatical structures, and teaching language functions. It then incorporated these concepts into the str
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South Fulton
This unit covered modals, phrasal verbs and the passive voice. The first half of the unit focused on modal verbs and the manner in which their use can change the meaning of a sentence. The second pa
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South Pittsburg
Watched the same lesson being taught twice by the teacher. After observing him we learnt what mistakes to avoid, how to behave to engage the students, and what body language is not acceptable and wha
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This unit is a brief overview of the the basic parts of speech in English. Based on my personal experience, while it is less important for the students to know the names of the parts of speech, I thi
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I think this unit is particularly important for us to review some contents that we learnt a long time ago and which are essential for the students to start learning a new language. These basic parts o
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Spring City
We considering when we are selecting vocabulary : frequency and coverage, teachability and appropriacy to students and to the tasks. What students need to know about vocabulary item is : how to use,
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Spring Hill
This unit covered common issues that ESl teachers face including students that are unmotivated or unwilling to participate or students that have particular difficulties. Additionally the unit covered
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This unit deal with two branches of language tree; reading and listening. Teachers should carefully choose their materials based on students' interest.Teaching students different kind of reading style
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St. Joseph
We learnt about the various factors that the teachers have to keep in mind while managing a class. The different methods and body language a teacher should use in class, the advantages and disadvanta
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This unit covers conditional statements and reported speech. Zero, first, second, third and mixed conditionals are discussed. Their general forms and usages are given, as well as example exercises for
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There are many different ways in which a trainer can make the learning more interesting and effective such as usinf the board, overhead projector, visuals, the cassette recorder, DVD. Technology is po
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Stewart County
In this unit, I wasn't aware that teaching English to business people was growing. I can see how this may seem intimidating at first for the teachers, however, I understand you are simply adapting to
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Sullivan County
This unit covered teaching aids and equipment, the most useful part of the unit for me was the list of ESL resources that can be found online and also suggestions for how videos can be used in the cla
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Sumner County
This course explored seven of the most common tenses used to convey ideas about the future. These included the future simple tense which is used to indicate actions in the future such as predictions p
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What to teach, based on frequency and usefulness to the needs of my particular students is therefore essential.Students need to know about an item; the form, how it spell, how it is pronounced and wh
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Write a brief overview of the content of this unit and what you feel that you have learnt from it. If stating an opinion you will need to give reasons. This section is not graded but may be part of a
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Learners of English who have the opportunity to live in an English speaking environment while studying have a huge advantage.They are surrounded by the Language continuously and are able to put acquir
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This unit has helped me learn about the effective ways of teaching new grammar and new vocabulary, as well as language functions. I've learned that it is crucial for the teacher to be selective when t
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Tellico Plains
Unit 16 was very eye-opening in that being a native English speaker, I really don't think about the structure of conditionals and reported speech when I'm actively using them. However, learning in dep
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Tennessee Ridge
This unit we studied methodology of learning English. Grammar - translation: translating your native language to another language. Audio-lingualism: it's very useful for low-level students. the lang
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Thompson's Station
This unit was about the productive skills: reading and writing. Reading skills can be taught using a variety of accuracy and fluency activities while writing skills could be improved using activities
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Three Way
This unit we studied past sentences. Past simple; its used for actions completed at a definitive time in the past. Past continuous: Used without a time expression, it can indicate gradual development
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Unit 16 introduces conditionals, reported sentences, and how students are often confused by the two. We are taught four different types of conditionals (zero, first, second, third, and mixed), how ten
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This unit discusses coursebooks and lesson material and the best use thereof. Some of the advantages of using coursebooks are that it provides a tested syllabus appropriate to the level of the student
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We have learned that the past tenses are similar form present tenses, although the past tense relate to past time periods. You should see certain similarities in usage All continuous forms feature s
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Tracy City
This unit covered the different parts of speech- nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, gerund, pronouns, prepositions and conjunctions, most of which I already knew being a native speaker. However the mo
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I've learned the various intricacies of vocabulary and grammatical teaching and the form and structure that would be useful in relaying this to my students. Developing lesson plans based on the straig
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This unit talks about the different factors to consider when managing a classroom. Teaching for the first time may seem intimidating at the beginning, but as long as you focus on the most important th
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This unit explored the ways of evaluating the srudents progress and levels as well as some exams applied to students for their progress. Some of the them are, the placement, diagnostic, progress and p
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This was a more technical unit based on teaching methods. In my opinion, it was a little bit difficult understand the concepts and to match them with some of the questions. However, the tips given are
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This unit has given me insight into the importance of lesson planning. It is the best way to prepare for class ahead of time and work out anticipated problems for the teacher and students. It is neces
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This unit was especially helpful to me for two reasons. First, it empowered me to be creative in developing supplemental materials for my students. Second, it showed me additional examples of classroo
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This unit was challenging, and I have to admit, I don't know if I agree that another alphabet should exist to describe one. Regardless, it certainly is interesting to see how the phonetic alphabet len
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Union City
In IPA we have consonant sounds, pure vowels, long vowels, and diphthongs. A manner of articulation: Plosives: A little explosion of sound with our breath. Affricates: Very close to the plosives, bu
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From lesson 3 I have learned that there is very many things that go into the structure of a class. Having a well structured class and a even hand of correction and praise are the signs of a skilled te
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Unit 7 gave me an introduction to teaching vocabulary, grammatical structures and language functions. I learned that vocabulary item selection depends on how appropriate the words are to the students
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Unit 4 explained the different tenses of verbs and some complex explination about the uses of each tenses. This part of English language is definitely one of most confusing parts for English learners.
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This unit has been very informative. I have learnt how to use various equipment and teaching aids effectively. Even though I am familiar with all of them I have never used all of them in a class but
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