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Marshall County
I currently work for an English teaching company called Qkids in which the parents can give feedback based on the teacher's performance. Most of the comments I get regard "teacher centered speaking".
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In Unit 2 I have learned about the parts of speech, the followings were the most useful to me: The unit made me understand the difference between the adjectives and the adverbs and made me clear how
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Once again, our understanding of what ‘teaching’ is, is based on our past experience. Our earliest experience was in school, where the teacher was also a ‘master’ or ‘mistress’, standing i
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I think this unit is very useful for teaching communicative skills. Pronunciation is one of the most difficult part for some students. Indeed it's a essential part of learning a language and it only n
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Maury City
This unit covered the different types of evaluation and testing at the start, during and finale of the course. It also covered external exams such a Cambridge exams for English proficiency. Testing
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Maury County
In this unit, I wasn't aware of some of the rules that involved relative clauses and the types of phrasal verbs. Concerning relative clauses, I especially wasn't aware of the 'defining' and 'non-defin
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This unit gives an excellent overview of basic English grammar. It is a wonderful review since I have not studied grammar in many years. I had remembered most of the main parts of speech but not all o
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This unit covered the many different kinds of groups that I might find myself teaching to, in addition to the "typical" class of adult general learners. Obviously, this includes very different scenari
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This unit covered many aspects of vocabulary when teaching English. It included an excellent guide regarding the selection of vocabulary words and also what a student would need to know about each w
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This unit gives us an overview of four past tense variations: past simple, past perfect, past continuous, and past perfect continuous. After completing this unit, I deepened my understanding of all pa
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McMinn County
This unit covered the past tense, past simple, past continuous, past perfect and past perfect continuous. The main learnings for me was the difference between the usage of the past continuous and pas
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According to the text, this unit explained what the student needs to know with new language: be exposed to it, understand its meaning, understand how its contructed and being able to practice it and p
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McNairy County
This unit was about lesson planning and covered the general information that should be included in a lesson plan as well as examples of ESA lesson plans. Both teacher and learner objectives are impor
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Unit 15 confirmed me the importance of evaluation and testing learners’ language level. Teachers need to prepare placement tests in order to find out the student’s level and place him/her in the c
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Lesson planning is one of the basics which give us the scheme of work to follow and to be flexible at the same time. Even though you are an experienced teacher it makes us confident and well-organized
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In Unit 8 I learned about the seven most common future tenses, their usage and teaching ideas. The future simple refers to a time later than now and expresses facts, certainties, rapid decisions and t
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The series brings together volumes dealing with different aspects of learning and teaching second and foreign languages. The titles included are both monographs and edited collections focusing on a va
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To create an effective learning environment for my students, I first need to establish classroom management which was described in chapter 5. When you enter a classroom for the first time, you will no
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This unit provides information on how to manage the classes and how to deal with the possible problems. Establish rapport wit the students during the first class will help in the future, learning the
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In this unit I have learnt how to structure first lessons and how to overcome problematic students. I have also learnt methods of building rapport with students whom I don't know and who doesn't know
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This unit covered the identifying characteristics of the different present tenses which are important to know as an ESL teacher. As a native speaker many of these forms are intuitive, so it was nice
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This unit discusses lesson planning. It talks about three main functions of a lesson plan: It aids us in planning for class, it gives us something to refer to while in class, and it creates a record o
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Minor Hill
As a teacher in front of a class, the way one presents themselves is extremely important in insuring that the students walk away with as much language learning opportunities as possible. This chapter
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A video lesson or lecture is a video which presents educational material for a topic which is to be learned. The format may vary. It might be a video of a teacher speaking to the camera, photographs a
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This unit introduced the English tense system as a whole, before focusing in-depth on the present tenses. I found this introduction very eye-opening as to the complexities of the English language, the
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This unit explored the lesson planning by using videos lessons as examples. The videos showed how a class is structured by using the ESA (Engage, Study, Activate) demonstration. One video was effectiv
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Morgan County
Planning a lesson is of particular importance, especially to inexperienced teachers as it is a practical guide during their lesson to ensure they are on track. Overtime as the teacher gains more exper
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Unit 1 is a brief but concise guide to the categorization of students, teachers, their surroundings and all other teaching aspects that influence the entire learning experience, not only for the stude
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I have learned in this Unit how to properly use the tenses and how to better explain it to students so that they will be able to understand the English language better. I am able to construct sentens
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This unit covers lesson planning and the importance of being prepared. It clarifies that a well planned lesson benefits the the teacher as it helps them to organize the best way to teach the students
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We learned about the nouns, and the different forms like countable nouns , a car and uncountable like music We then learned about verbs and their places in form of actions like ran , sat, and walk The
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Mount Carmel
There is a whole lot involved in the management of a class. As a teacher one has to be mindful of many things including the position of the students in the class to the way in which body language can
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Mount Juliet
In this unit, I learned that there are a smorgasbord of resources at my disposal to further aid ESL students in the learning process. A lot of these, such as the overhead transparencies, I remember be
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Mount Pleasant
Productive skills are: Speaking and writing Accurancy is the correct use of grammar. (study phase) Fluency is the ability to speak without stopping to think. (Activate phase) Controlled: used in the
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Mountain City
There are four basic skills in a language, receptive skills are listening and reading. Different kinds of reading follow different purposes. Sometimes we read for entertainment, sometimes to find spe
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Building lesson plans and then being able to modify them on the go and be flexible is important. Having clear and defined goals for your students and yourself ensures steady improvement, especially fo
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Unit 3 gave me an introduction to language teaching methods. I believe the most effective methods are the followings: PPP – Presentation, Practice and Production, because it is very effective in tea
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Every word in a sentence serves a grammatical purpose; the goal of this chapter is to explain and extrapolate on those purposes. Within the English language, there are: various types of nouns, various
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New Hope
This unit covered teaching special groups both young learners and business learners as well as individual vs group classes and the specific teaching methods that should be used for each group. The mai
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New Johnsonville
In this unit i have learnt what makes a good teacher: loving to teach, being kind and patient, having good rapport and interaction with the class, knowing students' weaknesses and helping them to over
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New Market
This unit discussed pronunciation and phonology. phonology refers to intonation, stress, and the phonemic alphabet. Articulation was further explored through an overview of the speech organs, differen
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New Tazewell
The tense system in the English language is very complex and causes students and teachers a lot of difficulties. in this unit the system of present tense was made easy. there are charts and teaching i
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This unit talks about classroom management, something that as a teacher might be really hard to achieve at first and unfortunately it can even lead you to questioning if you have chosen the right prof
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For this unit, the basic parts of speech are tackled. As a native English speaker, we may not always think about the breakdown of our sentences since we speak in a natural flow. But as English teacher
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I believe these tips are important tools for teachers to start working into a classroom. I think it's a little bit difficult to join everything and put it into practice from one day to another, but it
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Because English is a language that requires the speaker to understand the meaning of the word before the actual spelling of the word the pronunciation of words can be very problematic. Native english
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This unit stated the present tenses such as the present simple, present perfect, present continuous and the present perfect continues. I learned to identify the comparisons of each tense (how they are
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This lesson we learned the styles and the methodology of teaching English to students we learned there were several methods in this teaching English as a second language The methods we learned and wha
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Oak Hill
To be a good teacher means to be able to control the class. Classroom management is one the most important skills a good teacher should have because good classroom management makes teaching easy and l
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Oak Ridge
There are different types of books available for the teachers to choose from. Authentic materials are interesting and motivating and give students confidence when they understand them. Created materia
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