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I FEEL I have learned the ways of good teaching and what makes a class room learn and understand the teacher. I realize how easy it is to be misunderstood being the student base on the listening skill
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This unit has helped me have a better understanding of grammar and the different constituents of a sentence. We all know what a verb is (generally speaking), but few people are aware that verbs come w
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This unit concerns common problem situations that arise in teaching English. These include teaching a first lesson to new and existing groups of students, different language abilities within the same
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Obion County
This unit covered the present tenses, present simple, present continuous, present perfect and present perfect continuous. present simple and present continuous are probably the most common and easy t
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Oliver Springs
This unit talked about future tenses. Similar patterns were seen between present tenses, past tenses, and future tenses. I learned the difference between each one and how to explain said differences t
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This unit mainly discuss about how to teach new language.Language is divided to three parts. Grammar assumed to be main and most important part of the language and vocabulary and functions are thought
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I really enjoyed this unit because it clarified and elaborated on some thoughts that I've had in the past when learning my own foreign languages (most notably, Spanish). I always felt that my language
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This unit has taught me the various types of evaluations teachers need to test the status of their students. Placement tests are given to new students to determine their learning level, and diagnostic
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In this unit we learnt the different categories for beginners. We also learnt the different techniques to keep in mind while teaching beginners, individual students and adult students who want to lea
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I once was asked to create lesson plans for a poetry unit, as a freshman in undergrad. I had no idea what to do. I enjoy that this chapter highlights what is ultimately most important in a lesson plan
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Parker's Crossroads
Its important for a successful class to provide a good atmosphere to your students. the teacher should know your students' name. introduce yourself properly. expressing yourself as much as you can.
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We learnt about the receptive skills of reading and listening in this unit and that to read and listen effectively, specialist skills are required. We also learnt about the problems the teachers woul
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We learned how students an learn a new language with fun interactive learning strategies like the Engage, Study, Activate where a group of students take a class activity like "what is your house like"
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Videos depict two very different teaching atmosphere. First video shows what teachers shouldn’t do while instructing their classes. Second one is good demo lesson which clearly indicates some good c
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The two videos helped me understand how important a teacher's attitude is in the classroom. In the first lesson, the teacher seemed as if he was in a hurry and rushed the students through every part o
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Classroom management is incredibly vital in making sure that the learning environment and energy is optimal. Because every student is different it may be challenging to keep proper balance and discipl
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Pigeon Forge
Grammar is a crucial part of the English language. Understanding the nuances is what truly determines success. Although the composition of a sentence might be regarded as easy to a native speaker when
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This unit covered the importance of structure within a lesson. It talked about how the engage portion of the lesson should always come first and we a time where students warm up and get comfortable wi
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This unit discusses modal auxiliary verbs, passive voice, phrasal verbs and relative clauses. Basic rules, examples and teaching ideas are given for the use of modal verbs. The forms for passive voice
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Pittman Center
Parts of speech are noun, verb, adjective, adverbs, prepositions, gerund, articles and conjunctions. 1) noun: we have common, proper, compound, abstract and collective. Also, we can organize nouns by
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I personally think this part of the course is essential. We, as teachers, must be aware about the different methodologies we have to work with the students. During our career as teachers we are going
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Pleasant Hill
In this unit we learnt about the theories, methods and techniques of teaching English as a foreign language. The different theories of teaching English was discussed and the method presently employed
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Pleasant View
In this unit we learnt about Past tenses - simple, continuous, perfect and perfect continuous. The difference between the Present tense and the Past tense is mainly in the usage of aux verbs - 'be' c
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Both of these topics--conditionals and reported speech--are apparently more advanced topics meant to be mastered by students who already have a firm grasp of the verb tenses. However, conditionals and
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Powell's Crossroads
Modal Auxiliary verbs : they express the speaker's feeling or attitude. The true modal auxiliary verbs are: will, would, should, shall, might, may, must, can, could. Major usages of the modal auxilia
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When I was in school the teachers always had us take turns reading paragraphs and sometimes the teacher would do all the reading, because of this way of teaching we never new when the teacher would as
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This unit deals with teaching new vocabulary, grammar and language functions. It discusses how to choose the new vocabulary, what students need to know about that vocabulary, and techniques for effect
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Our penultimate unit covers various classroom scenarios that you may encounter in your teaching career. It looks at techniques and activities that can be used when teaching specific groups such as beg
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Red Bank
Unit 20 is about troubleshooting. It deals with common problem situations, for example first lessons. Whether it’s a new group, where students don’t know each other and may be unfamiliar with EFL
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Red Boiling Springs
In this unit, I felt I learned a lot of unique and efficient ways to help students learn the language content. Learning about the ESA methodology made me realize the familiarity of the structure when
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This unit goes over the different clientele an English teacher will come across in their career. The different levels include various types of beginners, individuals, young learners and people who are
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The receptive skills are reading and listening. Teaching these can present language difficulty problems for the students, including sentence complexity and a lot of unknown vocabulary. These can be mi
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This unit covers potential problems which may arise when teaching English to speakers of other languages. It was helpful because it mentions specific scenarios and offers potential problems and how b
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Unit Nine gives us a deeper understanding of lesson planning - what lesson planning should accomplish, what it should not accomplish, and how best to avoid mistakes. Lessons should be simple, to-the-p
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This unit gave an excellent overview of the testing involved with teaching English to speakers of other languages. It discusses the various internal testing methods and how each one is used to help th
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Roane County
Unit 10 was very effective in showing the correct and incorrect ways of teaching a lesson to ESL students. The first lesson was very rough in that the teacher arrived late, didn't seem prepared, didn'
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Robertson County
In this unit, I learned some great ways to initiate the first lesson. I believe building a great rapport with the students is the most important thing to do in the beginning because not only will this
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I have learnt how to explain the present tense to my students more clearly and I am able to implement the activate stage for this lesson with greater confidence. I am more confident when it comes to t
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This unit has explained how a teacher should go about deciding whether authentic materials or created materials are best used in a particular lesson. Authentic materials give students a chance to inte
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Rocky Top[9]
This unit was about managing classrooms and covered many of the techniques I currently use while teaching including how to deal with large classes, students of varying abilities and problem students.
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Unit 12 examines the productive skills: speaking and writing. I learned about the three types of speaking activities in the classroom and how they are controlled by the teacher. Activities like drilli
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This unit explored the future system tense such as the future simple, future continuous future perfect, future perfect continuous, be going to + infinitive , present simple and the present continuous.
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I read somewhere this quote ; "Education always implies change, but foreigh language education implies social cahnge" Claire J. Kramsch As an English teacher I have worked for nearly 5 years at publ
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This unit provides guidance for classroom management. It discusses how to use eye contact and gestures appropriately and effectively. It also looks at the pros and cons of seating arrangements and var
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This unit shows us two classroom situations and the difference between effective and non effective teaching. I feel that there must be a better way to teach this lesson. The first video was ridiculo
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This unit offered me the opportunity to consider two lessons at opposite ends of the spectrum of effectiveness. In the first lesson, the teacher clearly vented his frustration towards the students an
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This unit was quite extensive in its coverage of teaching pronunciation of phonology. This was my first formal introduction to IPA, so everything including the symbols that represent each phoneme wer
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Unit 14 covered course materials such as textbooks and workbooks. I found it particularly useful to analyze the merits and faults of course books. I think that this is an especially important thing
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Writing, for English specifically, is vital to a full understanding of the language. Being able to speak it does not at all indicate a full comprehension of English. When to use the correct "your", ho
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Scotts Hill
This unit was about teaching special groups such as young learners, individuals, business English learners, etc. I usually teach young learners but I think it would be nice to teach older students who
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