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Modal verbs are can, may, must, could, might, shall, should, will ,would, must, have to, need to, ought to. The grammar behind the modal verbs is not very difficult and the students usually understand
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This unit covered the four different form tense within the present tense. It also gave examples of common mistakes teachers might encounter. The present simple: I walk to the store every day. (Routine
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This unit was about various teaching materials. There are many choices for materials to use. It seems that the materials that work best would depend on the students who are being taught and what they
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It is easy to forget the simple grammar rules learned in elementary and middle school! I am grateful to have had an opportunity to review this material. I was particularly rusty with transitive verbs,
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In Unit 10, after seeing two lesson demonstrations I understood how teachers can make their lessons effective. In the first lesson the teacher was not well prepared and was not respectful to the stude
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Teachers have many different roles, and often take on new roles as a lesson progresses. A good teacher will have often have good students, who in turn will (or will become) good learners. Good learns
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Estill Springs
This unit provided great insight on the different types of materials that can be used in addition to the traditional course book. I think the course book should mainly be used to stay on track with th
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This unit explored the basic skills of a language - reading and listening (receptive skills). It also explained a deep understanding of the motives why and how we listen and read. A receptive skill l
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This unit has given me the opportunity to read about many effective and less effective teaching methods and approaches that can be used in the classroom. I intend to use a lot of these methods and exp
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I consider this unit to be a great start as far as English teaching is concerned and it really defines all the pedagogic problems that exist inside a classroom. While studying this lesson, I realized
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In these two videos I was able to see the difference an effective and experienced teacher can make on students and the class environment. In the first lesson the teacher was disorganized and seemed ge
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Fayette County
In Unit 5, I learnt a lot of useful tactics to try in the classroom when maintaining discipline. I believe this section of the unit was the most important for me because I'm really not the disciplinar
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This unit summarized some of the important trends regarding educational approaches and methodologies. It illustrated the pros and cons about the classical method, the direct method, the army method,
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In this unit we learnt about some of the potential problems we as teachers might face while teaching EFL to students, the activities that can be used as warmers to get the students motivated to learn
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Forest Hills
Future tenses Future simple: we use when we take spontaneous decisions, predictions without evidence, future facts and promises/threats. Future continuous: Used ti indicate an action in progress at a
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This unit provided me with information about the use of teaching aids in the classroom. I think that the information about using interactive whiteboards was the least familiar to me. I learned that
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Franklin County
This unit was a little difficult. It explained different methodologies. The most commonly used one is engane-study-activate because it motivates the students and lets them apply the knowledge they lea
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I learned so much in this unit about language teaching and learning and the many different methods for teaching languages. I learned a great deal about elicit techniques which can be applied to many
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This Unit discusses the different teaching methods in ESL, historically and in modern times, and focuses on the ESA - Engage, Study, and Activate, which is a method widely used by new teachers today.
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This unit provides two videos of English lessons being taught to students. Both videos are of the same lesson. The first lesson is filled with deliberate mistakes on the part of the instructor. It ess
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This unit first presented some background into different teaching methodologies, explaining the basic theories behind them and also pointing out some of their strengths and weaknesses. I was able to r
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This unit covered conditionals and reported speech. Conditionals are something that English speakers use all of the time and it is something that I have given very little thought to. When learning the
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Reading, writing, speaking and listening – the four foundational skills of language learning. You can’t build a house without a strong foundation. Similarly, you won’t become a well-rounded spea
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The productive skills are speaking and writing, because learners doing these need to produce language. They are also known as active skills. They can be compared with the receptive skills of listening
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This unit covers teaching pronunciation and phonology. It emphasizes intonation and stress. For intonation it discusses rise/fall, fall/rise and flat, and what each may indicate. For stress it discuss
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This unit provided a great overview of equipment that is commonly found or brought into the language-learning classroom. Most of it was a review of known equipment for me, but provided me with more in
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In Unit 5 I learned about classroom management. I understood, how can a teacher use her/his physical presence and voice while teaching. Good eye contact helps learners to understand what they should d
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Unit 13 teaches us the best methods for introducing and teaching correct pronunciation. Stress, intonation, and other elements of natural English often absent from English-language classes, but are ke
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Gilt Edge
The reason why we plan lessons are: Create a logical sequence for the class For have a work document To have a record about we have done And in case someone need to cover you. What we put one the
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Reporting speech is how we represent the speech of other people or what we ourselves say. There are direct speech and indirect speech. Reported speech: reporting and reported clauses. The reporting c
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Whereas the previous unit was about teaching the receptive skills of listening and reading, this unit is about the productive skills of speaking and writing. All are equally important and should be gi
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In Unit 6 I learned about the past tenses: the past simple, past continuous, past perfect and past perfect continuous. It made me clear how to use two grammatical structures, the present perfect and t
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Grand Junction
The use of present tenses. Present simple: describe things in general, facts, routines and habits. Present continuous: Actions in progress at the time of speaking. "I am teaching right now" and acti
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Unit Five gives us an opportunity to reflect on the best methods for managing a class. We learn how to benefits and drawbacks of various seating arrangements, pair/group work, and Teacher Talking Time
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Here I have observed all aspects of the English phonetics and phonology like the organs of speech, the production of speech sounds, vowels and consonants, the stress of the words and sentences, intona
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Now, this unit was more about grammar parts. There were some grammatical explanations but not entirely a grammar lesson. Yet, these were elements used in oral speech, as the title itself says, and wit
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This unit explained and examined the qualities and roles of teachers and learners. I learned in this unit that it is very important to have a great relationship between teachers and learners. A good t
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In unit 16 we return to the subject of English grammar and take a close look at the different forms of conditional sentences and how to teach them effectively in the classroom. The unit also covers th
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This unit explored the teaching aids as well as equipment used for an effective lesson. Some resources used for a teaching lesson are, the board, visual aids, course books, dictionaries, computers, vi
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This unit on classroom management was very helpful. There are so many factors that enter into a successful classroom atmosphere and many of them seem to be interconnected as some of the aspects can a
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This unit explained the ways of organizing and managing classes by having a relaxed, friendly manner and maintaining discipline. Some of the ways explained in this unit are eye contact, gesture and vo
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Hardin County
Zero conditional refers to facts that are irrefutable, first conditional talks about real situations in the future that are possible after the condition is satisfied. Second conditional denotes prese
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In grammar, a future tense (abbreviated fut) is a verb form that generally marks the event described by the verb as not having happened yet, but expected to happen in the future. An example of a futur
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To create a effective and stimulating lesson and learning environment it is crucial to incorporate the tools of the trade for teaching such as a projector, white board and video audio recorders. These
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In this unit I learned the differences between the past simple, past continuous, past perfect and past perfect continuous tenses. Before doing this unit I reviewed the video for the present tenses a
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Hawkins County
Types of Tests 1) Placement: All four skills often tested. It's progressive (easy to hard level) 2) Diagnostic: Gives information about the students' current strengths and weaknesses. Can tell us abou
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Unit Five introduces the methods best for introducing new vocabulary and grammar. Vocabulary lessons will often follow the "Straight Arrow" ESA structure, while grammar lessons often follow a "Patchwo
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I learned the different types of conditional speech and the correct ways to differentiate direct and reported speech. When speaking English it is important to know how to convey a message between the
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This unit discussed the four different types of past tenses and their usages. Past simple: something that was completed in the past. "I bought bread." Past continuous: describes something that was hap
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English pronunciation is really difficult to teach. In this unit we learnt about the techniques for teaching intonation and stress and how the meaning of a sentence changes depending on the word stre
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