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Here Below you can check out the feedback (for one of our units) of one of the 16.000 students that last year took an online course with ITTT!

My biggest take-homes from Unit 8 were the creative writing activity lessons using the straight arrow ESA lesson format. I really appreciated the creative ideas such as the cartoon strip activity where I'd have the students fill in cartoon bubbles, being creative and fabricating in groups, their own story/cartoon to elicit target language. I love how this allows students to practice reading/writing/speaking with different layouts of writing. I remember when I was in AP Spanish trying to learn different layouts of writing and how difficult this was for me. However, I do feel it is important to expose students to such layouts in order to have a well-rounded language education. I like that this lesson reiterated and enunciated the importance of giving feedback on spelling, grammar, vocabulary, punctuation, and even penmanship. I totally forgot about how important good penmanship is, and how one's correct penmanship can improve their ability to be understood and not mis-read. Something else I found handy is the personal checklist which I can utilize before I do a free/creative speaking activity. This checklist includes things like what my aim is, predicting problems such as, will they have something to speak about and do they have the necessary language in their repertoire to use during this specific lesson? Do I have all my preparation materials? Is the activity fun and does it meet the interests of my students? Are my instructions clear and do I know how/what I will say to help them understand the aim of this activity? Remember DO NOT jump in with corrections; focus on what they did to contribute, how fluent they were, and recommend remedial homework for those who struggled. I could even plan an entire remedial follow-up lesson if I saw many in the class struggling with the specific lesson for the day. Another resource I thought was great was on page 10, where TEFL gives several different competitive and co-operative game ideas to use in the classroom! I think this is a great resource for creating lesson plans, remembering that I shouldn't just use games one day a month, but really think about how to incorporate games right into my class syllabus.