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This unit provides details on teaching vocabulary, grammar and functions of a new language. The four main points of learning a new language can be broken down to exposure, understanding of meaning and construction and ability to practice. To begin, the unit explains what to consider when teaching vocabulary, an especially interesting aspect of the language for beginners. In terms of selecting vocabulary teachers should keep in mind how often students will be able to use it, the appropriateness, and the teachability. Students should understand the pronunciation, spelling, use, meaning, etc in order to properly utilize the vocabulary. There are many techniques for teaching vocabulary such as mining, pictures and contrasts, in the engage stage, word searches, crosswords and matching exercises, in the study phase, and simulations, and role playing, in the activate stage. For teaching grammar, it is important to keep in mind the meaning, use, and forms of verbs. Teachers can utilize discussions, scenario building, question and answer, gap fills, information gaps, communication games, role-playing, and debate to practice grammatical structures. Lastly, teaching language functions was discussed which refers to areas like suggestion, refusal, agreement, and appropriateness of the language. The most effective way to teach these functions is through boomerang or patchwork lessons, since more student involvement and engagement will increase the ability to learn these more complex structures.