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Here Below you can check out the feedback (for one of our units) of one of the 16.000 students that last year took an online course with ITTT!

This unit was all about techniques and procedures for teaching. There are many techniques &for getting results such as grammar translation, audio-lingualism, communication language teaching (CLT), community Language Learning (CLL), The Silent way, PPP(presentation, practice & production) Task bases learning etc. All these methodologies lack somewhere and cannot be used for each and every leassob of English. Do we learned About ESA i.e.Engage, Study, Activate , ESA approach allows students more exposure to the language. It gives the teacher a great deal of flexibility in class room. ESA has 3 stages :- 1) Engage - in this stage teachers will try to arose students interest to get involved in the lessons. Activities like games, Music , introduction prompts , Partner information, Fizz-Buzz , alphabet relay, memory games , word linking , slow Pictionary etc. are conducted to encourage students interest in the topic. At this stage we don’t teach them anything, in this stage we just simply engage them. 2) Study - At this stage students will focus on language , they will learn , repeat, & give test. They will learn construction of language. At this stage we teachers should correct their mistakes special the grammatical mistakes, spelling mistakes and pronunciation mistake. Teachers can use activities like Elicitation , Pronounciation, spelling, meaning, word order , Analysis, tounge twister, word search etc to teach the lesson. 3) Activate- At this stage , students are encouraged to use the language. Typical activities include role play, communication games, debate , surveys and mill drill , story building etc . There are 3 types of ESA Lessons 1) Straight Arrow ESA - In this lesson teacher takes the lesson in ESA order. It allows the students to use the language in a controlled way in the study sequence & then give them a chance to activate the language in fun way. Lesson goes in order of Engage— Study — Activate 2) Boomerang ESA - A boomerang approach gives more possibilities while still incorporating ESA. This technique ensures that teacher is supplying the students with language when they have already demonstrated that they are in need of it . This type follows a pattern Engage — Activate 1— study — Activate2 . Problem with this method is teacher has to predict what problems students are likely to have in the first activity stage in order to have ideas for students in study phase. 3) Patchwork ESA Lesson - this type of lesson will require a lot of mini block building to a whole. In this method teacher can have as many Engage , study and activate stages as required , starting with Engage stage and ending with activate stage. This method gives a greater deal of flexibility & provide a nice balance between study and activation. In this unit we also learned that, students should be corrected for there errors and mistakes but positively in order to maintain there interest in the language. Teachers should always correct the students at the end when they have completed speaking , a teacher should never interfere between a discussion.