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Here Below you can check out the feedback (for one of our units) of one of the 16.000 students that last year took an online course with ITTT!

From this unit I learnt how to use ESA methods to introduce new language when it comes to grammar and vocabulary. For example when it comes to vocabulary first of all teacher should explain students the meaning, usage, word grammar, spelling, pronunciation and interaction of the word. To do that one of the good ways is to use "straight arrow" method. For example it is time to learn vocabulary of describing human body parts. As a teacher I would bring a pictures of different celebrities and let students to speak about their look. Compare them. After I would hand out crosswords with body parts drawn and they have to fill up the words. After checking crossword answers I would make students to go in pairs and give them some time to prepare presentation to compare their look. When it's time to talk about grammar first i would explain again the meaning, usage, forms&patterns and spoken and written form (explain the difference between those two). For a lesson i would use ESA patchwork. For example: The subject of the class is "day off". First of all make students to discuss what they used to do on their last day off. Write down some phrases on the board. After discussion make them pair up to write down a short story of their day off using past tenses. After that discussing these stories in front of the class to analyse their past tense usage. After analyse I would show them a picture of some activities people are doing while they have day off and make them to write story about it. When it's done pass it to others to check their grammar and tense use. Analyse again in the class. Last but not least make the whole class to come up with a story: someone says one sentence and next person repeats that and adds a new sentence (all of them have to be in the past form). For teaching language functions I would use ESA boomerang type lessons. For example: I will make a discussion in the class about clothing items. First I would show some of my favorite items and let them talk what do they like about it, what not? Trying to get out their opinions. After I would give a task to go around the class and talk about their favorite clothing items and make them find at least 3 people who prefer the same item. After what I would play a video clip of people sharing opinions about clothing items (formal/informal) and accepting/rejecting that opinion. After video clip I would put them in pairs to come up with a dialogues(formal/informal) of changing two of their favorite items with other person (first answer denial, second one approval).