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Ellis Grove
This unit was a great help in getting to know the best ways to set up a class depending on a variety of factors. It helped prepare me for my time as a teacher by providing set up options that can work
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Basically i learnt that the future tenses are used on future meanings,however it one of the complex areas of the English language as so many different tenses and ideas can be used with future meanings
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From this unit I took away two main points. The first point that will stick with me is that on the first day it is more important to establish a rapport than to dive right into the textbook. Looking b
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Elmwood Park
Coursebooks and lesson materials are extremely important when it comes to teaching a specific group of students. Teachers should consider a number of variables in order for them to choose the correct
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In this unit i learnt that the teacher's ability to inspire confidence in the students is the key for the class to be able to learn effectively.More so the teacher must be flexible and hence classroom
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There are many different methodologies for teaching English, however the best ways grant maximum exposure to the language, a certain amount of input from the instructor, with low anxiety and stress le
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Unit 7 is about the language function, vocabulary and grammar. The important thing about this unit is that the teacher must teach a good balance of the three segments as they are considered to be the
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Unit 11 is about receptive skills and shows the different points a teacher has to bare in mind when selecting texts for his class. One important thing is to keep the students motivated which means tha
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In the classroom setting one of the main activities of the teacher will be presenting information to the students, and there are a variety of tools and technologies available to assist in this, both v
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As a new teacher to the English Language profession, I have had challenges to complete my lesson as planned in my lesson so this chapter was definitely a big help to me. I do plan on following the sa
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This unit is the most complicated so far. It covers phonetics of English language, intonations, stresses, The International Phonetic Alphabet and production of sounds. Information about rises and fall
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Unit Four covered the 4 forms of Present Tense: Simple Present, Present Perfect, Present Continuous and Present Perfect Continuous. In addition to these 4 present tenses, the unit also presented the n
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This unit has broaden my knowledge about lesson materials and how limitless are the topics to be introduced to students especially if we're dealing with Authentic Materials. There are so many topics t
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After learning about the different methodologies in EFL, two in particular have drawn my attention: ESA and Grammar-Translation. ESA for being the most effective and Grammar-Translation for being the
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There are many auxillary verbs that were added to the beginning of other verbs which adds additional information to the sentence. These may alter the politeness level of the sentence, the degree of co
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Evergreen Park
The relationship between the student and teacher is critical. Students come to class for a variety of reasons and its our job to provide a great lesson. We can do that buy using a variety of different
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The future is one of the most complex tenses in English. It can note up until 7 different forms, of which, 2 can be used as present and future, depending on context. As stated in the previous unit, on
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Unit 10 shows examples of two different lessons, from which I have learnt what mistakes and errors I won’t do in the future. Such behaviour of the teacher as in the first lesson is not acceptable an
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Fairmont City
It is important to have a balance in our classes with the skills that we teach. All are equally important and we should incorporate all 4 of them in our classes. We may tend to focus in one Skill in s
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The two types of material available to assist in instruction are authentic and creative, authentic being taken from the real world and creative being something published from a book or generated by th
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Previous units have taught me the importance of being aware of the culture and local language of your students. I am well aware for example (as China will be my target market) that in Mandarin, the fo
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Speaking and writing are the skills that students feel they have to improve more;speaking being number one. This is is why understanding how they can be taught since learners are more eager to learn t
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Unit 19 on Teaching Special Groups explains the special populations of students that an EFL/ESL teacher may encounter. Included herein are beginners (of which there are several types), children, busin
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I have been using a course book as my guide so can deliver continuity and connectivity of the lesson in my class. Although I am not 100 percent in using the coursebook, I believe it is useful mainly i
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Teaching does not only depend on knowledge about the matter, but also on how to do it. Class management is very important as students need a good environment for learning. The components of this envir
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This unit was the most complicated unit so far, as understanding phonetic script is a new concept for me. This unit is in depth and covers the instruction of pronunciation, specifically by explaining
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In this unit, it teaches pronunciation and phonology. It show the definition of Pronunciation. And tells many types of Intonation: rise/fall, fall/rise, flat, ect. and the different meaning of them.An
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Just like any other language English language also has four basic skills; Speaking, writing, listening and reading. All these four skills are equally important in completely understanding a language.
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English as a foreign language is learnt and taught for a variety of purposes over vast territories all around the world. Successful classroom learning derives from productive learning contexts establ
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The future tense is different from other tenses in English. There are more ways to talk about the future than to talk about the present or the past. In addition to the four ‘traditional’ tenses or
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This unit was a continuation of the grammar unit on present tenses, and covered the past tenses in a similar manner. While more complicated to construct, and therefore more difficult for an EFL learne
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As a native speaker of English, I am glad that I never had to learn proper English grammar like we have in this unit. Even though this is just the beginning, I am understanding that English has a lot
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Unit Nine had to do with Writing a Lesson Planning for the purpose of aiding your planning, creating a flexible, working document and acting as a record of what you taught for future reference. There
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Flat Rock
we have previously looked at the importance of integrated skills in the classroom, and also examined receptive skills in more detail. Now we take a look at the productive skills like speaking and writ
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Only when grammar is accurate do sentences make sense and people are able to communicate. Teaching grammar to young learners can be a challenging task. Though it is required at an early age to develop
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In this unit i learnt about modal auxiliary verbs and these are can,may,might,shall among many.These are used to express a number of different ideas and they can also be used to express different degr
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In unit 6, I learned about past tenses. They are very similar to present tenses, although of course refer only to a different time. The four tenses are: Past simple, past continuous, past perfect, and
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Ford Heights
I learned many very practical ways to deal with problems that arise when teaching English. Like appointing group leaders to manage classroom activities. Having them pass out worksheets or collect work
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Forest City
It's important to recognize the difference between good teaching and bad teaching. When it comes to bad teaching it really doesn't mean the class will be bad because it all relies on your attitude. If
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Forest Park
This is the final unit on grammar. It will discuss model auxiliary verbs, the passive voice as well as phrasal verbs and relative causes. 1. Modal Auxiliary Verbs The ‘models’ are: can, could,
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Forest View
For teachers, having the first class must be nerve racking because in this situation a teacher is not aware of the students level. With that said, it is easy to learn from this unit to produce activit
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Unit 13 is about Pronunciation. An effective teacher should consider the teaching of pronunciation an integral part of the course because students are as concerned about it as they are with any other
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This Unit explains the usage of Present Tense in English. There are four present tenses: simple present, present perfect, present continuous, and present perfect continuous. Use of the present tense d
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Unit 6 presented two case studies of lessons. During the first lesson, the teacher was impolite, unfriendly, and seemed as if he really did not like this job; contrary to the sencond lesson's attitude
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Fort Wayne
This unit discussed the advantages and disadvantages of authentic and created materials. It also discussed the advantages and disadvantages of using a course book in class. I found this part very inte
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Fox Lake
A good teacher is someone with a good knowledge of the language but also somebody that cares for his/her students and with love for teaching. It is very important that we analyze the kind of student w
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Fox River Grove
This unit provided a comprehensive list and description of the different teaching methodologies, the different stages of learning (ESA) and the ways (and activities) to guide the students through each
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In this content the videos demonstrated the importance of the teachers' approach and attitude towards the students. Simple gestures like smiling and asking students' names in the beginning of the clas
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There are typically three main subjects that can be taught in foreign language classes: vocabulary, grammar structures, and language functions. 1. Vocabulary. Students need to know: a. its meaning
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Franklin Grove
The unit on managing classes was a very well-written and organized unit. The lessons were logical, concise, and informative. It was interesting to be told specifically not to use a student's name at
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