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As a teacher it is important to understand that teaching productive skills to your students may not be an easy task. Specially since both speaking and writing skills will require for the teacher to el
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nit reflection: Write a brief overview of the content of this unit and what you feel that you have learnt from it. If stating an opinion you will need to give reasons. This section is not graded but m
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Barrington Hills
This unit focuses on productive skills, one of two communication skills - receptive and productive skills - necessary to understand when teaching a second language. Productive skills are writing and
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Basically from this unit ,i learnt that there is a wide range of teaching equipment and aids that can be used to make the lesson much fun and exciting for the students.In addition ,different schools h
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Unit 5 was very interesting and had a practical aspect as it presented a suitable manner of preparing a lesson plan through some simple steps. Although it is mentioned that lesson plans suit best unex
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After this unit I would like to highlight following ideas: part knowledge as the way he understood it. The use of innovative methods in educational institutions has the potential not only to
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I have learnt the other groups or classes of learners being the absolute beginner, the false beginner, the adult beginner, the young beginner and the beginner without Roman alphabet.l have learnt the
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unit 15 is about conditional and reported speech. there are 4 conditionals, zero, first, second and third plus a mixed one that usually is "if+past perfect, would+base form"but there are also other mi
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There are seven common future tenses. The future simple tense is used when making promises, predictions, future certainties, threats, spontaneous decisions, and assumptions. For future simple tense
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The unit provides information about the use and non-use of modals, passive voice, active voice and phrasal verbs. I consider that practical activities and exercises are very important in the process
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Bay View Gardens
I think that with this unit I covered some very important aspects of the business of English, due to, my actual job is closely related with all these different groups. With this unit I realized that
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any language has 4 basic skills: -receptive skills:reading and listening -productive skills: writing and speaking they are all equally important. in unit 11 reading and listening are the focus and it
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Beach Park
In this unit, there are many useful tools and equipment provided to new EFL teachers. Teaching aids such as cassette recorder, interactive white boards, and videos and DVDs for teachers to utilize. Th
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This unit provided information on the following key points: 1. The various roles that a English can play when teacher, e.g. Manager vs Prompter 2. Characteristics of a good teacher vs what makes a tea
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This unit basically focusses on the management of a classroom by pointing out the skill possessed by a teacher with respect to organizing and managing a class, ensuring a friendly and relaxed atmosphe
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Unit 12 also has its challenges just like Unit 11 (Receptive Skills). I agree that the writing skill is not really been given that great emphasis and importance unlike the other skills. But writing is
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Bedford Park
The unit discussed the teaching of Productive skill - Speaking and Writing. The unit explained the reasons students might not participate in speaking activities such as lack of confidence, fear of mak
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Beech Grove
This unit is about productive skills - speaking and writing. These are the counterparts to the two receptive skills - reading and listening. The productive skills can be practiced with the purpose of
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This unit is an introduction not only in teaching pronunciation and phonology but an excellent beginning in the understanding of the phonetic alphabet. Phonology being the study or science of the clas
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Beecher City
I feel this unit is very easy. As have grammatical details given as zero, first, second and third conditional. This unit includes the direct and indirect speech which reflects how to change the senten
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As it is definied, pronunciation is the way in which a word is pronounced. Thus, this unit is very important in the domain of English language teaching. Its will help english language lovers to be mor
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This unit is an overview of teaching the receptive skills of reading and listening and the various methods in which we employ these skills when using the English language. Different types of receptive
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Belle Rive
This unit is about teaching pronunciation of words and phonology, which is how the word should sound when it is pronounced to the audience. It is a difficult concept to understand and teach to student
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This unit describes various classroom equipment and teaching aids. The unit goes into detail in regards to best practices concerning the usage of equipment such as overhead projectors, whiteboards, in
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Unit 13 about Pronunciation and Phonology taught me that I have to learn a lot about how to teach this effectively. I easily absorbed the way people speak and just copied it, that is why I have a feel
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Aside from the typical work sheets and books we frequently use in the classroom, there are also other several tools or equipment that a teacher can use. Some equipment have different types and with ap
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This unit is devoted back to the grammar aspects: Modal auxiliary verbs, Passive/Active voice, Relative Clauses and Phrasal Verbs. The unit is looking at the grammar and usage of these structures, as
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I think this lesson is one of my favorite ones. Not only did it give a list of very helpful equipment such as white/blackboard, interactive whiteboard (IWB), overhead projector (OHP), visual aids, wor
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Unit 18 provided a lesson on modals, phrasal verbs, and passive voice. During the first part of the lesson, basic rules for using modals were provided. A table of many different auxiliary verbs and th
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It was a very interesting lesson as i could see an example of right and an example of a wrong lessons which can be given by a teacher, however the last question of the test asks how they could improve
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Thankful for Unit 2. I've learned the concept about 'parts of speech, which is a basis of the gramma. It is important and useful and made me more clear about those concepts especially those I felt alw
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This unit, I learned about course materials and how to use them in the classroom setting. I learned about the advantages and disadvantages of using course books and materials, as well as how to implem
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This unit explained the four different forms the present tense can take in English. These are the present simple, present continuous, present perfect, and present perfect continuous. The present sim
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In this unit I learned about the different ways to evaluating the students. There are different ways to assess the students' language level using tests, tutorials and evaluation by the student. Testi
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Evaluation and testing in an English classroom are as important as the teaching of the language. These will allow the teacher to keep track of the progress of the students and not only that, it will a
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In this unit, I learnt how to teach productive skills: speaking and writing. When teaching speaking materials, we have to pay attention to accuracy and fluency activities, which should be used in diff
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This unit covered the grammatical topics including modal verbs, the passive voice, and phrasal verbs. Each modal verb came with a list of usages that present its degree of formality, certainty, polite
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Big Rock
These two videos were great examples of how the teacher taught a lesson. The first video demonstrated how the teacher's attitude affected the whole atmosphere of the class. Students were uncomfortable
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The tenses are an extremely difficult area of learning for English students, so we begin with the present tenses. The present simple tense adds and s/es to the base form of the verb. The present simp
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These two ESA demonstration lessons gave me the opportunity to see the difference between effective and ineffective teaching. Now I want to briefly state what negative aspects in the lesson 1 and posi
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Bishop Hill
The focus of this unit is to get us exploring the past. This unit can be used very well in our lessons especially when it comes to storytelling and getting to know our students better. We can get info
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This lesson helped construct a lesson plan from material as well as made sure I was able to differentiate ESA phases. I found the questions on the test to be rather contradicting to the whole lesson o
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Through this unit studying, I have learned a lot about classes construction and classes programs. which means i will pay more attention in the interesting and unique students ' personalities of teachi
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There are 4 basic skills in any language: reading and listening, speaking and writing. All of these skills are very important We should try to incorporate all of them in our lessons if we want to have
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This unit describes the receptive skills--listening and reading--and provides information about the best approach to teach them. The unit mentions the importance of selecting texts and listening activ
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Blue Mound
This unit dwells on the future tenses;the future simple, the future continuous, the future perfect,the future perfect continuous,and the rest.The above structuresea are detailly analyzed. I discovered
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This units describes varying types of evaluation and assessment of the English language skills and level of students. Evaluation and consequent feedback is an important part of English learning as it
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This unit gives a concise overview of basic English grammar and parts of speech. It covers nouns, adjective, verbs, adverbs, articles, gerunds, pronouns, prepositions, conjunctions and all the sub cat
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Unit Thirteen had to do with Stress and Intonation. Stress is where the emphasis is placed in word and/or sentence. Intonation is the rising and falling of volume and pitch in the same sentence. Both
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This unit describes in great detail how to tailor your class for the audience you will be teaching. I have taught in the past and have had college Sophomores all the way to PhD students. Each class is
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