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There are four basic skills in a language: 1. reading (receptive) 2. listening (receptive) 3. speaking (productive) 4. writing (productive) Two reasons for reading and listening: 1. for a purpose 2.
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Bone Gap
Registering for this course has been a truly memorable one. In the beginning, I never thought I would have enough time to complete all units of this course due to my busy schedule. Nevertheless, as I
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This was a fun unit with a lot of great information in it. I really like the idea of giving a Needs Analysis to the class at the beginning of working together to help prioritize the needs of the group
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In this unit on the different Conditionals, their forms, and usages, and on reporting speech I tried to memorize the different grammar rules for how conditionals are structured and how to properly rep
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In this unit we watched 2 videos of the same lesson being taught. One was an example of a bad lesson, and the other was an example of a good lesson. The first video was the bad lesson. The teacher
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This unit was an extensive look at teaching pronunciation. It covered a lot of ground, and included quite a bit of technical information, terms, and nuanced descriptions. This was a deep look at the p
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Unit 4 deals with the present tenses which are four in total. Of course, each tense is used to express a different type of situation/action and, therefore, has to be chosen adequately. What stunned me
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These grammar features are helpful when you want to change formality of your message. Modal verbs can help you to give extra meaning to what you are saying. They express degrees of certanty, for examp
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Troubleshooting is important because anticipating potential problems and challenges in the classroom equips me to become a better teacher. I am eager to use all the skills I've learned in the past 20
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Unit 20 covers common problem situations a teacher may face in a class. This includes first lesson in a class, different language levels in one class, work with large classes, use of students native l
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In this units talks about tense system in the future with the seven common tenses used being the future simple, the fire continuous,future perfect,the future perfect continuous ,Be going + infitive,th
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In this lesson, I learn the importance classroom management and having a relaxed class. I also learn about how having a good seating arrangement depending on the size and space of the class. Building
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The future tense as the other verb tenses can be just as important. A teacher should understand and know how to use the different tenses in order to really explain it to his students. After studying
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this unit demonstrates the different ways of teaching for different levels and ages of learners such as beginners, young learners and business English learners. here I have got useful skills in how to
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Unit sixteen explains the usage of conditional and reported speech in English language. Sentences containing "if/when" can change the grammatical structure in indirect reporting. Several grammar stru
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Teaching English pronunciation is a challenging task with different objectives at each level as far as student’s mother tongue phonological system might be quite different from English. For example,
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This unit is an introduction of the characteristics of teachers and learners. It gives a detail description of the different variables that needed to be consider in order to be effective as a teacher.
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This unit broke down teaching certain general parts of English to EFL learners. These include vocabulary, grammar, and language functions. Although it's difficult to predict what vocabulary will be ap
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In this unit, I learned about the usage of authentic and created materials in the classroom. Authentic materials have advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are, it boost the students confidence
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Productive skills, speaking and writing, are used to communicate. Unfortunately, writing is one of the most neglected skills, since teachers do not like that ‘quiet time’ and prefer to develop spe
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This unit was an interesting introduction into the relationship between different aspects that lead to full language comprehension. Having a brief understanding of the relationship between the recepti
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This unit is about how we can help our students find the method of learning English, how to correct their mistakes and how to give them feedback. As a teacher, we need to give our students input first
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This 15th unit, “Evaluation and Testing”, looks at different ways of evaluating students’ levels and progress by means of tutorials, evaluation by students or tests. It also describes the types
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In teaching language to students, it is important to choose the materials to be used by the teacher carefully. In the previous topic, I already encountered the term Authentic and Non-authentic materia
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In this unit I have learned about the 4 different tenses included under the header of the present tense; simple, continuous, perfect and perfect continuous, I have learned to differentiate between th
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Unit 11 mainly talks about how to teach the two important receptive skills- reading and listening. It has taught us why we need listening and reading, how we listen and read which employs a number of
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This unit is a explanation of how to contract conditional and reported speech. It talks about the two clauses in conditionals and also the main conditions that exist with their usage and forms. It als
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This unit describes different tests that can be used in different scenarios. It gave me a better idea of what can be done to gauge the levels of different students at the start and during the school y
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Unit 4 discussed the four tenses under the general umbrella "present tenses", namely: present simple tense, present continuous tense, present perfect tense, and present perfect continuous tense. For e
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Reading and listening are equally important skills for learning a language as speaking and writing are. Both are receptive skills which can play a vital role for a student to grasp the language mater
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I really appreciated this lesson as a break from all the theory. Watching the first video it was obvious that the teacher's expectations were too high. He was being passive aggressive. It's no wonder
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The needs of assessing the outcome of learning have led to the development and elaboration of different test formats. Testing language has traditionally taken the form of testing knowledge about langu
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Buffalo Grove
the charts in this unit were extremely helpful. Buy why didnt you make charts to explain the transitive seperable phrasal verbs. I dont have access to any grammer books as I live in a thrird world cou
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Bull Valley
With approximately seven years of being a business corporate trainer, one constant factor that has contributed to the success of any training I either facilitate or develop its content lies in my abil
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Unit reflection: Write a brief overview of the content of this unit and what you feel that you have learnt from it. If stating an opinion you will need to give reasons. This section is not graded but
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A great deal of this unit is devoted to discussions best left for "on the job" sessions. That is to say, when working for a particular institution, generally the institution itself will provide the n
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Bureau Junction
This unit is very helpful detailing the importance of lessons plans as a guide but not using lesson plans a mandated and scripted format. The unit shows the importance of the teacher being confident
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Teaching beginners can be somewhat frightening to new teachers. One-on-one lessons are increasingly becoming a demand from business people due to their time availability and specific needs. In this ca
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This unit explained phonemic symbols and how to use them. We also learned about stressing words and syllables. Stress on a certain word can change the focus of the sentence and help convey meaning fas
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Burnt Prairie
The receptive skills are reading and listening. It is very important to incorporate them into our lessons to have a balanced approach. When reading or listening we employ a number of specialist skills
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Burr Ridge
There are few ways to evaluate student progress. The first discuss with the student about work done, aims of the lesson and how do they understand the task of the lesson. The second way is evaluation
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The past tense has four forms: Past simple past perfect, past continuous, and past perfect continuous. The past simple form is used when the time is known, talked about, happened at an unmentioned but
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In this unit i have learned about different course materials and how to decide upon which to use. The split is mainly between authentic writing or writing as it is found in real life and unauthentic
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During the first lesson it is important to approach the class with a clear context of what has been taught to the students, whether this is their first day of class or in the middle of certain materia
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In this unit two of four main skills was learnt, they are receptive skills – reading and listening. There are two motives for reading and listening: for purpose and for entertainment. For a better
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Unit thirteen focuses on correct pronunciation of words and sentences in English language. There are several techniques provided to pronounce words accurately. Stress and intonation also play a vital
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The receptive skills are listening and reading, because learners do not need to produce language to do these, they receive and understand it. These skills are sometimes known as passive skills. They c
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Calumet Park
This unit focused on how to approach your first lesson as an ESL teacher. It has taught me the two possible groups i could have, existing or new group, and new group. Also it taught me how I should
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I learned some valuable points for what makes a good teacher. A good teacher requires certain personalities and qualities such as patience, caring and love for teaching that would assist the students
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The relationships between teacher and students are crucially important. The more care, enthusiasm and motivation the teacher gives to the students the more response he/she gets from them, the better t
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