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Unit Fifteen was about Evaluation and Testing. Before a student is assigned a class or level, they should take a placement test. Once in the class, the teacher should give a diagnostic test to measure
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I have been teaching my students the English pronunciation for quite sometimes but didn’t try to explain about the Phonemes. What I usually do is only to let the students listen to the proper pronun
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Camp Point
This Unit gives an overview of phonology and pronunciation in the English language. Intonation, meaning the way a sentence as a whole is said, with the tone of voice going up or down, is important bec
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Campbell Hill
This unit details the different types of teaching practices and exposes pros and cons for each and identifies which techniques work best for possible student levels. It is also interesting to break d
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Campton Hills
In this unit, both video lessons demonstrate the interactions between the teacher and students. The first lesson portrayed ineffective style of teaching ESL students while the second lesson is more ef
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In this unit, it was obvious of the differences between the two video demonstrations. As a new teacher to students whose first language is not English, I recognize most of the mistakes in the first v
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This unit, I learned about the importance of phonetics in teaching English language and how it can be very challenging for both students and teachers in ensuring that it is taught well and understood.
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In this unit I have learnt about the numerous techniques teachers use in order to keep their students organised, engaged, participative and disciplined at all times during lessons. Effective classroom
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As a new teacher of EFL, I have found that all of these equipment and teaching aids have been very helpful and make lessons more effective and fun for the students. I have had the experience of my OH
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Carbon Cliff
This unit dwells with modals,phrasal verbs and passive voice.Modal is an auxiliary verb hat expresses necessity or possibility. We use modal verbs to show show if we belief something is certain, proba
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Carbon Hill
The unit focused on conditional and reported speech. It explained the meaning of conditional. Different categories of conditional statements was explained in the unit. Namely, zero conditionals, first
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This unit was a good, brief overview of teaching the two receptive skills: reading and listening. The example of teaching about Elvis Presley, and the associated lesson plan, is a blueprint for using
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In this unit I have learned to characterised parts of my speech to their definition, I have made distinctions between different types of nouns, verbs prepositions, adverbs and learned that some word
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Carol Stream
This unit outlines various types of evaluations and assessments used in language schools. Placement tests are conducted prior to starting an EFL course to determine the student's language level while
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I have learned that there are multiples ways throughout the year to evaluate my students. Practice tests are good for understanding the test format. Placement and diagnostic tests are good for testing
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Carrier Mills
Unit 18 discusses four different grammatical structures: modal verbs, passive voice, relative clauses and phrasal verbs. 1. modal verbs are verbs that come together with another verb (in base form) an
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There are a wide variety of language learning tools available for classroom use, involving modem and not modern techniques. Typically older tools, such as cassette tapes, video cameras, overhead proje
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When teaching English it is very important to keep TTT ( Teacher Talking Time) to a minimum. Speak clearly and make sure all your students fully understand the form and usage of the specific tense or
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This course unit, I learned about conditionals and reported speech. I learned the five main clauses, zero, first, second, third and mixed conditionals and how we use them. I found that the breakdown o
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As said before, teaching is not all about knowing the grammar and content of the lessons, but it is also about giving the students a place and time where they feel good about their learning experience
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Cedar Lake
Troubleshooting is a good way to find out what works and doesn't work for the class as a whole as well as individual students or a group of students. It helps decipher other ways to ensure the student
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Cedar Point
This unit gives a very concise overview of the roles of both the teacher and the student. It sets a good expectation of different expectations and scenarios that could and would happen in the classroo
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This unit was useful for me to understand the importance of seating arrangements, teacher and student talk-time, the teacher's voice, physical positions of students and teachers, and proper disciplina
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Central City
The unit discussed the teaching of pronunciation and phonology. It examine the various aspect of phonology such as intonation, stress, phoneme, etc. It discussed the in detail the rise/fall intonation
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Cerro Gordo
There are different ways of evaluating students´ levels and progress: tutorials, evaluation by the students, tests (placement and progress tests). There are also general external examination like TOE
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This unit describes the various conditionals and their uses as well as the rules for reported speech. This information is necessary for correctly being able to talk about hypothetical events, effects
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I think this unit was one of the most useful parts of this course and helped me a lot to understand and develop my knowledge about phonics. infact this is one of the parts I always take it easy and tr
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There are advantages and disadvantages of the created materials, authentic materials and course books presented in the unit. I appreciate both theoretical and practical information in this regard. All
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I am happy to learn about the different kinds of theories an methodologies which is really helpful for my teaching in future. And I also learned how a good lesson should look like and what stages it
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This unit began by explaining why lesson planning is important. Although over dependence on a lesson plan can lead to rigid and inflexible lessons, it is important to prepare one to ensure the lesson
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The past tense in English language is a grammatical tense whose principal function is to place an action or situation in past time. The simple past consists of just the past tense form of the verb. It
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Unit 5, on Managing Classes discusses the important factors that can affect a teacher's performance and success in teaching language (or even other subjects). Included in this unit are classroom manag
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I learnt that the relationship between students and teachers is very important. I have decided that the most important value one must have as a teacher is 'passion' and love for the people you teach e
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Cherry Valley
The main idea of this unit is how to teach the future tense. The structure can be taught through discussions based on future predictions, holiday plans and your schedule for the next week. This topic
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This unit was a very useful one. As I am doing this course online it was very helpful to see the difference that a different attitude or approach can have as well as an understanding of how to run a l
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There's no better demostration of how the teacher's attitude and how effective a good explanation can be thn watching someone performing it in real life. It demostrates how students can be confused an
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Chicago Ridge
The unit was rather very interesting with the demo video. The teacher in the video was amazing as he built quick rapport with the students and made the 1 hour long class much interesting even though t
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The year I started teaching seventh- to twelfth-grade English in Minneapolis, Prince launched his song about urban ruin, "Sign o' the Times." That song was an apt musical backdrop for the lives of my
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In this unit, it teachess Wquipment and teaching aids. There're many different teaching aids can be used to manke lessons more interesting, effective and less dependent on the text book. The teachin
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Cissna Park
This unit was similar to what we learned with the present in how the language is organized structurally. However, the usages for the past are clearly different. I would say that this is my favorite te
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This section is exciting because it presents more of the interactive ways to engage students in the learning process, especially ways that offer self- critique. The use of video cameras or even DVDs
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Clarendon Hills
This unit covered course books and lesson materials. I learned the advantages and disadvantages of using coursebooks, for me personally I would advocate for using course books and creating supplement
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managing the class is the main point of teaching in my idea as it can maximize the learning aspect with proper arrangements in seating position, group/individual activities and maintaining discipline
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Clay City
This unit deals with a bunch of teaching theories, methodologies and techniques.It introduced me to several different methodologies before focusing on the ESA method that is used throughout the course
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I learned the major differences between accuracy and fluency. Both are key and both are different. There isn't much more I learned. words words words words words words words words words words words wo
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Clear Lake
The fact is to teach you need to understand English. Even though aspects of English are tough, it's our responsibility to break things down in order for our students to understand the aspects we are t
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This unit was an introduction to grammar and gave some advice on how to teach some particularly hard parts of speech to students. Being conscious of what you are saying and knowing the grammar will be
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This 19th unit, “Teaching Special Groups”, looks at the types of specific classes that most teachers could eventually be required to teach at some point in their career: beginners, individual stu
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Unit 6 on Past Tenses discussed the four types of past tenses, namely past simple, past continuous, past perfect, and past perfect continuous. For each of these types, the structure for affirmative se
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Coal City
A unit on teaching equipment and aids. Teaching aids can be used to make lessons more interesting, effective and less dependent on the textbook. Resources commonly found in classrooms and study cen
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