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Coal Valley
Once again the things we have learned have already been covered in a previous chapter. I think its good the way your company has structered the units. one is hard and the next is easier. this one was
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The topic of this unit shows two kinds of teaching ways which have presented by video. I have noticed how a teacher could influence the students to be more interested and interactive in the class in t
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This unit took me quite a while as there was a lot of information to absorb. Including a whole new alphabet of phonemic symbols! There were things about how stress in different words and different par
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This grammar chapter focuses on four topics: modal verbs, passive voice, relative clauses, and phrasal verbs. Modal verbs, which are auxiliary verbs that express various ideas, such as obligation
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Teaching modal auxiliary verbs, the passive voice, relative clauses and especially phrasal verbs may be quite a challenge for a teacher. Thus, teachers should have a profound knowledge on this subject
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In unit 12 of this course we learned the importance of writing and speaking. We looked at different techniques on how to help learn English for the student and help to teach the English language for t
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This unit introduces eight parts of speech. They are commonly called the ‘building blocks’ of the English language because of their importance. Each word in a sentence has its own role. Greater un
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Columbia City
This chapter gave great ideas of how to properly use teaching aids and technology equipment in the classroom. Some school districts support technology and all the new ways of teaching using them in th
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Unit Six presented the 4 forms of past tense: simple, perfect, continuous and perfect continuous. Simple past tense is formed by adding -ed to most verbs, however some verbs have irregular past tense
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Phonetics is one of the most important, complex, and least taught and understood aspects of teaching english. In english there are many regional accents, however in general there are some common tonat
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The unit includes information about teaching speaking and writing to EFL students. I find extremely useful the examples of controlled and guided activities and ESA lessons that are provided together w
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Additional grammatical constructs related to verbs in addition to tenses are modal auxiliary verbs, phrasal verbs which can be transitive or intransitive, active and passive voice and relative clauses
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The past tense is another very important lesson in grammar. Students have lots of difficulties understanding the tenses and mostly there uses. It is very important to let them understand the form an
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In this Unit, it tells us theories, methods and techniques. There are many theories including: grammar-translation, Audio-lingualism, PPP, Task-based learning, CLT,CLL, the Silent way, Suggestopaedia,
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Though not stated outwardly, it's important to ensure students have a good understanding of the English alphabet, speaking and pronunciation before advancing to any other sort of language lesson. This
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The receptive learning skills of reading and listening are important components of a successful language learning program. Learning is more effective when practiced in several different ways. Recept
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The teacher of a classroom should be well prepared before any class he teaches. It is important for a teacher to understand that he needs certain tools or equipment that will aid him when teaching.
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Unit 11 was all about teaching the receptive skills: reading and listening. Both reading and listening are equally important, because the students not only need to understand the literal meaning or us
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Unit 15 covers tests and assessments, mostly tests. It gives a brief overview of different tests used in language schools for placing students, and measuring their progress, as well as external tests
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I feel that from this unit I've learned I've learned that I should cater to the students depending on culture, mother toungue and their command on the English language, also to take age in considerati
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This last grammar-oriented unit briefly looks at modals, phrasal verbs, passive voice and relative clauses. It also provides us with good examples, charts that clearly show how these forms are structu
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Crescent City
I really like how the mill drill worked out as a teaching technique. The students got to repeat the same question in a conversational form, and thats the type of english I want to teach here in this c
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For some reason, the videos (particularly the first one) reminded me a lot of the Marjorie Dawes segments from the Little Britain series - I'm not sure why that was so. This was a relatively simple a
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Unit 11 provided information on the receptive skills, listening & reading. In this unit, we studied the reasons for reading and listening, how we read and listen, the different skills associated with
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This module covered different ways of teaching pronunciation to students of English, through the study of phonology. The three physical properties of sounds are stress, rhythm, and intonation. All s
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Creve Coeur
This unit is about the present tense. It describes the four aspects of the tense, as was done for the previous tenses (simple, continuous, perfect, and perfect continuous). However the future tense al
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This unit was the presentation of a dichotomy of teaching styles. From the beginning of lesson 1, the teacher displays a general disinterest in building a rapport with the students. He immediately be
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Crown Point
This unit is particularly interesting. Anyone can learn valuable lessons from this unit specially by memorizing the phonetic script. Not only will you be able to pronounce words correctly but you will
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I found this unit particularly helpful as the do’s and don’ts when teaching, mentioned in previous units, were accentuated on the two videos. Here are my conclusions. A good first impression and
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Lesson planning is useful for those who are beginning their careers as teachers. It helps add structure that the teacher can use to keep the learning objectives that he/she plans to accomplish for the
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Basically from the videos in this unit i learnt the importance of good rapport between the teacher and the students.Also i learnt of the best methods and techniques to use when teaching the students t
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Testing and examinafion are valuable tools that allow teachers to gauge students' control of English. Placement tests help teachers group students by level, and diagnostic test further target individu
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This unit we learned about the two receptive skills- reading and listening. We examined how both are important and how we read and listen in a classroom. Using a patchwork lesson example, we addressed
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This unit is about the productive skills: speaking and writing. While speaking and writing are substantially different in many ways, they both are used for the same purpose – to communicate. In many
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Dalton City
Course books are valuable if you use them properly. The problem comes when you try to use books developed in Europe in places in Asia for example. The language, examples, and activities may not transl
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A very useful but long unit which could be departed into smaller and more detailed units to be more productive and understandable! Most of the mentioned methods have already been using in my classes b
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Lessons online cover a variety of topics such as exploration, space transportation, radiation and fluids in space. They are based on demonstrations or experiments performed on board the International
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This unit explains the systems and structures which support the tense system as it relates to the past tenses. As with the present tenses we are taught past simple, past continuous, past perfect and p
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Each teacher has different manner to share their knowledge with the class .its possible to teach a language by the music play a game and giving homework.classroom manegent is depend experience and kno
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This unit goes over the different tools that the teacher may have access to to aid their lesson in the classroom. Each item comes with a list of advantages and disadvantages, but all may be useful wit
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It is important for teachers to go over pronunciation regularly with students. Studies have found that it is often what students lack confidence in most when learning English. Many teachers neglect to
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Modal auxiliary verbs serve to modify main verbs by generating numerous implications. Modal verbs may imply a subject's obligation or permission to act. They may also imply a subject's ability or the
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Davis Junction
This unit shows 2 videos of an actual lesson being taught, one taught poorly and one taught well. This first video show many mistakes that can be made by an instructor, some obvious and some not so ob
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A very brief but useful review on the past tenses which needs more effort from the teacher to make students learning it. from the simple past which is the easiest to the most complicated, past perfect
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De Land
This unit covered intonation, stress, manner of articulation, place of articulation, phonetics, and interpreting international phonetic alphabet. It was insightful and clarified any confusions I had
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De Pue
The present tense of verbs is one of three tenses - past, present, future - and each of these have four usages and are either affirmative, negative and a question form. This unit definitely confirms
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De Soto
This unit focused on classroom management, focusing on its different components, from building rapport, behavior problems, how to deal with behavior problems, and arranging seating. It was detailed,
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This unit provides a broad overview of the teaching of pronunciation. It begins with an interesting anecdote about a survey of students in several European cities; a substantial majority found pronunc
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Deer Creek
this unit taught me alot about different aids I can use in my classroom. I dont think this country has seen a cassette player since the 80s. Visual aids and other aids can help to present information,
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Deer Grove
This unit is about teaching special groups. It gives a lot of useful information about different kinds of groups you may encounter and how to handle them. Some examples are: differing levels of beginn
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