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This unit presented different ways to test a student's English language abilities in order to place them in a class suitable to their level, as well as ways to test a student's progress throughout the
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According to the unit, I think basic grammars are the fundamental knowledge to acquire in the language study, which is also considered as an essential tool to be applied during communication as well a
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Class management is very important to an effective class. It refers to many aspects. I am glad to learn from this units about the aspects which are very important to a good class management. Students
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Unit Two presented and explained the various parts of speech including, nouns, verbs, adverbs, gerunds, adjectives, pronouns, prepositions and so on. Many examples were given on how to use the parts o
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This unit went deep into present tenses. I know them but it's a good refresher to see all four laid out this way. Seeing material the way it might be taught to EFL learners provides good insight and i
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In this unit we went over, some of the common situations that i am to face during my experience as an English teacher, this includes ; the different types of beginners and how to adapt to them as wel
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The unit shows modal auxiliary verbs and also covers phrasal verbs, the passive voice and relative clauses.And it gives a detail sheet of auxiliary list about the uses, present/future, past tenses. F
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This unit introduced conditionals and reported speech, and laid out the 5 types of conditional speech patterns. As conditionals can mix verb tenses, I can see why this lesson would be confusing or dif
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In this unit I learned more in-depth on how to put together a lesson plan and what to keep in mind while forming a class curriculum. Although it is important to write down a lesson plan, there should
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This topic is particularly my favorite. I learned so much about the differences of intonation and stress. The phonemic chart is also a very helpful reference. The mouth diagrams and other visuals of t
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In unit 9 of this we discussed the importance of lesson planning, how to make lesson plans, and read examples of the correct ESA order of the planned lessons. We had to choose the correct order in whi
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Future tenses can be quite confusing sometimes, especially when it comes to the explaining part, even some of the native speakers can hardly give a precise statement for the use of the tenses. However
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This unit is devoted to the productive skill set - speaking and writing. When it comes to development of speaking skills in a classroom a teacher should take into account two characteristics - accura
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As an English teacher to students whose first language is not English, I have had the experience of teaching both children and young adults which I can relate to some of the techniques and problems me
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Unit 15 explored the topic of evaluation and testing. Many different kinds of tests were discussed including progress test, placement tests, diagnostic tests, practice tests, and external examinations
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Unit 15 explains thoroughly the different types of English tests and their purposes. I learned the difference between practice, placement, diagnostic, external, and progress tests and when each are ut
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From this unit I have learned different techniques for teaching vocabulary, grammatical structures and language functions. As for vocabulary, students should know its meaning, use, word grammar, inter
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Alto Pass
Evaluation and Testing all along the course length from initiation to wrap-up is an integral part of any learning institution. It helps gain insight into the progress being made by students but also s
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The type of material that a teacher uses is a combination between authentic materials, created materials, and course books. In an ideal world located up in the sky somewhere we (the teachers and schoo
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Unit one was an introductory unit to being a good teacher and also what to look for in good learners. During this unit I learned what most students look for in a good teacher and how to determine wher
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productive skills are speaking and writing (and games). they all have the same purpose: to communicate. in unit 12 it is told that to train writing and speaking the teacher has to propose accuracy act
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In this unit i learnt the problems that the teachers can counter as well as some of the remedies that can be used to control those situations'First lessons are critical,this can either be new groups o
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ALL continuous forms feature some form of the verb 'to be' plus the 'ing' form of the verb.If the verb 'to be ' is in the present, it will be the present continuous. If the verb 'to be' is in the past
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This information for this unit felt a little bit on the lighter side. Most of the chapter was dedicated towards examples - which are beneficial, but I was hoping for a little bit more content. My teac
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This unit is very helpful and interesting to the teacher because it presents a lot of ways and techniques to teach English in the classroom. There are so many ways the teacher can set his/her hands on
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here are four past tenses in English. Use them to talk about things that started and ended in the past or things that started in the past and continue to the present. As you know there are 4 past te
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Apple River
This unit is about strategy in teaching a vocabulary, introducing grammatical structures, and teaching language functions. It is important to select vocabulary to teach that is appropriate to students
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This lesson is a nice summary and I was able to get some final teaching points before I am certified. I have dealt with large classes in the past and this unit is spot on. Also, the use of native lang
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Pronunciation is important for both understanding and fluency. In terms of understanding, a difference in pitch can drastically change the meaning of a sentence. For example between a statement and a
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This course unit went over the use of conditionals and the difference between reported and direct speech. These two subjects can take time to learn, as there can be confusion or subtle similarities be
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Arlington Heights
To summarize this unit, it provides various tactics and strategies in managing and teaching a class. This unit includes helpful tips in maintaining appropriate eye contact, gestures, and usage of voic
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this unit is about one of my favorite subjects in grammar, auxiliary verbs and passives. although i have an acceptable performance in this area, i have got many new ideas and guides on teaching better
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Aroma Park
In this unit I have learned the different language levels and what to expect from each learner. The reasons why students want to learn english as a second language will help me examine future student'
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Before reading this unit, writing lesson plan is one of my weakness. Although I write guidelines on what will I teach, sometimes I was wondering why I couldn’t finish the lesson on time. I thought i
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I can not believe it was the last unit, I feel a little bit of sadness but at the same time I am just so exiting and really looking forward to be able to teach some one. I will try with my nephew firs
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This unit covered different kinds of testing and assessment that may be used by an English teacher. Tests can be used to gauge the level of a student to make sure they're put in an appropriate class
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it is truly showing the responsibilities and tasks of both teachers and students in the class,general methods of teaching and controlling different stages students by age or English knowledge. There a
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There are four types of conditional sentences. It’s important to use the correct structure for each of these different conditional sentences because they express varying meanings. Pay attention to v
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Conditional sentences and reported speech are very important lessons in grammar. As a teacher, it is important to really sit down and prepare how to present these lessons. They also deal with many pr
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Unit eighteen digs deep further into English grammar by providing extensive information about modal auxiliary verbs, active voices, passives voices and phrasal verbs. A good EFL teacher now has enough
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Testing is not merely a method of student ranking and assessment method for the teacher, but is also a useful tool to further enhance the learning of the student. Testing allows students to retain inf
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Here is a list of teaching aids in the classroom: 1. The board 2. Interactive whiteboards 3. overhead projector 4. visual aids 5. worksheets and work cards 6. the cassette recorder 7. CD player 8. vi
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Unit 14 discussed coursebooks and lesson materials. Teachers can use authentic and created materials. Authentic materials are helpful because students can use them in real life and compare them to the
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This unit is very helpful in recognizing the importance of reading and listening. Hearing the English language and reading the language are two very different things. Showing the students an excerpt f
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Present tenses are the easiest and most basic grammar in English learning, also, in Asia, from my personal aspect, present tenses are the most frequent tenses used in this area. Of course, most misuse
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In this lesson l learnt about some of the problems teachers might face in the classroom and the ways to deal with each problem when it arises. Some of the problems are being face with groups with vary
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While watching the demonstration classes, from the very beginning, it is very distinct how the teacher’s attitude affected the participation of the students. The second class had more activities and
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For me, unit thirteen was more difficult. This unit helped me understand what pronunciation and phonology are. These are both very important topics to the student. Topics such as how to work with into
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Unit 19 provides information regarding reaching different student groups. Students can learn English in any age but the classes have to be sorted as per student needs and requirements. It is very impo
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The two lesson examples were extremely effective at dictating the strengths and weaknesses of various teaching techniques. When executed through proper lesson structure, positive teacher attitude and
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