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Deer Park
This unit describes teaching theories, methods and techniques. There are a number of methodology examples given, however the "ESA" method is given as the method of choice because it is particularly ap
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This unit deals with the different type of classes a teacher may need to teach in his career. It is very important to understand that each group has its own needs. For example, the methodology in te
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This Unit was an excellent way for me to get an idea of good and bad teaching techniques and examples. I learned and watched how the teacher's attitude towards his students changed the outcome of the
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The teacher's mannerisms in the first example lesson were not as effective as in the second video. The second lesson avoided using unnecessary jargon which would have confused students from the beginn
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As we learnt in this unite the future is one of the most complex areas of the english language so all of this different tensens and ideas can be used with futurre tensens .in this unite we have learnt
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Unit 3 discussed the theories behind language learning, the upsides and downsides of each, as well as some conclusions which may be drawn from them. It also discussed the Engage-Study-Activate method
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Unit 16 covered conditional statements and reported speech and how to teach them in the classroom. This is a particularly challenging unit because reported speech isn't something native English speake
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Unit 17 on Equipment and Teaching Aids describes the various tools available to an ESL teacher to help him/her do his/her job. The unit includes a comprehensive description of equipment and teaching a
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conditionals and reported speech are one of the most confusing parts in English grammar which needs lots of practice and deep understanding. this unit clearly shows the formation and usage of each con
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This Unit about teaching equipment showed me the many different aids that can be used (if available) to make lessons much more interesting and varied. To make a lesson as effective as possible, it sho
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Some people think the teacher is the main element at the classroom, when it is not. The class should flow around the student, and it is the teacher’s duty to accomplish so. Choosing the right role w
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The grammar covered in this lesson was great. The initial information was a much needed review from a linguistics class I took back in college. However, the ending portion about phrasal verbs was some
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In this unit, I have learned the E.S.A methodology towards English teaching, That is to use engagement, study and activation . The engage stage is used to get the students interested and to get them
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Unit reflection: Write a brief overview of the content of this unit and what you feel that you have learnt from it. If stating an opinion you will need to give reasons. This section is not graded but
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This unit was a really interesting look at some very specific lesson plans and the associated materials that might be used for them. The extra templates should come in handy for both designing and eva
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This unit is about how to manage the class. Classroom management is the skill of organizing and managing the class, having a friendly. relaxed manner and maintaining discipline. We can use several wa
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The topic of this unit is about Teaching Special groups and there are different categories of English learners. Teacher may teach a group of beginners, multilingual or monolingual, children, business
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Downers Grove
This unit is about lesson planning. It describes why we make a lesson plan, how it should be written down, and what should be included. The first half or so of the unit is helpful, in describing lesso
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I am satisfied with learning of this unit. There are many useful resources listed in this unit, which are very helpful in my future teaching. And through the study of this unit I learned how to make t
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Du Bois
Pronunciation and Phonology one of the difficult part of teaching language, because different culture and languages in the word have different rules of phonology, intention and pronunciation of sounds
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Unit 17 lays out a helpful and thorough guide to the various teaching materials that can be found/used in an ESL classroom. Teaching aids range from visual to audio, such as worksheets, DVDs, Youtube
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This 16th unit looks at conditionals and reported speech. Regarding conditionals, it explains how they refer to past, present and future possibilities. It also shows the different types of these struc
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Unit reflection: Write a brief overview of the content of this unit and what you feel that you have learnt from it. If stating an opinion you will need to give reasons. This section is not graded but
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There are four main special groups one may eventually teach: individuals, children, beginners, and business people. Each, with the exception of the child learner, will need to begin by taking a skil
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When starting out in a new class, the most important thing is to start building rapport with students. If it is a new class for the students too, then some games where they can establish rapport with
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Unit 18 covers modal auxiliary verbs, phrasal verbs and the passive voice. The basic rules for modals are outlined as is the way in which they can express obligation, probability, ability, possibility
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It is not uncommon to say that grammar instruction plays an important role in language teaching. Regarding the status and importance of grammar teaching, a variety of opinions have been made. Batstone
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productive skills like writing and speaking needs hardworking from learners and also attractive strategies of teachers. as explained in this unit, usually learners are not enough confident if they can
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East Alton
Throughout the years, different methodologies have been used for the learning of a new language. There is no one infallible method. On the contrary, it is the combination of several that will make th
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East Brooklyn
Equipment and teaching aids no doubt are a key aspect of any teaching institution, or learning path. The effectiveness of usage is apparent as the course material is conveyed and grasped by the studen
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East Cape Girardeau
Unit 3 is a review of all the main language teaching methods, it focuses more on the recent and most effective ones as ESA and it explains them in all their main points. As a future teacher, I find th
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East Carondelet
From this unit, I learned that sentences being reported back to the listener can be different from how it was spoken. When someone is directly speaking to a listener, they address themselves using the
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East Chicago
This unit describes the present tense. It gives a good overview of how all English verb tenses break down into 12 categories (three times with four aspects each), then describes in detail the four asp
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East Dundee
This unit is about conditionals and reported speech. It describes conditional sentences and the various forms they take, from the zero conditional to mixed conditionals. It then describes direct speec
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East Galesburg
Unit 17 discusses what aids, equipment and resources teachers can use in the classroom. These resources are as diverse as a blackboard, cards, video cameras or high tech smart boards. For each resourc
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East Gillespie
Unit 11 discusses teaching receptive skills: reading and listening. When reading, we all use our skills in predicting the content, scanning, skimming, reading attentively and deducting from context.
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East Hazel Crest
This unit was interesting and fun for me due to the vibrant presentation and ideas of how to bring together the theories learned in the earlier units. The ESA structures are clearly marked out with th
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This unit covered the parts of speech in English. These are nouns, adjectives, articles, verbs, adverbs, gerunds, pronouns, and prepositions/conjunctions. Knowing these allows us to effectively anal
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This unit outlined the 7 ways of expressing the future in English. 4 of these mirror the present and past tenses. There is a future simple, a future continuous, a future perfect, and a future perfec
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There are a variety of roles that a teacher plays in a classroom setting, and it is important to use these roles to create an effective lesson. The teacher must be aware of their students' needs and b
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Throughout the history of teaching and learning languages, there were many different methods and technics applied to achieve better results. This process hasn’t stopped yet. Nowadays, in the field o
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El Dara
Testing is important for teachers to see how much they retain and understand. Without testing, you will be unsure as to how much they are learning and unsure as to what you as a teacher needs to impro
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This unit highlighted the two receptive skills, reading and listening, and ways to keep students engaged and interested in the material in order to motivate them to absorb and comprehend the material.
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Unit 14 on Course Books and Lesson Materials explains the advantages and disadvantages of course books in language teaching. It also discusses and provides examples of lesson materials and differentia
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Both authentic and created materials are useful in the classroom for different reasons. Authentic materials are anything that a native speaker uses regularly, from magazines to newspaper articles to
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In this unit i have learned the importance of feedback and evaluation. These are used in a few different ways with some tests designed to assess the language level of a student prior to teaching, othe
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Elk Grove Village
This unit explored the different ways to manage a class and the factors that affect each decision-making stage. It also addresses how best to engage the students in the most beneficial way. It was eff
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In unit 18 of this course we went over more English grammar. We looked at several subjects so that we would see what modals, and passive voice are and lots of examples of them all. We also looked at c
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I learned many things about teaching a class through various methodologies. I think of the different methods as tools in a toolbox, each of them useful in certain situations. However, Engage-Study-Act
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Teachers may be responsible for different types of special groups. Through awareness of child psychology, a good attitude, and a solid control over one's lesson and conveyance, teachers can motivate l
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