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This was an easy unit because it talks about the basics of verb tenses. Today's unit was about the different forms of present tenses. Many people believe there's only one tense for the present, wherea
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In this unit I studied the basics of grammar in the English language. The unit covered Nouns, Adjectives, adverbs, verbs, pronouns, prepositions, conjunctions, articles and gerunds and also how to use
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Same as Unit four, this unit provides the four aspects of the tense system but with a focus on the past. Unit six provides the "formula" for construction, as well as a simple way to explain the four a
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It seems to me that most coursebook authors actually expect the user to be selective, to pick and choose parts of the units to develop as building blocks for the teacher's own lesson plans rather than
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The Videos are amazing to show the activities of the teacher in the class with students are completlly diffrent from the teacher's culture , it shows the attitude change in the two videos in the class
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I would like to say that see unite is really important i think grammar is a fact that teachers will face always during their lessons and they can be really nervous about sometimes because grammar is l
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I have found that Chinese students almost universally avoid the future tenses other than the future simple tense to the point of being ridiculous. The mistakes they make with the past tenses are obvi
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Menlo Park
The future tense is by far the hardest tense to comprehend. Unlike in Spanish, where the future tense is the most simple. The future tense, like the other tenses, has the future simple, future continu
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In this unit, I have been reminded of how complex the present tenses can be. What really stood out to me is time. Time is always very important with present tense (just like any tense). The relationsh
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Mill Valley
Materials needed to teach students requires flexibility and not just focus on authentic materials. Created materials are most often than not more effective compared to authentic materials since these
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The productive skills made up of speaking and writing of the English language is aptly captured in this section of the course. In this course, it is established that speaking and writing skills are eq
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In this unit I covered Modal verbs, Passive voice and phrasal verbs. The unit started off with the modal verbs, their basic rules and where they would be used in the English language. It also covered
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Mission Viejo
There are 4 basic skills in any language: The receptive skills...reading & listening; and the productive skills...speaking & writing. All are equally important to the ESA teacher, and said teacher sh
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in this unite i learned one of the most important grammatical rule which is ( If Clause ) and the five main conditional of it, and when and how can we use each conditional , also I've learned how to s
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Equipment and Teaching Aids, is a course the covers the various tools and materials that support teaching, the teaching of English to be precise. The course practically, explains the categories of tea
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I had learnt about the type of resources i could use to supplement my coursebook. I had to be flexible and deploy omit, replace, supplement and adapt to my coursebook according to the levels of my stu
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I have learned that about the productive skills, speaking and writing is equally important and that they both are used for the same purpose - to communicate. I have also learned that students prefer
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Monte Sereno
I have learnt that the way I approach the English learner at different levels should be according to their needs and level of language understanding and proficiency. Its advisable for me not to speak
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I found this unit challenging but not so much as the first unit on tenses. It is still a bit confusing and remembering the form of each tense is not easy. I will defineitely need to refer back to this
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This course provides a survey on aspects of grammar that focuses on modals, phrasal verbs, and passive voice. The course explains the types of these grammatical categories as well as their usage. the
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Monterey Park
This unit was rather interesting for me as I am a very creative person and enjoy learning about different ways I can bring my teaching to life. I believe this unit shed some light on how course materi
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This section was very informative and I enjoyed going through it. I feel more confident now in deconstructing a sentence and identifying the different components. Understanding these more intricate
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Conditionals are a very difficult subject to learn and teach and it is common to have many errors and doubts while writing or speaking from English to non-native speakers. The subject was very well ap
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Moreno Valley
I enjoyed the compare and contrast aspect to this unit as it allowed a clear view on what aspects of your personality you can use to engage your students. Whether you are incredibly organized or highl
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Morgan Hill
In this unit, speaking and writing skills are examined as productive skills and as important as receptive skills. And these two skills are used for the same purpose to communicate and they both have d
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Morro Bay
I learned 2 teaching ideas (suitable for the Activate stage of a lesson) for the tenses below and give examples of sentences that you would expect your students to produce: a) Present simple
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Mount Shasta
In this unit,there are various classroom scenarios that you may encounter in your taeching specific group such as beginners,individual students,children and business students.There have some detail th
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Mountain View
This unit reviewed many grammatical structures. The first was modals. Examples of modals include: can, could, may, might, shall, should, will, would, must, have to, have got to, need to, needn't and o
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There are four skills in any language divided into two skills. The receptive skill includes reading and listening while productive skills include speaking and writing. We read for different purposes i
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in this unit i learned the importance of productive skills speaking and writing and how to make it easy for the students and we don't have to neglect writing skill or give speaking more attention , al
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National City
I learned the main differences between lesson one and two in the following areas The teacher’s attitude to the students: In lesson one, the teacher seemed frustrated with the students for no
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In this unit, the many different sub tenses of the future tense were introduced to me. The sub-tenses include, The future Simple, the future continuous, the future perfect, the future perfect continuo
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Nevada City
I learned that There are only 3 articles (a, an, the) in English which we can further classify as definite (the) and indefinite (a, an). They come before a noun or a noun phrase in a sentence. We use
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This unit is all about the part of speech which gives us a proper understanding of language ,this part of English is important for kids and as a teacher is is important to have a basic understanding o
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Unit 3 discusses the theories, methods and techniques for teaching students English. Some theories included suggestopaedia, task-based learning, and audio- lingualism. This unit provided many methods
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Newport Beach
The use of the course book is more flexible than I thought! As a teacher of English language, I have to study my students, know what applies to them in that stage of learning, be able to engage them e
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This was a really short section, but it basically covered the various forms the past tenses of verbs can take, that is the past simple, past perfect, past continuous, and the past perfect continuous.
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Today’s lesson was a great chance to review the different types of future tense. The lesson was very helpful for me because I have been confused with future tenses in terms of using correct usages i
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Today’s lesson was a great chance to learn about the effective classroom management. The most impressive lesson that I would like to take away with me is that a teacher should focusing the response
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this unit focus on conditionals ,conditional are sentences beginning with if or when which expresses past and future .If in this case contains conditions that have to be satisfied before an action tak
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In this unit I watched 2 video recorded versions of the same lesson. Both Lessons were taught by the same teacher to the same class, but each differed from the other because of the teacher's own attit
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Pronunciation and phonology is an extremely complicated thing to teach in a classroom, and this chapter helped me understand the nuances of the English language that could go unnoticed by the English
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I have made extensive notes on this unit as it has been quite complex. I will be using this to refer to regularly. I often go about my daily life using correct grammar but I do this without thinking.
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I found the first video painful to watch-- I am sure the teacher hated doing it too! The second video was extremely enlightening, and one I will save and to which I will refer many times in the futur
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This unit has taught me the use of the past tenses. It has showed me the continued pattern of the different tenses. It has taught me to identify the tenses based on what auxiliary verds follow along.
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I have learned that there are 12 tenses total divided among 3 main tenses in English. This amount of tenses can be somewhat difficult for foreign speakers as not all other languages share that about o
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Orange Cove
I think i took many present tenses for granted. Understanding the difference is important for me to be able to explain to a student what kind of typical error he/she has made and when he/she has any q
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It is important to give the right type of test at the right time to help students effectively. It will help to place the students in the right class that meets their proficiency, and then have a diagn
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This unit is focus on reading ,listening and writing and speaking .Reading is very important for understanding since we can get information or instruction for guidance .Reading here is beyond meaning
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In this unit I have learned the importance of using lesson planning. Having a proper plan in place before the lesson will help you focus your attention on the students and the classroom, rather than s
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